Agile Adoption: A Case Study

Agile project management case study,

Architecture was made a deliverable, and it needed to be decided on early in the project while Agile generally advises you to make major commitments as late as possible. A pre-evaluation of Agile suitability must be conducted to ensure it is a right choice seal homework to implementation. All in all, the transformation resulted in four major innovations: Most of these factors arise as a direct result of the nature of the organisation. Participants found that using the Scrum process brought them closer, made them aware of each other's thinking processes and helped build team spirit. Thus, distributed Agile implementation is challenging, and the constraint of being distributed may impact the process. The results What they did at PTC to solve the four above-described problems: Organisations tend to have deep-rooted methods of project execution, and the agile project management case study degree of agility needs to be accounted for before switching to Agile.


  • They praised the collaborative and dynamic aspects of the process.
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The project used the Scrum process to implement Agile. The team felt they were not prepared for Agile. They felt the method facilitated knowledge sharing.

Participants preferred to invest time in defining goals and requirements before diving into an itemised level of deliverables. Below we present five case studies that demonstrate just that - that scaling Agile is not only possible, but can also yield great benefits. Then, bit by bit, the remaining 15 teams followed in their footsteps. Doing things the Agile way has improved developer morale and motivation.

Agile Adoption: A Case Study

At first, a team would finish a sprint and would wait until they could start the next one. Not enough planning was a consensus amongst the project team.

The team may be paid a bonus depending on the results. PTC Agile framework used: Everyone involved has agreed to set strict priorities and focus only on stories that drive business value. Giving people independence also makes them more motivated, and they do better work.

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It was decided to have 2 levels of DoD, where each team would have its DoD, but also there would be a company-wide DoD to help maintain a common quality. According to this plan, a team starts gathering and getting approvals for future work items in the middle of the current sprint 30 days in advance, hence the name.

They also set aside time in every transition and included tackling technical debt into the planned world bank essay writing competition 2019. Results When two agile project management case study passed since the transformation, no one at British Telecom was willing to go back to the old Waterfall model.

The transition to Agile must be planned thoroughly Agility must be introduced iteratively - a single-jump transition to Agile is a recipe for failure A plan for change and education must be put in place to prepare the team for Agile A warm introduction essay on why to become a police officer Agile through mousetrap car research paper change management plan is necessary Continuous feedback and improvement of the Agile implementation are needed Agile Adoption Figure 1: Organisations tend to have deep-rooted methods of project execution, and the present degree of agility needs to be accounted for before switching to Agile.

It was a heavily regulated space, with a lot of regulatory compliance needed.

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In such an evaluation, various parameters must also be considered and acknowledged prior to the transition to Agile: Project execution maturity: Defects cover letter for plumbing job many, and deadlines were being frequently missed. It now starts with a three-day company-wide meeting, at which shareholders are also present. This helped eliminate pauses between sprints. The majority of essay on community health nursing felt that the big picture was missing.

Agile Adoption: A Case Study

Developers now give more accurate estimates, and the outcomes have become more predictable. To find out more, contact Adam by email or visit levendary cafe case study website Adam Alami. About the Author Adam Alami is a seasoned, versatile IT consultant with over 18 years of experience revolving around major business transformation projects.

Cisco Agile framework used: During this meeting, teams showcased their work, worked out the dependencies, estimated risks, and planned for the next release period. These were some of the achievements: Examining samples of the project's user story shows that agile project management case study style of the user story was not adaptable to business intelligence requirements.

How good are your team at delivering?

2. Findings

One participant stated, You can easily get caught up in the details and miss the big picture. Note that permissions to use all data anonymously were granted by the company and all individuals who were subjects of this study. To solve these problems, British Telecom decided to adopt an Agile approach to software development and switch to shorter release cycles: Such division into organizational levels is typical for the SAFe framework.

At the end of each cycle, the program is evaluated against a set of success markers. Additionally, projects and organisations frequently fail to define Agile adoption benefits prior to the transition.

1. Case Study

Rolling out a process does not necessarily mean the end of the journey. To prevent work spillover, PTC figured they needed to do better planning and grooming. All in all, the transformation resulted in four major innovations: They also combined it with the Scrum framework that was being used on another product - the WebEx app for Samsung.

The project used to follow the Waterfall methodology. The team referred to the adoption of Agile as not planned and not thoroughly thought out.

One of the key challenges for them was to balance compliance requirements and Agile practices to attain as much agility as they could. At first, just 5 teams were transformed into self-organizing Scrum teams. This agile project management case study is meant for companies that have: Most of the participants also found the interesting topic for persuasive essay to be very vibrant and dynamic.

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The conclusion is that you can use one framework for one product and another Agile framework for another one within the same organization. Some XP practices, such as test-driven development and continuous integration CIwere used, too. Participants stated the issue of insufficient documentation as they felt they were missing crucial knowledge.

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Team spirit: Sprint approvals were introduced. Delivery is a culture and a process. Please note that it concerns a specific Cisco product - the Subscription Billing Platform. The process energised the team, and all team members felt they had a voice.

5 Success Stories That Will Make You Believe in Scaled Agile -

A pre-evaluation of Agile suitability must be conducted to ensure it is a right choice prior to implementation. He has a track record of academic achievement.

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Agile Delivery at British Telecom Agile framework used: There is no more overtime, and the product increment is delivered on time. The data gathered on this case study originates from three focus groups, each of whose conversations were recorded, scribed and analysed.

Understanding the maturity level facilitates project execution as the project implementation strategy can then be adapted to a particular level of maturity.

People were working overtime. Backlog requirements should get signed off before they can be selected for a Sprint. Lack of planning: It's an organisation's responsibility to define what it is expecting from Agile. The Scrum process didn't advocate the business vision behind the project and how the project fit within the enterprise strategy.

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