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Urban areas are not usually private because there are other houses all around. There is a low density of population in such area. Everyone has different points of view for that. For instance, in urban areas, one is more likely to be able to find many different types of food and this could lead to overall greater health since there could be a greater diversity in diet. Gram Panchayat is responsible for looking after such areas. Conclusion So, with the given discussion, it is easily understood that these two human settlements are very different, regarding the density of human structures and the residents of that area. Imagine having to essay writing microsoft word to reside in one place for the rest of your life.


Urban areas are developed in a planned and systematic way, according to the process of urbanisation and industrialisation.

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Life in these big cities is quite different from the life in a village. Community life is quite different in rural areas from the urban. Although city people live in heavily populated areas, they often associate themselves with the small section of the city they live in.

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In addition, those in urban areas enjoy the opportunity to take in any number of cultural or social events as they have a large list to choose from. Which would you opt for?

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Population wise, urban areas are densely populated, which is based on the urbanisation, i. No such division.

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As a result they have the opportunity to be more cultured and are more likely to encounter those from other class, cultural, and how to make a cover page research paper groups. Within the urban areas basic utilities are well provided but not always for rural areas.

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Some people would argue that the hyperactive lifestyle that a big city has to offer has more benefits. Despite the conclusions from this study, however, there are a number of drawbacks to urban living as well. In towns, the people often do not feel bored, as they have several means of amusement and entertainment such as visiting different places of importance, a visit to the zoo, some business plan sample ppt or exhibition, etc.

People who live in rural areas usually have a lot of privacy because they are not surrounded by neighbors or other houses.

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For example, some people always prefer to live in a big city, and some people prefer to live in a small town. Both types of people would be willing to help a friend in trouble. Rural places do not offer the same level of choice and in very isolated areas and one might be forced to commute mother son wedding speech distances to find even a remote selection of the diversity found in urban centers.

The standard of living in urban areas is higher in comparison to the rural areas. For instance, living in a rural area allows residents to enjoy the natural world more easily instead of having to go to parks.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: In conclusion, both areas are ideal for living, but there Quality of life is one of the central issues to consider in any comparison between rural versus urban living.

Always present at the time of job allotment. The life in urban areas is fast and complicated, whereas rural life is simple and relaxed.

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Pace The city is known for its hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. There are, however, certain advantages which the urban people have over the villages. A big city is a centre of all types of education. When moving from one to the other it is drastically different.

Compare/ Contrast Rural and Urban Living Essay

There is usually a lot of activity going on in urban areas. Many city residents get up early in the morning to get to work at the same time every day and return late in the afternoon or early evening.

I will be doing this not only through my opinions and ideas, but also through the works of Georg Simmel, Louis Wirth and Ernest Burgess. Thus, in certain ways, villages are better while in others, towns are better. This could be the result of less reliance on vehicles in urban areas as well as greater emphasis on walking.

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The availability of facilities within a country depends in whether it is in an urban or rural area. Participants in both lifestyles are dedicated to a routine and share some of the same basic values. In beauty salon business plan same way, an office worker in the city may be obligated to show up at 9 am every weekday morning and work until 5 pm to fulfill his contract. Hundreds of houses may be packed into essay writing microsoft word small urban area but in rural areas you must drive a good distance to even notice as many as fifteen houses.

Dairy farmers, for example, must get up early every single morning to milk cows and tend to work until the same time every evening. Man started living in cities. There are more open areas of land, shady trees, rivers and wild life habitats and cool places where you can take a stroll and enjoy a cool country breeze.

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The Urban settlement includes cities and towns. Some people prefer to live in the city while other people choose to live in the countryside. Life in city and suburbs can be compared and contrasted with various aspects in mind since they share quite some details in as much as they are vastly different.

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Living in the country, individuals feel need to have their own personal space and away from other people and closer to nature. With its convention center, night life noise, busy highways, advertised attractions, and sports related events, the city life expectations satisfy both visitors and residents. Also, they are not laid back like rural areas.

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Although it suffers certain drawbacks like pollution, caused due to large scale industrialisation and means of transportation like buses, trains, cars and so on, leading to increasing in health problems in the people living in that area.

Around each corner there are small establishments and large commercial blocks in towns.

Compare and Contrast Rural and Urban Areas Essay - Words

There is not usually a lot of activity in rural areas. There is a low density of population in such area. In addition to this, overpopulation concerns can also contribute to a decrease in the standard of living. There are some reasons why people in urban areas are more aware of leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is known that what is good for one person may not be good for another person. People in the developed countries are more informed about living in a healthy lifestyle which make their life healthier and fitter than the people in the undeveloped countries, whereas people in Malaysia essay writing microsoft word live in an urban area are more aware and concern about living in a healthy way and the people who live in a rural area should be educated and well-informed about their way of living, as failure to do so will increase spongebob episode writing essay risk of disease and ultimately lead the deaths of untold innocent people.