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It functions through its ,12 commissions. The Trusteeship Council is responsible for the supervision and administration of Trust Territories placed under its jurisdiction. Day, which is the last school day before semestral break. All important issues decided by the General Assembly needs a two-third majority, but in ordinary matters simple majority is enough. The Security Council members essay about united nations day more interested in leveraging their political advantage than in preserving international security. The five permanent members have veto power and its resolution can be passed only unanimously. New members are admitted to the UN on the recommendation of the Security Council and by a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly.


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One-third of its members retire annually. There are six main organs of the U. Although the four countries agreed on the general purpose, structure, and function of a new world organization, the conference ended amid continuing disagreement over membership and voting.

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The U. The projection is surrounded by images of olive branches, representing peace. The Security Council functions almost all the 12 months of the year.

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Its session can be called at 24 hours notice. These include: The General Assembly, consisting of the representatives of all the member countries, meets every year for couple of months.

Over the years the UN has grown in numbers to include countries, thus making the organization and its family of agencies the largest in an effort to promote world stability. Essay about united nations day judges of the court are elected on the basis of their legal qualifications and experience and not on their nationality.

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It has 54 members which are elected for a three year term. The United Nations was firma homework opinie on four simple principles and purposes; to maintain peace throughout the international community, to develop friendly relations among nations, to help nations work together to progress the lives of poor people, to overcome hunger, disease and illiteracy, and serve as the center for harmonizing the actions of nations to achieve these goals It is responsible for maintaining the world peace and security.

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He is responsible to implement the decisions taken by the Security Council and the General Assembly. Another supranational political system that does not precisely fit any of the conventional classifications of such systems is the United… According to its Charterthe UN aims: President Franklin D.

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Every country has only one vote but can send 5 delegates. The member countries or the Security Council may refer any dispute to the Court.

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Essay about united nations day aims and objectives of the U. All member countries are parties to the court. The Trusteeship Council looks after the interests of people of territories which are not yet fully self-governing. Amid an increasingly volatile geopolitical climate, there were new challenges to established practices and functions, especially in the areas silk screen thesis conflict resolution and humanitarian assistance.

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New members are made on the recommendations of the Security Council. In the 10th Assembly importance of technology in our life short essay a package deal that, after modification by the Security Council, resulted in the admission of 16 new states 4 eastern European communist states and 12 noncommunist countries.

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