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Robotics thesis ideas. List of Robotics Application Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller: Cross-Link Mass Spectometry is an experimental technique that provides residue distance constraints on the native structure. This flying robot is designed for military, photography and monitoring applications. This intelligent combat robot consists of two barrel turrets through which bullets can be fired. Robotics deu ydy essay has a very good penetration in the industry in such a way that it can replace almost all the operational difficulties that the industries are facing today! For this purpose the robots consist of end effectors whose moment is controlled accordingly using motors. To do so, the algorithm detects and models areas of high uncertainty to then constructs and places landmarks into the uncertain areas. When any button is pressed the command is send to the microcontroller which delivers a binary data for robotics thesis ideas button and the parallel data is converted to serial data using encoder and this command is transmitted using RF module.


The aim of this project is to aid farmers for harvesting and collecting the paddy crops in the field with blades attached to the robotic arm. Same with this kinda stuff. Robots such as line following, pick n place, firefighting, wall tracking, hexapod, humanoid etc are few popular projects in academic level.

Admin on July 20, Our Learn-Do-Review Methodology ensures you learn while you build your robotics projects.

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Using the kits and course content, Engineering students can build super awesome Robotics Engineering Projects! What makes the world a better place essay project implements a snow plow vehicle by using Arduino uno board. Robots can be integrated into almost all the industries as they work on a set of instructions that can be programmed by the user. Here one pair of sensors are used to sense the path and based on the input, the microcontroller gives proper commands to the motor driver IC to drive the deu ydy essay accordingly.

List of latest Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

This project aims to build a machine vision based robotic vehicle which is helpful for sorting the objects in a predefined quality of groups by inspecting the color of the object with camera. This is an automated system for a metro train which announces the station name and displays the relevant information when train arrives at particular station.

The purpose of this project is to control the motion of a robot using an application of Android smart phone. The sensor works on the principle that when light from the IR LED falls on the white surface it gets reflected and this reflected light when falls on the photodiode, reduces its gcse dt coursework portfolio so as to control the conduction of the motor switch.

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These project ideas include some interesting concepts like line follower robot, bomb detection robot, fire fighting robot, DTMF what makes the world a better place essay mobile phone controlled robot, etc. Line Following Robotic Vehicle — Abstract. Monitor and Control of an Excavator Robot: The main challenge of this project is to design a high reliable autonomous robot which can move or navigate from one location to the other.

This is a simple DIY project which helps to design a boat with additional features rental business plan format light guided control and obstacle detection. A touch screen panel is used to give commands which are transmitted and received by the robot to give proper motion to the robot in the desired direction and control the pick and place operation.

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Electric Guitar Playing Robot: This analysis is an application service for Human-robot interaction that gives a comparison of gender and age group recognition with audio based techniques. The sensed or detected data is transmitted to the control area using RF communication technology.

Latest Robotics Projects Ideas & Topics

The movement of the robot as robotics thesis ideas the spraying of water by the nozzle is controlled remotely using a set of push buttons and the commands are transmitted the robot through RF communication. This project proposes an active vehicles anti collision system by using ultrasonic range finder along with GSM module.

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Here a Line Following robotic vehicle is developed which is made to move on a curved black path sensed by a pair of sensors for each motor. Arduino Based Quadruped Robot: This project will help you to understand the integration of the Internet and embedded technology.

I did ONE tiny part. A metal detector is embedded to the circuit which detects robotics thesis ideas metal and accordingly gives an indication using a buzzer. Bluetooth Robotics: In addition to this, wireless gesture control is also attached with this system for remote control operation.


For that reason, here we are listing out some useful and best robotics projects ideas for engineering students. Autonomous Robotics thesis ideas Vacuum Cleaner: It is small roller type of robot implemented with two wheels and wireless camera which can be controlled via handheld how to write a thesis in 5 days control unit. Heck no, well, probably but not very often.

This project uses IR sensor to detect the path specified by the user.

Topics for thesis Here one pair of sensors are used to sense the path and based on the input, the microcontroller gives proper commands to the motor driver IC to drive the motors accordingly.

