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Because of Athens success in winning, it gave them confidence and they became a new and improved civilization. Slavery in Athens - Slavery has been a major component of human civilization all throughout history. To be Spartan meant to be perfect.


The Spartans came from a great warriors, what about the Athenians?

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Obesity was not allowed and was rare in Sparta. Although Lycurgus was the first lawgiver of Sparta, little is known about his history today as he is overlooked sparta vs athens persuasive essay of the other great known heroes from Sparta. Although they were both part of Greece, they had many differences in the types of people and systems of government for each region.

At the center of the characteristics of creative writing slideshare were the leading city-states of Greece, Sparta and Athens; the growing Athenian empire, in Spartan eyes, threatened their leadership and posed as a potentially never-ending dilemma for the Hellenes.

Each civilization had a wide variety of differences within the way they managed themselves.

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Since his early childhood he was training to become a Hoplite Warrior. While for Athens 'freedom ' which came with birth of democracy had influence on social life. After several years, Sparta won the war. They were not just bearers of children, but actual people. With each new child, there was to be inspection of its fitness.

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Spartans took literature review on impact of ict step towards modern society by giving women rights, and by having open homosexuality. The Athenian, Thucydides BCone among few contemporary historians, left behind the most creditable records about this period.

Sparta and Athens are alike in few ways one was is in there class of social groups. Yellow pages business plan in ancient times when the Persians attacked Greece, Sparta fought off around a million troops from Asia.


Females would commonly have affairs with unmarried, young women. They each had their own battles, wars and problems within their respected countries. He honestly thought that he could have a big impact on the city of Athens and maybe even the entire world.

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The movie is a good example of how sexism is used in their culture mainly against their woman. Around B. Around B.

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The people of Sparta were very well-known and feared by others who lived around them. No, they would not get into large fights with their problem solving using a table or chart, but they did say something if they had a statement on their mind. As Athens also starts with citizens first, then metics second, and slaves last A Comparison of Sparta and Athens - The age of Greece was a wonderful time for immense accomplishments and discoveries in science, literature, art, language, philosophy, and many other fields of knowledge.

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This same word can be used to describe the ancient city of Sparta, along with their people. This description fits a certain person well: This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities.

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And they literature review on impact of ict had a mind of their own. Lastly, Spartans showed us that in any montclair essay question or chaos, blood should always be thicker than water!

The helots out numbered the Spartansto 32, Athens did not have a rule such as this, allowing men to slack off and not contribute to Athenian society if they wished not to.

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Athens was responsible for the major turning points of the Persian invasions, while Sparta was responsible for the deciding battle. The Spartans also showed us that sometimes contentment and simplicity brings peace and joy.

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  2. The women of the city-states of Athens and Sparta had profound differences in their roles in the political and the daily lives of their families and their cities.
  3. It used Racism, Identity, Sexism, Dehumanization, Discrimination, and Age Stratification to show why it was okay for a culture to abandon children with disfigurements and why they did so.
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Despite the contributions of Sparta to the Greek civilization, it was still Athens that became popular. The interests of a society will determine which direction they will progress as a whole. They were taught that they would come home after a battle either with their shield or on it, implying either coming home successful after battle or dead and carried on their shield