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Hotel rooms have penthouse suites which cost more. Binary search tree would work, with average time O log n insertion and searching. Fibonacci Sequence — Enter a number and have the program generate the Fibonacci sequence to that number or to the Nth number. Have one of three wheels land on a random picture. Have it save it to a file which can then be printed out by a dungeon master. It keeps web bots from automatically signing up and spamming. For extra complexity, have it sum up sets and generate reports on how close they are of completing sets or the current value of a set. Think Dreamweaver or FrontPage but for online sites.


Great for software developers looking to make shareware that can be activated. The user plays against a dealer who has to sit on any value 17 or under. The number 3 has one dot in the middle and two dots in the corners so it has 1 hole and 2 polar bears. Flower Shop Ordering To Go — Create a flower shop application which deals in flower objects and use those flower objects in a bouquet object which can then be sold.

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Provide a list of clues for each word and let the user enter fill in the words until the entire crossword is filled in. Allow the user to create these Person classes and put them into a family tree structure. Template Maker — Make a site or application which allows the user to enter in various color case study networking and jr answers, elements, dimensions and constructs a template file for a particular application like PHPBB, Invision Board, MySpace, Bebo, etc.

Hotel rooms have penthouse suites which cost more.

For added complexity try building in picture tubes. You have move forward, left or right, lift or drop pen etc.

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Report Generator — Create a utility that generates a report based on some tables in a database. See if you can make a program that allows the user to specify a background, text, colors and alignment to make their own signatures or userbars.

The progress bar will be on a separate thread and will communicate with the main thread using delegates.

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  • For added complexity try building in picture tubes.
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Clearly a range minimum query problem, trying to understand how segment tree can be used to solve it. Web Bot — What ive learned in english class essay automated program which carries out tasks on the web including checking websites, page scraping, and summarization of data or web posting.

For added complexity have it report a sum of each vowel found. Brute force does work actually, lmao. For each character they guess that is not in the word, have it draw another part of a man hanging in a noose. Watermarking Application — Have some pictures you want copyright protected? Site Checker with Time Scheduling — An application that attempts to connect to a website or server every so many putting images in a research paper or a given time and check if it is up.

Image Gallery — Lilys homework hackerrank solution in c an image abstract class and then a class that inherits from it for each image type. The user can set how often the stocks are checked and the program can show green up and red down arrows to show which direction the stock value has moved.

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For instance if the user enters myimage. Packet Sniffer — A utility program that will read packets coming in and out of the machine along with related information like destination and payload size.

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Create Zip File Maker — The user enters various files from different directories and maybe even another computer on law dissertation proposal template network and the program transfers them and zips them up into a zip file.

Each face that has a dot in the middle is said to have a hole in the ice. Magic Eight Ball — Create a file full of random sayings and answers.

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Certain combinations of pictures yield coins. Example when they press D9 it will return a type of candy bar which is an instance of Mr GoodBar. For added complexity read these strings in from a text file and generate a summary.

It can allow comments or not and timestamps all entries. Print out the tree to the screen. Code Snippet Application letter for sponsorship — Another utility program that allows coders to put in functions, classes or other tidbits to save for use later. Try to make it playable online and if you can use a graphical user interface that can also undo or redo a step as well as keep a history of moves for replay.

This brings the average run time down to O n log n.

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Bad thing is bubble things down is too slow for this purpose — having some data structure would help. Password Safe — A program which keeps track of passwords for sites or applications and encrypts them with a key so that no one can read them.

Much like Lesson 25 homework quick launch. Then by clicking the buttons they can quickly launch the programs with parameters etc. Have the user enter the number of holes and polar bears in a given time period. You could add more including adjusting contrast, colorizing and more for added complexity. Think Dreamweaver or FrontPage but for online sites.

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Draw pictures, write notes and use various colors to flesh out ideas for projects. For added complexity, allow the user to play not only the top, center and bottom row but also diagonals. For added complexity put the students on a bell curve.

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Pig Latin — Pig Latin is a game of alterations played on the English language game.