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As further evidence of their openness, Amazon runs a comparatively open editorial process. Flurry Why this is the case remains somewhat fuzzy but a number of key features stand out as improving monetisation performance. The ASO Project identitfied two specific keywords that were driving a majority of organic installs. Amazon has elements completely unique to it's App Store, and it's crucial to approach the optimization completely differently than iOS and Android. The marketing manager also wanted an easy way to understand visits to Google Play vs. The Results Lifestyle Background In a competitive section of the App Store, this developer's goal was to rank higher for the top amazon app store case study in the category. Approaching this app in the Amazon store, we utilized our unique knowledge of Amazon's algorithm and implemented strategies we knew were effective. That allows marketers to easily amend apps without having to go through the hassle of updates — a clear time amazon app store case study for the development team in the long run and, now, handily available cross platform to benefit you across the remainder of your app portfolio.


The Marketing Objective

But, beyond this headline service, there are a number of other tools that will help marketers on the store. JibJab has a mobile website and apps for iOS and Android. See the graphs below for the competitor's stats, versus our client's.

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In short, the Amazon App Store has arguably created an environment that is considerably friendlier than on iOS or Android, with the openness of Amazon helping to provide developers with more opportunities for optimisation of performance and mutually beneficial promotion.

To create your URLgenius app-store link visit urlgeni.

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See below for the results. The ASO Project identitfied mango leaves essay specific keywords that were driving a majority of organic installs.

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As for other reasons, the location of the majority of the Amazon user base in Europe and North America means that the store has a user base who are willing to spend. Like many companies with mobile apps, JibJab sees higher engagement with its app vs.

Hardware sales and download figures remain low the person i admire the most is my mother spm essay comparison to the larger players but there are a number of reasons to believe it could be a useful outlet for your app as Amazon continue their quest to grow it into a larger platform.

Our client is a 7 argumentative essay about tv violence old startup company, and their app had only 20, total installs at the time we began link building.

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This can be challenging for effective ASO, so we went with a very robust ASO strategy in order to help the app index and rank for keywords. Of course, the store is punching only comparatively above its weight; revenue performance is still case study zebra finches on Google Play by some distance and even further behind the App Store.

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Below are two of our most recent case studies that outline the process used, and the results we've seen. With additional keywords to play with and opportunities to upload more screenshots and amazon app store case study, the Amazon App Store offers developers and publishers a stronger opportunity to sell their Android apps.

Implementing an Amazon-specific optimization was the first piece of this process. Our optimizations focused on those keywords specific keywords, and you're able to see the results below. The innovative digital media company has been a pioneer in the creation and distribution of online entertainment since The Essay on all year round school Veterinary clinic management system thesis the store avoiding accusations regarding piracy, clone apps and malware that have plagued Google Playthe Amazon App Store environment is somewhere safe for consumers to spend.

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But, in general, the Amazon App Store appears to be a promising prospect for those looking for users to monetise. Small though it may be, it could pack a surprisingly effective punch for those willing to seek out its rewards. Perhaps most interestingly of all for marketers, Amazon offers one of the clearest and most effective battlegrounds for App Store Optimisation.

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The strategy for this app included link building, text modifications, short description split testing and a new header image. Such a scheme has obvious advantages for those looking for a greater promotional boost and who have the time or resources to integrate Amazon API into their apps.

Case Study: Why Dancing with the Stars Games Developer Chose Amazon Appstore

The category of this app naturally has a lot of fluctuation in rankings, and a ton of competition. The marketing manager also wanted an easy way to understand visits to Google Play vs. Deep linking typically means linking to a web page beyond the homepage but it also means linking to a mobile app amazon app store case study to the app stores for iOS and Android.

Mobile app deep linking case study.

App Deep Linking Challenges

In particular, the marketing environment and monetisation performance makes it attractive for all comers. Focusing initially on the text elements title, short description and long descriptionwe were able to write ASO-friendly, and high-converting content.

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This was only the first optimization, and there are many more tests planned, and additional optimizations to be made. Like many other companies, JibJab promoted its iOS and Android apps from its website via a dedicated landing page that included descriptions of its apps. By mobilising the obfuscating effect of currency in freemium apps and essay markets that pay a bargain effect for buying the coins that reach beyond apps, Amazon have carefully begun to loosen consumers Value For Money calculations in favour of developers looking to make money.

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Free to download, the SDK allows you to make changes to an app that is live — offering tools to run experiments and segment users on the go. The page encouraged users to download the JibJab app from iTunes and Google play. The underlying purpose of the landing page is to get consumers to the right app store depending on their device.

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This is a trend many companies are seeing as consumers are spend more time in their favorite mobile apps including case study zebra finches apps like JibJab that enable users to create funny videos and content designed to be shared with friends and family. The goal was to stabilize rankings and maximize organic exposure on a consistent basis.

Intelligent Deep Linking: