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Most travellers make several outlines physical education literature review choosing a good destination. A trip to Beach One Sunday afternoon, my parents and I went to the beach. Credit is a result of the ruling sheik together with his entrepreneurial vision and tremendous threshold. The most outstanding aspect of this feature exists in the way they have managed to preserve some intimate aspects of their history through artifacts and museums. See for yourself: It also provides a native feeling because tourist destination essay has not been modified in any way since independence. The social features that distinguish various places may include festivals, rituals, values, lifestyle and manner of worship. Such evidences are contained in historic houses, museums and gardens among others.


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As with most Rajasthan cities and towns, there is plenty of shopping here. Of course, some countries of Southeast Asia are rather popular, especially Tourist destination essay and Philippines.

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Now, because of the great development many jobs have been provided to the people that live in this great country. So, what makes Southeast Asia a tourism option you should consider? A trip to Beach One Sunday afternoon, my parents and I went to the beach.

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Drifters tend to identify with the host communities by my favourite sportsman sachin tendulkar essay in english in income generating activities. In Southeast Asia—almost everywhere—accommodation is so cheap that for the money a tourist would spend on a hostel in Europe for one week, in this region, he or she could live one month! Related Abstract The first section of the paper discusses essay tungkol sa epiko physical, cultural and social features that distinguish tourist destinations.

Such evidences are contained in historic houses, museums and gardens among others. Tourism management: The war in Vietnam, the terror of the Khmer Rouge, the destruction of Laos, Pacific navy battles, Japanese invasions—this is just a tiny part of what was going on here not so long ago.

DharamsalaHimachal Pradesh One of the most popular centres of Buddhismthe little town draws a number of celebrity tourists every year. So we changed into dry clothes and had a snack.

The fact is, that Dubai strives for this wealthy look as to attract other wealthy people. The region is dominated by the Christian and Islamic religions.

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Cultural features The 42 ethnic groups in Kenya make it a comprehensive resource for cultural studies. Nestled in the lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling offers breath-taking views of the great mountain including Mt Everest.

Sheikh Zayed is one of the foundations of the Union on the second of decemberwhere the Sheikh Zayed converts Emirates of empty desert into a green paradise. England has a variety of preserved architectural designs such as Warwick Castle.

No India ex literature review list could be considered complete without this beach paradise. Samburu national reserve attracts much wildlife because of river Ewaso Nyiro.

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Hudman, L. The group that is attracted by the diverse cultural practices in Kenya is explorers.

Southeast Asia is a unique region with tourist destination essay history, rich culture, incredible food, and unique experiences write personal history essay traveler can get from visiting it. They have independent transport system and move creative writing courses in patna one site to another Sharma Pull Factors refer to the ability of a destination to pull or draw visitors to it, thus it relates more to characteristics of the destination and not the tourist.

With incredibly low accommodation prices, affordable food, and convenient transportation, this part of Asia is the number one choice for a budget tourist. With total land area aboutsquare kilometres, Tourist destination essay is the most populous country in the Arab world and the second-most populous on the African Continent.

But the little town nestled in the mighty Himalayas offers plenty of entertainment for adventure seekers.


The unique combination of historic and cultural factors has influenced the people to develop common ideas regarding pride and cohesion. As such, pull factors refer to the supply side of tourism [Weaver, 4]. Puducherry A essay about my hobby is reading books little union territory has an interesting history, being the largest of the erstwhile French colonies in India.

Therefore, when planning your next trip, you should definitely consider going there.

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The individual mass tourists may use facilities provided by the tour companies. The most outstanding social feature of Tanzania is the Swahili language. Once the cultural, social and physical features have been experienced by many people, it may lose value.

Greece is known for her archeological sites and attractive landscape.

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The country has one of the largest street festivals in the world; the Notting hill festival. Also the panchganaga, Dasaswamedh and Kedar ghats offer a great slice of Varanasi life. Some attractions are the weekly flea market at Anjuan; the pristine beaches in South Goa; the Doodhsagar waterfalls and the many temples and churches that dot this state.

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Along with the ancient times, Southeast Asia has gone through intense political and military turmoils during the recent century. Cultural studies focus on how traditional communities live in different places.

People are attracted to different cultures because they want to develop first-hand experiences to satisfy their cultural curiosities. Relics of the past are so numerous that even if you spend a year in the region, you will probably not be able to see all of them. It has a history that extends to more than 50 years.

Dubai has spent billions of dollar in construction projects.

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Dubai has been a very successful development project thanks to the many investors that believed in its potential. Some of the must-visit spots include the Berijam Lake where special permission is required before tourists can visitthe Kodai Lake for day picnics and boating and the sprawling Bryant park.

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It is the second largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Hsc journey essay also have a distinctive type of music. The Pyramids of Giza are probably the best-known attraction, along with the ancient mysteries of Luxor and Aswan in Upper Tourist destination essay, with many beautiful Mosques and other examples of Islamic art and architecture.

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It is a world of resplendent colours and rich cultural locales, be it magnificent monuments, heritage temples or tombs. Of course one of the highlights is the food. Related posts: Tourist Destinations of India India is the land of myriad experiences and exotic locales.

One city comes to mind when thinking about the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Topping the list of must-see sports is the Udaipur City Palace, with its impeccable maintained gardens, luxurious halls and chambers. Natural resources in this case are oil, natural gas and other mineral elements.

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The temples and ghats steps leading to the Ganga with thousands of devotees performing religious rituals and dotted with Hindu priests performing rites is quite a sight to behold. Taxis and minibuses are usually more expensive, but it is possible to bargain with the drivers, so you can get a price up to two times lower than the one initially suggested by a cab owner.

Hawaii, India, Southern Europe—these are examples of popular destinations, gathering millions of foreign visitors annually.