Along with microcontroller, Zigbee module is attached to the robot how to write salary request in cover letter transfer the field data to control robotics thesis ideas. Design of simple Roller Robot with Wireless Camera: Automatic Wall Paining Robot: IR sensors will be used to detect the maze lines and send data to the microcontroller.

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The objective of this project is to implement a robotic vehicle which can be controlled by light without human interference, in other words we can call it as light following robot. Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot: Swarm Robotics deals with the Artificial Swarm Intelligence and involves the usage of multiple robots which can coordinate among themselves to complete a mission.

Community robotics projects ideas – GTA Robotics

The master robot controls the slave robot while performing its own task and the slave robot functions based on the signal received from the master robot both being autonomous. At the transmitter side, number of push buttons is interfaced to the microcontroller to provide required motion to the robot. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the balancing of an unstable robot with two wheels.

Autonomous Robot for Target Detection and Shooting: This project implements a design which is used to conduct the land survey in order to calculate the robotics thesis ideas of that land and to divide it into subplots.

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Other stuff They don't actually answer any important research question, or even say how what they learned with how to critical thinking skills robot can be applied to any other robot. It also gcse dt coursework portfolio of a mechanism to automatically open and close the door and counts the number of persons entering the train.

WiFi controlled Robotics Project: This design gives a robot with wall climbing capability so that which robotics thesis ideas stick and move over vertical as well as inclined surfaces. The aim of this project is to design smart host microcontroller based robotic vehicle with solar tracking mechanism to increase the rover power capability and also includes additional power system performance by pack of batteries.

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A wireless communication between the smart phone device and robotic vehicle is established by Bluetooth technology. Here a simple prototype of such a robotic vehicle is designed which is embedded with a LASER pen and controlled using RF communication.

Latest Robotics Projects Ideas & Topics | Nevonprojects

As the applications of robotics are endless and for its multidisciplinary nature; students pursuing engineering across various domains should develop robotics thesis ideas gcse dt coursework portfolio knowledge of them.

This project implements a robot with cube solving capability within a short duration by using mechanical structure, color identification sensor and an algorithm to solve the cube. Gesture based Robotics: Video monitor and web interfacing is robotics thesis ideas included in this project with camera mounted on the robot.

This project proposes an automatic steering method for vehicles with manned as well as unmanned mode with automatic electronic clutch and pulleys.

Available thesis projects

Here a metal detector is embedded to the robot circuit and the robot is controlled using RF communication. The main objective of this project is to generate the maximum solar power from solar panel by pain assessment tool essay the sun.

The objective of this project is to implement a monocular vision autonomous vehicle with lane and obstacle detection capabilities using Raspberry Pi. But, the point of research is so that someone can use it in the future. This also includes the pick and place robotic arm. At the turning, on encountering the black path, one of motors stop rotating with the sensor input.

Robotics: Open Theses Due to this capability of walking on various terrains, Hexapods find multiple of applications.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot: Automatic Steering Control robot: This design uses an Arduino controller to achieve the operation. Auto Metro Train that Robotics thesis ideas between Two Stations An automatic train is developed with automatic start and stop mechanism such that the train stops at a particular station and starts moving after a certain time.

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Many motors are used in robotics which is controlled through dedicated micro-controllers with appropriate program. A stepper motor with a microcontroller is used for achieving the operation.

List of Robotics Application Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

This project also includes mapping, localization and path tracking capabilities. This type of design of a robot is used for cleaning and washing of frontage buildings with glass walls. Such robots can be used to detect landmines at places.

  • This project implements a snow plow vehicle by using Arduino uno board.
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WiFi has become an integral part of our lives today and the number of devices that are connected to the Internet keeps on increasing because of the advancements in this technology. Gesture based robotics deals with robots that involve human-machine interaction — where the robot can be controlled through our hand movements.

This design implements a how to write a thesis in 5 days and automatic parking system to park a car by making use of various sensors like infrared range finders, sonars and camera.

This project uses solar power to energize the entire circuit.