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In spite of the impact it might have and perhaps because of it you should clearly acknowledge any limitations in your research paper in order to show readers—whether journal editors, other researchers, or the general public—that you are aware of these limitations and to explain how they affect the conclusions that can be drawn from the research. Lewis, George H. This deficiency should be acknowledged.


If serious limitations exist, it generally indicates a likelihood that your research problem is too narrowly defined or that the issue or event under study is too recent and, thus, very little research has been written about it. Acknowledging such limitations should not be viewed as a weakness, highlighting to the person marking your work the reasons why you should receive a lower grade.

Step 1: Purdue University. Since an important component of quantitative research is such generalisation, this is a clear limitation.

If you carried out the research well, they are simply your results and only require additional interpretation. Since probability sampling is only possible when we have such a list, the lack of such a list or inability to attain such a list is a perfectly justifiable reason for not using a probability sampling technique; even if such a technique is the ideal.

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When there is very little or no prior research on a specific topic, you may need to develop an entirely new research typology. Importance of In helping you to justifying the choices that you made, these articles explain not only when something is, in theory, an obvious limitation, but how, in practice, such a limitation was not necessarily so damaging to the quality of your dissertation.

How to structure the Research Limitations section of your dissertation | Lærd Dissertation

Bias is usually negative, though one can have a positive bias as well, especially if that bias reflects your reliance on research that only support your hypothesis. Also, whilst the lack of a probability sampling technique when using a quantitative research design is a very obvious example of a research limitation, other limitations are far less clear.

In other words, you have to take what people say, whether in interviews, focus groups, or on questionnaires, at face value.

Whilst you may have a number of potential limitations organization structure case study toyota sampling strategy, let's focus on problem solving activities for primary school students lack of probability sampling; that is, of all the different types of sampling technique that you could have used [see Types of probability sampling and Types of non-probability sampling ], essay iqbal day choose dissertation guidelines to use a probability sampling technique e.

This should significantly strengthen the quality of your Research Limitations section. Institute for Writing Rhetoric. After all, you are not writing a word critical review of the limitations of your dissertation, just a word critique that is only one section long i.

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We all want our academic work to be viewed as excellent and worthy of a good grade, but it is important that you understand and openly acknowledge the limitations of your study. An Online Textbook.

Also, be sure to explain why denied or limited access does not prevent you from following through on your study. If you determine that your study is seriously flawed due to important limitations, such as, an inability to acquire critical data, consider reframing it essay about the most important inventions in our life an exploratory study intended to lay the groundwork for a more complete research study in the future.

Self-reported data -- whether you are relying on pre-existing data or you are conducting a qualitative research study and gathering the data yourself, self-reported data is limited by the fact that it rarely can be independently verified.

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Problem solving activities for primary school students with sample and selection Sampling errors occur when a probability sampling method is used to select a sample, but that sample does not reflect the general population or appropriate population concerned. Here are examples of limitations related to methodology and the research process you may problem solving activities for primary school students to describe and discuss how they possibly impacted your results.

How To Present Study Limitations and Alternatives :: Wordvice ::

Inflating the importance of your study's findings could be perceived by your readers as an attempt hide its flaws or encourage a biased interpretation of the results.

Fluency in a language -- if your research focuses, for example, on measuring the perceived value of after-school tutoring among Mexican-American ESL [English as a Second Language] students and you are not fluent in Spanish, you are limited in being able to read and interpret Spanish language research studies acoustic case study auditorium the topic or to speak with these students in their primary language.

Note that, if your sample size is too small, it will be difficult to find significant relationships from the data, as statistical tests normally require a larger sample size to ensure a representative distribution of the population and to be considered representative of groups of people to whom results will be generalized or transferred.

Longitudinal effects -- unlike your professor, who can literally devote years [even a lifetime] to studying a single topic, the time available to investigate a research problem and to measure change or stability over time is pretty much constrained by the due date of your assignment. Identify and describe the limitation.

However, it remains true that sample sizes organization structure case study toyota are too small cannot adequately essay on bhagat singh claims of having achieved valid conclusions and sample sizes that are too large do not permit the deep, naturalistic, and inductive analysis that defines qualitative inquiry. Determining adequate sample size in qualitative research is ultimately a matter of judgment and experience in evaluating the quality of the information collected against the uses to which it will be applied and the particular research method and purposeful sampling strategy employed.

If this is the case, though, the limitation should be reiterated at the conclusion of the section.

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You only need to identify limitations that had the greatest potential impact on: Also, it is possible that researchers will have biases toward data and results that only support their hypotheses or arguments.

We suggest that you divide your limitations section into three steps: Why do I need to include limitations in my research paper? Bias is when a person, place, event, or thing is viewed or shown in a consistently inaccurate way. You need to not only describe these limitations but provide cogent reasons why you believe data is missing or is unreliable.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Limitations of the Study

The larger the sample, the more precise your fashion marketing assistant cover letter will be. However, is not necessary for you to discuss all of these limitations in your Research Limitations section.

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When proof-reading your paper, be especially critical in reviewing how you have stated a problem, selected the data to be studied, what may have been omitted, the manner in which you have ordered events, people, or places, essay on professional code of ethics for teachers you have chosen to represent a person, place, or thing, to name a phenomenon, or to use possible words with a positive or negative connotation.

Business Research Methods. In this case, discovering a limitation can be considered an important opportunity to identify new gaps in the prior literature and to present the need for further development in the area of study. In qualitative research designs, a non-probability sampling technique is typically selected over a probability sampling technique.

However, it is important that you restrict your discussion to limitations related to the research problem under investigation.

What are study limitations?

When discussing argumentative essay ideas for middle school limitations of your research, be sure to: Describe each limitation in detailed but concise terms; Explain why each limitation exists; Provide the reasons why each limitation could not be overcome using the method s chosen to acquire or gather the data [cite to other studies that had similar problems when possible]; Assess the impact of each limitation in relation to the overall findings and conclusions of your study; and, If appropriate, describe how these limitations could point to the need for further research.

This is because it prevents you from making generalisations about the population you are studying acoustic case study auditorium. Limitations require a critical, overall appraisal and interpretation of their impact. Therefore, in this first announcing move, we would recommend that you identify only those limitations that had the greatest potential impact on: If you detect bias in prior research, it must be acknowledged and you should explain what measures were taken to avoid perpetuating that bias.

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Keep in mind that acknowledgement of a study's limitations is an opportunity to make suggestions for further research. This is because one occurrence of a piece of data, or a code, is all that is necessary to ensure that it becomes part of the analysis framework.

  1. But, do not use this as an excuse for not developing a thorough research paper!