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What i like about my school essay,

Your comments and suggestions will serve as an inspiration and learning platform for me. The school campus is large. My school possesses experienced teacher who could honestly be motivational speakers when they want to be.

Paragraph on My School – Long and Short Paragraphs

Is there a special project at your school that you think is a really good idea? My school pursues CBSE board standards. It was indeed a paradise, located in the high ranges of the Western Ghats.

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There was a big size garden along with the pool having frog, fish, trees, colorful flowers, green grass, and decorative trees, etc. Lots of people say your school days are the best days of your life, but what do you like about your school?

I love my school very much.

What do you like about your school?

Also, all of our lessons are made fun by doing activities. Even the trivial matters about the school became part and parcel of my life.

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There were different teachers for the diverse subjects in my school such as Math, P. Standard of education: Not only is the school excellent in education, but also excellence why do teachers assign homework sports is achieved. There are a number of extra-curricular activities that are offered to us.

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My School Paragraph 4 Words My school is situated quite near to my home. There are clubs and we can enroll in them according to choice.

CBBC Newsround | Chat | What do you like about your school? C, skating, school band, dancing, singing, etc. There is a spacious state of the art auditorium with a seating capacity of about one thousand persons where many different events are held.

We also have a large computer room where we learn to use the latest computer models. Only fond memories — a home away from home: We all have many sweet and sour memories of our school.

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I study languages like Sanskrit, Hindi and English, and other subjects like mathematics, science and social studies. There are those teachers who have great love for the subject they teach and impart that love to us students too.

Long and Short Paragraphs on My School

There are also computer rooms with modern computers. My school has strict standards of study, cleanliness and uniform. Both private and public schools facilitate education for Indian children and follow the same regulations for teaching curriculum.

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Printable version What do you like about your school? There are also a number of extra-curricular activities that we can participate in.

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The teachers are also strict because they want us to be well-groomed and disciplined individuals of society. It gifted me with fourteen years of reminiscence to cherish for a lifetime.

For me, it was a home away from home. The Atmosphere: You can choose the essay as per your length requirement and you shall find that essays have been written in quite easy to understand yet crisp language.

You enter into a new realm of social life at what i like about my school essay.

Graduated Lessons for Every Project.

My school positions high among the composite state-funded schools of Delhi. There is a great deal of syllabus that we need to cover during the year and prepare for the how long did it take you to write your dissertation examination at the end of the academic session. The other subjects we study are physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, what i like about my school essay and history.

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In summers, we also use the air conditioning in the school as the climate here is quite hot and humid. There are so many sports activities to cheer us up and keep our mind and body healthy.

There is a beautiful fresco at the entrance depicting the sun. There are many clubs for Music, Dance, Gardening, Math, Drama, Science, Eco, etc… Each student is to pick two clubs and partake in them in the morning.

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We can participate in various intra-school, inter-school and state level events. The language, the climate, the food, and the ways of interaction, everything was different here. It has a large playground, well-stocked library and well-equipped science laboratory.

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I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. Regards, Sophia Like this post? It fosters a love for learning and this is clearly seen in its location which is unlike any other school.

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The day dedicated for extracurricular activities. It is the capital city of the state of Orissa.