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Know how strict your teacher is. This is rarely used, but effective, especially if your teacher has a dog. No, I am always responsible! Are you a favorite? So, at least give a try, and if you fail, give the true reason for it. Any diseases, infections or problems never come with an invitation and teachers to understand this well. Long days are gone when you could use the problem with electricity as an excuse for not doing homework. What homework?


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best homework excuses ever Know how strict your teacher is. At times, it won't help if museum essay titles truth just isn't good enough. I decided not to hurt their feelings and left it at home. I quickly looked through my backpack, but the only thing I could find was the homework I had to submit today.

Sure, maybe she was only crying because someone bought the last bag of her favorite Twizzlers at CVS, but no one needs to know that. If you are, use any excuse you like. You are a essay on my house for 10th class with quotations friend and there is more to life than just homework. I was absent that day I was absent that day If your teacher hardly notices the number of students present in the best homework excuses ever or if they hardly care to look at the attendance register; you can apply this reason for missing your homework.

By the way, you might want to get the really weird moles checked out by a doctor.

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These are the ones that work on me, a high school teacher. Lucy also has her own blog, Prowritingpartner.

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  • Know how gullible your teacher is.
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Lucy Benton is a writing coach, an editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger. The only way this could go wrong is if your teacher reports this to your guidance counselor and your counselor contacts your parents.

12 Best Excuses for not Doing Homework

No one can say "no" to that! Teachers will admire your perseverance and give you the extra day.

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I had to take care of my baby sister who was up last night throwing up: Most importantly, even teachers know that students frequently face health issues, so your reason will be satisfactory to your teacher. Yes, many times we complete our work but fail to pack up things.

So he decided to show how much paper he could eat and grabbed my homework right out of my desk. Turn It In! A strict teacher is still going to deduct that from your grade. Some teachers are big sports fans and are more likely to excuse you if short essay typer are busy at football practice.

My dog died and I was too upset to do my homework: Yeah, good luck with that. No teacher in his right mind would expect you to turn in that big assignment if it got stolen the very day it was due.

If you have already applied one, go for the second.

10 Homework Excuses: When Good Students Go Bad

Did you have a death in the family? What if you really have a headache and the project is up for tomorrow? Domestic cataclysms Domestic cataclysm is a classy reason that students use figuring out the answer to the question on how to get out of doing homework. So, if you give this reason, your teacher might rebuke you for being careless but ultimately you will be saved from getting punishment for your incomplete work.

A random cousin is best.

Good Excuses for Unfinished Homework

Moreover, if we have little brother or sister, it is quite predictable that they pick our notebook and play with it, not knowing how important it can be. Some teachers will believe anything, especially new teachers.

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Some cover letter to reapply for current job the students have a real knack in homework excuses. You were partying. The older you are, the more likely it is your own kid keeping you from getting stuff done. This only works for females on male teachers. Your homework fell in water This only works if you have a stream, river, pond, or some other body of water near your school. It looks like the story has been passed from generation to generation till you eventually heard it from parents.

2. I couldn’t complete the work because I wasn’t feeling well

If you are assigned task that is not explained properly in the class or if you are provided with the topic for writing, just like an essay that is quite difficult; you can undoubtedly apply this reason.

So naturally, you had to take the call and calm her down.

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I forgot I had a homework Another variation of forgetfulness the students are inclined to. So, in the class of students, teachers will hardly have time to ask every student to check their bags and look for your notebook which means someone might have mistakenly kept your notebook assuming that it belongs to them.


As long as you get about half of it done, a nice teacher will appreciate the effort and give you more time. Source Source Funny Excuses If you've pretty much determined your teacher, professor, or boss is not going to fall for any excuse you give, you may as well make your excuses as hilarious as humanly possible.

When it was time for my homework, my mom said she needed to see me in the kitchen right away. Find out if your teacher likes you.

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Some examples of when honesty goes wrong includes: However, you should only occasionally use these excuses. Maybe you were just testing the probability theory?

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This reason will reflect the problem with your laptop and your teacher will not raise an eyebrow at you. However, I happen to have many friends that are totally dishonest and got away with it.

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Homework overload If you are genuinely overwhelmed by too much homework or just pretending to be overwhelmed, pick your nicest professor or teacher, and mention you may need an extension. Source Classic Excuses I am a pretty honest person, so I am not going to encourage you to lie.

Top 10 Best Homework Excuses