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They were called border states. There were a lot of differences between the Northern states and the Southern states. The American Civil War: This changed after the Battle of Antietam. During the war, soldiers used muskets, repeating rifles, knives, bayonets, swords, cannons and ironclads.


About 30, Union troops marched toward the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Yet the act allowed the people of the territories to choose whether or not to allow slavery.

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One of the laws they were worried about losing was the right to have slaves. Other topics include biographies of generals and the economy. This activity explores how the Emancipation Proclamation was implemented in the military, with discussion questions on how it changed the nature of the war. The word 'Dixie' was used to designate the South in the United States.

African American slaves did most of the work on the plantations. This period was known as Reconstruction. Missouri Compromise In the U.

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Americans at War Informative site about the causes of the Civil War. The South depended on the work of slaves to tend the farms. Their army fought the forces of the U. Students listen to "Dixie" and "Battle Cry of Freedom," performed by both sides, and analyze the symbolism of the lyrics and the impact the songs had on both northern and southern societies.

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The Southern states were worried that as the United States expanded, they would gain less power. The classroom activities integrate carefully selected video segments from the series into lessons to underscore content themes and enhance student understanding.

The original five-page document is currently research paper chicago style format at the National Archives in Washington, D. Ending slavery was not his main goal. The American Civil War and Facts: These included Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. See the fact file below for more information on the American Civil War or alternatively, you can download our MEGA Bundle with over 40 pages of worksheets to utilise within the classroom or home environment.

And what about the Financial Cost of the Civil War? The Civil War was fought mostly in the southern states and there was a lot of tell tale heart character analysis essay. Un coursework a sense of how wars have shaped our history. An Overview by Carin T.

For several decades, the country had just barely held itself together, struggling to tolerate its disagreements, divisions, and disunion. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. History Central Essay discussing causes of the civil war.

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The South rebuilt damaged property and changed its economy so it no longer depended on slaves. VandeCreek, Ph. The Civil War threatened to break up the United States.

On the other hand, Ulysses S. In order to ensure that no further insurrections would occur, federal troops occupied the southern states. They can be used as stand-alone resources, in conjunction with curriculum scope, sequence, and textbooks, or even modified as homework.

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The first major battle of the war was fought on July Students also examine a final letter from Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, commander of the American civil war homework 54th Regiment Volunteer Infantry, to his wife, Annie, on the eve of the battle at Battery Wagner, where he attests to the bravery of the men who proudly served with him.

Educational Resources The american civil war homework section provides teachers and students with a myriad of educational resources. The Confederate states wanted to leave the Union. He was shot dead before any trial was conducted. But the two sides did reconcile, beginning with the terms of surrender bestowed by President Abraham Lincoln through General Ulysses S.

Finally, to become a real country, a real union, it had to, in four short years, literally tear itself together. Going into the war the Union had several advantages over the Confederacy. Grant was the leader of the Union Army. Four states—Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware—stayed in the Union even though they allowed slavery.

The Confederates stopped them at a stream named Bull Runnear the town strategic planning essay paper Manassas.

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Buildup to War The North and the South had been divided for many years over the issue of slavery. ApproximatelyUnion soldiers were captured and imprisoned in the South in the Civil War, during which time approximately 30, of them died. Confederate troops captured Fort Sumter from the Union Army.

StudyStack The Price of Freedom: Afterward both sides quickly raised armies. First, to grasp the circumstances surrounding the event, students view a segment from the series on Sherman's March to the Sea. Until the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, the war was said to be fought to preserve the Union, despite the central role that the dispute over slavery played in breaking it apart.

Confederate troops wore troops wore gray or butternut uniforms they used nutshells to make the dye - refer to Confederate Soldiers Uniforms. It lasted from until Andrew Carnegie was in charge of the American civil war homework. The North was also called the Union to symbolize that they wanted the United States to remain a single country and union.

The Northern economy relied more on manufacturing.

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Students assess this controversial move from american civil war homework angles. Then he led his troops on a march to Savannah, a port on the Atlantic Ocean. People from the North were called Yankees, and people from the South were called Rebels.

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  • On one side were Southerners who supported slavery.
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There were also border states where slavery was legal but did not contoh format curriculum vitae pdf the Union. This was known as total war, the likes of which most Americans had not previously experienced.

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It was immediately quashed and he was hanged for treason, but many northerners considered him a hero. By the end of May all Confederate armies had surrendered. Prisoners of War A massive number of troops on both sides were taken as prisoners during the American Civil War. The website has articles that focus on Lincoln's challenge in Then he again invaded the North.

The act created Kansas and Nebraska as new territories in the area where slavery was supposed to be forbidden. An estimated number of someConfederate soldiers were imprisoned in the North in the Civil War, during which time 26, of them american civil war homework.

They later joined the Union as the why do you want to join the army essay of West Virginia. It is cover letter ifc job called the War Between the States.

Discussion and Activity Lessons The Civil War series is rich in educational themes and content, and provides opportunities to explore a range of topics in depth. Northerners wanted to stop the spread of slavery. He was determined that the country remain united. Students watch a detailed account of the surrender ceremony from The Civil War series and examine the surrender agreement as well as a passage from Grant's memoirs to gain a deeper understanding of his compassion and character.

On the other side were Northern abolitionistswho wanted to end slavery. History's famous and forgotten figures from the war—politicians, generals, soldiers, slaves, free African Americans, and civilians from the North and South—are featured throughout the series and the classroom materials.

The war started after 11 Southern states separated themselves from the United States and formed their research paper on rabindranath tagore civil war homework government.

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It lasted until the last U. Do you know how many rounds per minute a Gatling gun could fire or how much it cost to capture Jefferson Davis?

Civil War - High School - Social Studies - Homework Resources - On the other hand, Ulysses S.

Lincoln was the first U. Why did the Southern states want to leave? As such, the following activities provide student and teacher handouts, video clips from the film, additional resources, and discussion questions that can be covered in a class period or less, used as an introduction for a larger unit or as the basis for a term paper or project.

General Robert E.

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Displeased by the election results, southerners feared the abolition of slavery. This activity is a great integration of history and music.

Historical Background In the 17th and 18th century, slavery was rampant throughout the American colonies. As a result of the proclamation, many blacks joined the Union army.

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The North was bigger and had more industry than the South. Aside from railroads, the Union also used hot-air balloons in combat. Sherman captured Savannah in December.

President to be assassinated. The North wanted slavery abolished and the South was opposed to it. It was meant to help freed slaves.

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A day later Grant captured the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, for the Union. The South Confederacy When the southern states decided to break away, or secede, they made their own country called the Confederate States of America, or the Confederacy. Military Telegraph Corps during the war. In August his forces won a second battle at Bull Run. There were a lot of differences between the Northern states and the Southern states.

Because class time is limited, addressing all the lessons and themes can prove challenging.

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