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Secondary data collection: Next, the strategy also depends on the right organization of the advertising policy, so the firm should think about the promotion of its products on TV, social networks, blogs, radio, posters, printed media, etc. According to Chiang and Robinsoncompanies which benefit from an efficient marketing strategy can invest easily in new products research and development which will boost their sales, giving them the opportunity to acquire more market share. According to Eric Viardotsome of the highly successful technology companies share some commonalities. But bywith China accession to the WTO, China is openning in a very fast way, it takes a greater the pressure of competition in the field of retail department store.


It should include sections on your company's position in the marketplace, the position of competitors, any government or regulatory agency influences and a description of the markets your company is targeting. An Introduction 2nd ed.

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You revisit the specific problems and weaknesses that you propose to address and link them with the strengths and successes you previously highlighted. Silverstein, B To find out the marketing strategies used for the international market by the medium scale companies such as Zoho corporation. Pricing 5. How to Write a Good Research Proposal by.

Obviously, it is not case study woman to produce quality goods and services, because one should also do his best to make them popular among consumers and a good and well-balanced marketing strategy will be quite useful in this case.

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May They have to include the costs of your proposal and the effects on overall profitability. To explore the marketing strategies used by the medium scale companies to gain competitive advantage over an established organization. Once youve case study business research your market research proposal, you need to to define. Guaranteed access to primary data The CEO of the Zoho Corporation, Sridhar Vembu is willing to provide some of the organizations information which will help the research.

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For firms the development of product-market strategies indicates that they have made important decisions regarding the deployment of their market information. Mcdaniel C. To compare the marketing strategy research proposal and online marketing strategies. You then identify the specific threat, for example loss of market share, and detail the specific strategy that will address it -- for example, obtaining a toll-free number and hiring extra customer service staff.

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But with the increase of p eople's income, people not only trading places of content to simply provide t he necessities of life, people began to hope that more and more of his favori te brand come into his city, in such circumstances, many foreign retail store brand began to enter China.

Data collection There are two types of data collection.

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You are on page 1of 8 Search inside document Back ground of research Since the information technology industry has undergone several downturns and upturns. Advertising and Promotion 5.

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Strategic management. Projected Outcome To convince your audience that your proposal is the right one, you have to add your projections of how the strategy will solve your company's problems. CEO of Zoho Corporation is willing to provide relevant data for this research but the researcher will not be able to access some confidential data of the organization.

enterprise) to compete efficiently with the established organizations.

Review of Marketing Strategy research proposal sample. In your marketing strategy, on which aspects do you focus? To recommend new marketing techniques for the medium IT organizations such as Zoho Corporation Research questions What are the marketing campaigns used by the Zoho corporation to increase the brand awareness among new customers?

The store locations in the Changan avenue. To get answers to these questions, youll need a market research plan, which you can create yourself or pay a specialist to create for you. References 3. Ethridge, D. Zoho corporation invested in the research and development department for producing innovative software products.

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Ethical issues One of the main ethical issues of this research is the level of voluntary involvement of the employees in marketing strategy research proposal research. If suitable examples are not available internally, you can use similar cases from outside your company.

However, all the four elements of the marketing mix should be properly managed for the company to be successful in its marketing strategy. How to write a prose essay ap lit Nov Addressing the Issues The meat of your proposal, where you present your marketing strategy, is in the third section.

Thomson SouthWestern.

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Time Scale References 1. Marketing Strategy 4th Edition. But, in order to match them, the company should seek internal as well as external marketing information. What are the unique marketing methods used in the Zoho Corporation? Market research data feeds into a number of areas of the business plan. For example, a smart promoter will dwell on the practical usefulness of the product advertising it to men and on its look and exclusiveness advertising it to women.

At last, this thesis title proposal for education students can help the businessmen who work in cover thesis about online shopping in the philippines pdf sample for job application medical assistant retailing area to find a right growing way in the future. You can detail strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- a SWOT analysis -- as a framework, but your aim is to highlight your company's successful initiatives and the problems it is experiencing right now.

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Research Goal I want through to the information of Parkson Department Store in the Chinese market environment, base on its own marketing strategy, to find out the problems existing into the Chinese market.

If the student does not know about the right approach towards the persuasive presentation of the information in his paper, a free sample research proposal on marketing strategy will be quite an effective solution to this problem. Some of them are competing with established organization such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle etc.

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Strategic management and business policy. The efficiency of information collected in the primary data collection phase depends on the availability of data to the each level of employees. Research Proposal. Zoho Corporation develops cloud based office productivity and business tools for the customers.

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Research methodology in applied economics 2nd ed. InChina's retail store brand got a rapid growth, more and more intern ational stores have opened in Chinese cities.

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Global marketing management. In this time to enter into the Chinese market, the Parkson Department Store just need to face some small local department store for competition. I hope this research can be a good sample to P arkson or other large foreign department store brand.

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The basis of this research is to examine the impact of marketing strategies on the market share of the UK leading retailers in reference to ASDA and this study has for objective to assess the relationship between marketing strategy and market share but in the meantime to give an evaluation on the importance of marketing strategies in term of improving the performance and gaining a competitive position.

A convincing proposal draws on successes for solutions.

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  • Your projections have to be based on examples to be convincing.
  • Zoho Corporation develops cloud based office productivity and business tools for the customers.

The third part mainly describes the internal mobile phone essay in english with outline of Parkson Depart ment Store, mainly including the current organizational structure and marke ting of the parkson. The student who has marketing as his major can research the problem of marketing strategy in detail and observe the issues and question of the problem which have never been mentioned The foll owing 12 years, parkson group have built their store in Beijing, Qingdao, Taiy uan, Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin and the 26 major cities in China.

Your marketing research plan needs to define market research approaches and. Cash Management. This research will help to understand how marketing strategy research proposal medium and small scale organizations are marketing their products which are not unique in nature and competing with other organizations.

An effective marketing strategy ensures better penetration of the product to the targeted population.

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The fifth part integrated point of view and discussed, and put forward what is marketing strategy Parkson Department Store at this stage should take, then points out the shortages of this paper. The choice of ad depends on the type of the product and on the financial abilities of the company. Wilson and McDonald stipulated that tools and techniques are important in terms of managing the mix marketing.