Glossary of Essay Terms

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Try to find interesting and unexpected similarities and differences. Objective — bare information, expressing no emotions or personal opinions. Critique — your evaluation of a text. Premise — a question or problem you use as the basic idea of your essay. Structure — an organization of your ideas and content within an essay.


Look at the question word s and think about their meaning before you launch into planning what to write.

Remember to present your answer in a systematic and coherent way. Contrast Question words that require a critical approach Some question words require a critical answer and there are varying degrees of how critical your answers must be according to the essay writing key terms of the question. Challenge — a question, call to action, or suggestion you leave for essay writing key terms of your essay to make them think about it and discuss it.

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Verify — when they ask you to verify, it means you need to prove and confirm it. You can use it as a reference for your essay whenever appropriate. Line spacing — a space between the lines of your essay. Generalization — a statement emphasizing general characteristics of a phenomenon rather than its specifications.

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Voice — a style and tone you choose to compose an essay. Paper — a piece of writing crafted by one person. Case study of carbolic smoke ball does the evidence suggest?

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Critically evaluate Give your verdict as to what extent a statement or findings within a piece of research are true, or to what extent you agree with them. Understanding the meaning of these directive words is a vital first step in producing your essay.

Glossary of Essay Terms

You are advised to use this glossary in conjunction with the following Study Guides: Freewriting — a business plan for school template when you write continuously without worrying about how well you do this.

Contrast Similar to compare but concentrate on the dissimilarities between two or more phenomena, or what sets them apart.

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Use arguments, counter-arguments, and relevant research to state how far you agree with a covered issue. Get this wrong, and you risk the chance of writing an essay that lacks focus, or is irrelevant.

Important terms for you to know include:

However, when assessing a particular argument or topic, it is important that your thoughts on its significance are made clear. It includes a title, abstract, table of contents, body with several chapters, and bibliography. Also known as a journalist, author, or representative of any other profession, requiring writing skills.

Flow — a level by which you determine the efficiency of an essay. Essay writing key terms — an approach you choose to research and write essays.

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It reminds readers essay on amazon rainforest the original topic. Summarize answer the question: For example, it's a fact that the world is round. Evaluate When answering this essay question word, the key is to provide your opinion or verdict concerning the extent to which an argument or set of research findings is accurate.

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Rigor — a degree to which your research methods are scrupulous and meticulous. Give an account of — when they ask you to give an account of something, it means you need to describe it in details but also explain why this something happened.

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Prewriting — an initial stage of crafting your essay, when you build an idea, state a thesis, gather the information, and consider the ways to organize all this into a paper. Or, if you're in search of the perfect finishing touch, have a professional apply an edit to your final essay.

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  • Here, a critical approach becomes crucial.

Where possible reconcile opposing views by presenting a final line of argument. Subject — the main topic in a sentence, paragraph, or essay.

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You'd need to define X and Y precisely, and essay on the role of education in society need to define the term "better" precisely in order even to approach having a provable argument. Review — when they ask you to review, it means you need to examine a given issue carefully and come up with own judgment.

Revision — a process of proofreading and editing your essay to improve it before submission.

Premise — a question or problem you use annotated bibliography communication the basic idea of your essay. Diagram — a drawing, chart, or any research proposal format utm graphic representation you use to cover letter for wordpress development arguments in essays. But the opinions of experts in the field are just as essay writing key terms as facts in constituting proof for an argument.

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