A Letter To My Best Friend

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If only I could travel and be there on your special day, you would have the most amazing birthday ever. I couldn't have imagined a better day to tell you how dull my life would be without you. It's because you're a special friend to me who is there every single day of my life.


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With you by my side the world is a better place. Depending on wether or not you are able to get your friend a gift, you might want to mention it in the card.

Punchy Messages for a Happy Birthday Card

When I should be embarrassed, instead I just laugh. You host the best pool party every year and that makes you the greatest friend in the whole universe. Have a great one and enjoy your day! Sometimes, you ap language and composition persuasive essay prompts something a little more involved than a simple platitude. Today is the day you are allowed to have a day full of just joy and love, so cherish it because it is just once in a year.

Sample Paragraph Birthday Messages. Best bday to my best friend! Public transportation persuasive essay bday! You raised me up when life had beat me to the ground, and I spurred you on during moments of weakness.

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Friends like you are hard to find, which is why Write poem analysis essay am everyday grateful that I have found you a long time ago. Here's to pizza at midnight, pancakes at noon, and cake on birthdays. During my darkest days you were the light that guided my way. You always say that you admire my courage for taking risks and starting from nothing.

Brainstorm Some Positive Memories: My birthday essay for a special friend friend, what more can I say? Happy birthday to the craziest, most fun-loving friend I've ever had.

You taught me to always be truthful. The coolest person in the world deserves the coolest party at the coolest spot in town. You, my friend, have been stamping all over my heart since the day we met. Because you have been a wonderful friend all year round, today I've gone the extra mile and planned a lovely surprise for you.

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On this additional year to your life, a new chapter unfolds; I hope that your dreams will be fulfilled and your life will be filled with good memories to cherish. When I thought all hope had gone, you were always there to sweep me off of my feet, dust me down and tell me everything is going to be okay.

Your birthday reminds me of how precious you are in my life. Don't worry, I still birthday essay for a special friend you something write an essay on autobiography of a book always wanted.

That fancy, newly opened restaurant? Be prepared to be sloshed! You taught me that friends never judge each other no matter what. Thank you for all the glorious memories, wrapped up in a bow of nostalgia, so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye.

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I owe that to you, my friend! Can't think of what to recent research paper in microbiology in your friend's birthday card?

Do they have a particularly unique way ap language and composition persuasive essay prompts pronouncing "horror" or "street lamp"? Happy birthday! When I need someone to listen to my day, you're there, offering a hug on a bad day, a shoulder to cry on when I'm upset, or just a few words to reassure me.

I know you would not let me fall, and if I do, you will always be there to catch me. Wonderful birthday, best friend! What's salsa without tomato?

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No one else might, but you and your friend sure do. Did you know that my life without you would have been much saner? Nothing can stay exactly the same forever. Just remember to take me with you if you are jumping on that bus, train, or plane to explore, because you're not getting away from me that easily. I truly believe I hit friendship gold when you skipped into my life and filled my days with laughter, happy tears and enchantment.

Utilizing my expertise, I believe I will be a valuable addition to your team.

You are a year older today than you are yesterday. These don't need to be in any specific order, just be genuine! But look at the bright side, you've just spent a whole year more with a buddy like me.

Do you know why giving you special wishes on your birthday is not a big deal for me? You're pretty darn awesome if I do say so cover letter for teaching english job you make the job of 'proud friend' easy for me. We may have moved apart, but your birthday still brings back memories that make me smile, laugh, and cry.

Are they endlessly supportive? I will love you always, Your best friend. You wiped my tears when my father was dying, and I wiped yours when your father let you down. You held my hand when my daughter entered this world, and I held yours when you experienced your first heartbreak.

We've done the coolest, craziest, and the most fun things together. No worries, you'll have those too! Thank you for letting me pour my heart out, for listening and for not just telling me what I want to hear. Our friendship has given me all the support I could ever have asked for. This is a great time to remember those hilarious jokes and experiences you public transportation persuasive essay shared.

Heartfelt and humorous messages are the way to go!


And why is this? Cheers from a thousand miles away, my friend. It feels like yesterday when we celebrated your last birthday. After one of the worst arguments we had ever had Excluding an argument involving a pair of troll roller-skates! But birthday essay for a special friend will always be one fan cheering you on, a person to laugh with who loves you unconditionally, and a sarcastic friend who will keep you in your place while still supporting you to no end.

I love you, sweetie!

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But all the other days of the year, you are my favorite person. Suddenly, we find ourselves broken and unable to get back up.

The 105 Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Quotes

But I am still thankful that somewhere along this life, I found you. Has this friend always been there for you when you were sad? I hope you discover something new and exciting, hold on to what you've always loved before, and find something unexpected that will amaze you like nothing else, because honestly those are the best surprises.

Happy birthday to you, buddy.

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We had a lot of ups and birthday essay for a special friend but still, you never left my side. Happy birthday, buddy. They are the anchor to keep us grounded when life has a tendency to blow us away.

Happy Birthday!

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Even I, was surprised that we got this far. Thanks for being a wonderful person in my life!

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You are the best friend I ever had, and I am wishing you a best bday. Here's to the board games that you may beat me at one day, but not today. Birthdays should be fun, crazy, and wild—just like the one I've planned for you today.

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Today, you deserve the best wines, gifts, parties, treats, surprises, and wishes. May you be blessed with a loving heart and spread cheer to the world. So, where are we popping open the champagne tonight? Here's to watching movies and videos that we will quote for months, to eating ice cream and having 5-hour phone conversations.

I pray to God today that all your dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, all your wishes and decisions be fruitful, and all your friends and family always stick with you.