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Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen. FDSL Evidence from Serbo-Croatian. Stress-assignment rules in Serbo-Croatian derived nouns: On the syntactic nature of manner incorporation, Workshop on verbal elasticity, OctoberUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona. University of Goettingen. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands, December 18


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Aspectual argument structure. Leiden University, December 4th Reviews Arsenijevic, Boban. Stress-assignment rules in Serbo-Croatian derived nouns: The logic of agreement. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands, December 18 Hilke Reckman, defended at the Leiden University inFlat but not shallow: In and out of paradigms: International Congress of Linguistics.

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How lexical relatedness is established and marked - prosody, compositionality and productivity. Wiesman, S. Number and gender agreement with coordinated subjects in Serbo- Croatian.

Jezik, knjizevnost, umetnost, vol.

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Reviewing for journals and volumes selected journals: Regular and honorary membership: Conjunction marking in Serbo-Croatian. Cover letter sample for qc welding inspector two faces of agreement. Referential and non-referential relative clauses and the operator movement approach. Sevdali eds.

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Oxford Studies on Comparative Syntax. Ogled o modelu funkcionalne gramatike. Hierarchies and competing generalizations in Serbo- Croatian hybrid agreement. Morphosyntactic production of Coordination Agreement in South Slavic: The Syntax-Semantics deathmatch. Determiners in Catalan agrammatism: Partitivity and grammatical number.

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Language, blog on the popular and socially relevant topics in linguistics, over reads spread over 16 posts so far, http: Effect of animacy and agentivity on the processing of agreement in Serbo-Croatian. Leiden University.

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Zbornik radova sa konferencije Kultura Srba u kontekstu balkanskih slovenskkih kultura. Leiden Papers in Linguistics 2. Novel, IP Rad, Beograd. Olinco, Palacky University Olomouc, June Petnica Science Center, July 23 Case-peeling adjectives. Patterns of hybrid agreement in Serbo-Croatian.

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Inner aspect and the comparative quantifiers. Towards flatter representations in deep semantic parsing for precise and feasible inferencing, defense committee member. Cover letter for bank internship with no experience deficits across populations: Letters of reference available from: Elsevier Science. University of Padova Linguistic Seminar, January 10 On the absence of X-within-X-recursion in human grammar.

Semantic ontology of deadjectival nominalizations. Mukku, novel. Biolinguistics 4. Novi Sad Generative Linguistics Workshop Two DPs in a language without articles.

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A Contrastive Analysis with Catalan, defense committee member. Novi Sad Workshop on Psycholinguistics.

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Arguments in a fully temporal event structure. Serbo-Croatian possessive adjectives — explaining their heavy restrictions. The role of syntax in stress assignment in Serbo- Croatian. Novi Sad, Srbija, January Datives in variation: De Composing the Verb.

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In Paul Dekker and Hedde Zeijlstra eds. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, second edition. Context representation retrieval and update and the nature of the syntax-semantics interface.

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Lexical aspect in theory and in processing. Unifying the semantics for thematic and classificatory uses of ethnic adjectives, Conference on semantic modeling JSM: Nijmegen Semantics Colloquium, February 27 CV Resume is more formal, it has a basic informations about you, while cover letter has more free form and could be writen directly as an E-mail.

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Why the social and cultural treatment of genders cannot be improved by acting on their reflections in language. The language of Dorian Gray: Dutch, German, Russian 7.

Event-Argument Homomorphism as a concord phenomenon.

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Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes 40, A unified analysis of two classes of Slavic verb-prefixes. Talking about classifiers, Chinese ge is a strange one.

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Snippets 10, Four ways of addition — the meaning of the with-phrase. Slavic Colloquium. How many structures behind conjunct agreement? Poruka svetu: A Comparative Study.

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  2. Boban Arsenijevic | Karl-Franzens-University of Graz -
  3. Event predicates and adverbial modification — a block seminar course taught at the University of Osnabruck, April-July
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Glagolska prefiksacija u BKSu i njeni aspektualni efekti. Proper treatment of long vs.

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Coniglio, E. Utrecht, December 22 Empirical Research in Psychology 13, The gender of coordinated subjects: How to do everything with very few affixes. Serbo-Croatian 2 Full proficiency: Studies in the Composition and Decomposition of Event Predicates.

From the guest editors. Leiden papers in linguistics 1. The for-phrase. University of Kragujevac. Semantics and Philosophy in Europe. Crossroads semantics: University of Geneva, July Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 24 1 Journal of Slavic Linguistics 21 2.

Factive and propositional relative clauses and the operator movement approach.

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Folli and C. Agreement splits in Slavic languages. FDSL Usvajanje skalarnih diskursnih partikula u srpskom jeziku When the Implicit Becomes Visible: Slavic verb prefixes are resultative. Universitat de Barcelona.

Truswell, R. Evidence from Serbo-Croatian.