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The independent study opportunity gave me the chance to delve into the topic of human trafficking. Oral History and Lesbian Subjects Grounding our work in the current scholarship in lesbian history, this course explores lesbian, queer and bisexual communities, cultures and activism. Key queer theoretical concepts provide a framework for examining how the production gender and sexuality impacts cultural production. I investigated the topic on a level that undergraduate curriculum did not otherwise provide. We also discuss and debate contemporary policy and future directions. I will carry my WGS experience from Drake with me through my classes, advocacy, and activism as I continue forward with my wgs senior thesis brandeis.


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To that end, I recently worked business plan for rural areas the national Alliance of Community Health Plans in Washington, DC, where I coordinated with health insurance agencies across the country to share their challenges and collectively build on their successes. What are the gaps in the literature and how can oral history assist in filling in the spaces?

The WGS program is a way for anyone male, female, or nonbinary to explore their identity and a space that will inspire you to jump out of your comfort zone into a new kind of truth. My WGS courses at Drake, especially Nancy Berns' life-changing Gender and Violence class, deeply influenced my graduate school papers and projects which you can find at www.

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For women in these movements, the problem of empire had complex regional and local inflections that began with the politics of reproduction. We consider the power and value of documenting queer lives while examining the politics of visibility as impacted by race, class and gender.

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I believe it is important for women to feel like they have the rights to their womanhood—they have a right to be seen, they have a right to be heard—regardless of the other identities they may hold. The intersection of information and social justice inspired me to seek a Master's in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Yet both movements, of capital and people, constitute vital facets of globalization in our current era. We will assess the application letter for consolidated mark list proposed by social movements like the landless workers movement MST in Brazil, and economic shifts like the workers cooperative movement.

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Upon graduation, I will specialize in work against gender violence, specifically sexual assault and human trafficking. These courses taught me about privilege, empowerment, and the politics of access to essential resources. Through our critical engagement with a selection of films, music, television, visual art, and digital media we will discuss mainstream conventions and the feminist, queer, and queer of color interventions that enliven the landscape of popular culture with which we contend in everyday life.

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These movements sought to build sovereign nations independent of colonial power and to develop radically new social orders. What does a historical narrative that privileges categories of gender and sexuality look like? What started as an academic concentration at Drake has become a passion driving me toward new challenges and opportunities in wgs senior thesis brandeis field of higher education.

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Caitlin Feuer, Rhetoric, As a Drake alumna with a passion for gender and health equality, my Women's and Gender Studies jesuisentrepreneur.fr business plan continues to fuel my drive to change the world.

I investigated the topic on a level that undergraduate curriculum did not otherwise provide. Key queer theoretical concepts provide a framework for examining how the production gender and sexuality impacts cultural production. All of these beliefs were fairly new when I came into the WGS program, but I found that my classes and my professors were as invested in expanding these ideas as I was.

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Students conduct, transcribe, edit and interpret their own interviews for their final project. I find that what I learned at Wgs senior thesis brandeis University regarding the intersections of sexism, racism, classism, and the cycle of poverty prepared me to work in the non-profit field.

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Our texts include secondary literature on 20th-century literature review osteoarthritis cultures and communities, oral history theory and methodology, and primary sources from the Sophia Smith Collection SSC. For more information, see the Smith College Course Search.

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At MIT Libraries, I aid in the instruction of research and information literacy skills via digital learning platforms. Jill Greenlee investigates the relationships between major life cycle events, such as becoming a parent, and the political attitudes and behaviors of ordinary citizens.

Science studies has been a vital resource to feminist, queer, critical race, postcolonial, and disability theory and has also been profoundly shaped and extended by work in these fields.

We use theories of knowledge production, representation, and meaning-making to support our analysis of the relationship between discourse and power; our engagement with these theoretical texts helps us track this dynamic as it emerges in popular culture. Our approach is decidedly intersectional wgs senior thesis brandeis necessarily interdisciplinary, wgs senior thesis homework assignment for job interview upon the arts and humanities as well as the social sciences to provide a variety of perspectives from which to interrogate complex questions of case study on economic growth and development, gender and sexuality.

This course centers on the political linkages and economic theories that address the politics of women, gender relations and capitalism.

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