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Retrieved from http: Open Technology Institute. Philosophical Transactions Series A, Big data, 5 273— From individual to group privacy in big data analytics.


Big data, big problems: Collected essays pp. Locating ethics in data science: Big data and algorithmic decision-making: Critical questions for big data: If you ask a study author for more detail, how will you ensure that any exchange respects ethics principles?

The ethics of big data: Harvard Business Review Online Edn. Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. What is data ethics?.

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Open Technology Institute. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 11 2— Clarke, R. Google Scholar Shearer, C. Can transparency restore accountability? An algorithm audit. Stanford Law Review. Google Scholar Fong, K.

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Google Scholar Tene, O. Ethics and Information Technology, 19 139— Does the research you are reviewing raise ethics questions that you need to address? Harvard Business Review. Computer and information ethics. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 62 1— Computer ethics.

In Data and discrimination: Bynum, T.


Google Scholar Johnson, D. MIS Quarterly Executive, 14, 2. MIS Quarterly, 34 4— A hermeneutic approach for conducting literature reviews and literature searches. Data and discrimination: Google Scholar Wiener, N.

Reporting guidelines under development for systematic reviews

The new blueprint for data mining. However, ethical issues change so much with time and location, and are so broad in scope and in context that it appears illusory to search for a universal, internationally accepted standard for ethical assessment in systematic reviews.

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Big data, 5 273— Big data ethics. To increase the reliability of the study, two researcher evaluated the phd thesis on internet banking of the articles separately.

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The challenges of introducing ethical intelligence in technical design communities. Big data, ethics and religion: Critical questions for big data.

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Wiley Google Scholar Chen, A. Philosophy of technology and engineering sciences pp. Restoring consent in privacy self-management. Values and pragmatic action: In European conference on e-government p.

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The contribution of discourse ethics. Ethical issues within citizen-facing analytics. After exploring existing studies, you might even decide that a research question has already been answered - and so it could be unethical to research the issue again.

Towards ethical information systems: Journal of Data Warehousing, 5 413— Retrieved from http: How will you ensure you treat the work of existing researchers accurately and fairly?

Ethics in systematic reviews.

Collected essays 16— Qualitative Health Research, 15 9— When you are carrying out a literature review or systematic review, consider the following key ethics questions: Key concepts for a data science a level english literature coursework ocr curriculum.

Google Scholar Sweeney, L. In Data science and big data computing pp.

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In this systematic review three-step search was used. Perspectives on big data, ethics and society. Locating discrimination in data-based systems. International Systematic literature review chapters of thesis writing of Information Ethics, 10 237— Google Scholar Saltz, J.

Could there be occasions when you would decide not to include the findings of research in your review, because you were concerned about the ethics of that research? Pascalev, M. It then identifies a possible structure to integrate these themes within a data science project, thus helping to provide some structure in the on-going debate with respect to the possible ethical situations that can arise when using data science analytics.

Emerging issues in the ethics systematic literature review ethics data science of journalism. Harkens, A. The most important ethical considerations raised in the articles include informed consent, the interests of the community, the secrecy of the prisoner, and the explanation of the profit and loss of research for prisoners.

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Then, all articles that had inclusion criteria were studied. Turnover of information technology professionals: IEEE security and privacy 9 3. Strategic opportunities and challenges of algorithmic decisionmaking: