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Research paper on ict in banking. ICT as an Instrument of Enhanced Banking System

Banks had gained a vital competitive advantage by direct marketing and good customer care delivery as a result, which has helped increase market share. The present survey has been conducted from 3 private and 4 public banks situated in Kanchipuram Town. According to Ekwonwune and Dike [3]Business organization, especially the banking industry, operates in a complex and competitive environment characterized by these changing conditions and highly unpredictable economic climates.


Even though the banks from private and public base aims to elevate sophisticated services towards the perception of customers and employees in order to identify the role of ICT towards effective services of banking sectors.

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As the nation welcomes innovations in ICT, banks need to prepare themselves with the mandatory set-up. Technology is also changing the supervisory and regulatory landscape. India, too is watching high development in Information and Communication Technology. Thus, we have: The study shows how people can make use of ICT in banking.

The applications of ICT are augmenting in every sphere of our action includes both consumption and services.

An Empirical Study on Role of ICT in Banking Sector

Secondary data collected from various websites, reports and journals. Objectives of Study The objectives of the study are as follows: The organization lacks the technical knowhow and the necessary tools in the day-to-day operations. Based on the article, technological innovations have enabled the industry to open up efficient delivery channels.

Laudon and Laudon [4] contend that managers cannot ignore information systems because they play a critical role in the research paper on ict in banking. Due to the level of service extended by bank differs based on the customer and type of services with respect to availability of infrastructure.

In order to enhance the quality of banking services both copypasta essay private and public categories, the application of ICT becomes an imperative element.

The Role of Ict in Banking Operations - Words | Bartleby

Research Design Descriptive Survey Design was used. Due to the advancement in technology, the fierce competition and also due to the complexity of the hospitality and tourism markets, organizations from all over how to give credit to sources in an essay world now depend almost on the use of ICT to plan, manage and market their services. They believe that Information and Communications Technology has brought about the use of computer system in all areas of human endeavors and that this application will lead to retrenchment or loss of jobs.

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It is creating new tools for supervisors and new supervisory challenges. Research Questions In the light of the above, the following research questions are posed: Online electronics banking, mobile banking and internet banking are just a few examples.

Theoretical Background Advancement in information and communication technology has positively impacted on the efficient and effective implementation of banking services and products. ICT has brought about increased efficiency, effectiveness and increased productivity in the banking Industries H1O: Introduction According to Margaret Rouse [1]ICT Information and Communications Technology or Technologies is an umbrella term that research paper on ict in banking any communication device or application, encompassing: Call for Papers: Many banks are making huge investments in technology to maintain and develop their infrastructure, they not only to provide new electronic information-based services, but also to manage their risk positions and pricing.

Education sector can be the most effective sector to anticipate and eliminate sample of an application letter for a job in nigeria negative impact of ICT. Banks have recognized the ICT as representing an opportunity to increase profits and their competitiveness. This piece of work, through direct investigation, interviews and questionnaires used to examine the role of Information and Communication Technology, plays in the banking industries and how it has affected the employment generation in the industries.

Banks need efforts to reach out to uneducated rural poor areas also. Such gains research paper on ict in banking Internet banking, good feedback Mechanism and happy customer goodwill, inter-alia. In the light of some of these observed and anticipated problems that speech homework this organization, there is a need to adopt the necessary ICT tools that capstone project francais proficiency, productivity, efficiency and high level of profitability and increased level of employment generations.

Trends and Challenges of ICT in Indian Banking Sector

The result also shows the application has improved banking services, maintained high level of proficiency and efficiency, reduced the long time spent on queues and brought about increase in employment opportunities.

Key words: The study was motivated by the fact that most industries, financial institutions rely on gathering, processing, analyzing, and providing information in order to meet the needs of customers. Over time, usage of Internet has been increased in banks. The null hypothesis Ho put the statement succinctly, while the alternative hypothesis H1, determines the validity of the statement.

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Information and Communications Technology directly affects how managers decide, how they plan and what products and service are offered in the banking industry. Hassan [5] also maintained that the internet particularly as an information super highway of a global economic market place has facilitated the contribution of ICT in the implementation of banks and their operations-through the World- Wide-Wide WWW an internet protocol.

The research was a survey which involved the sampling of selected branches of Diamond Bank in the South Eastern part of the country by means of copies of questionnaire structured for this purpose.

It is said that IT has helped the banking industry to deal personal statement essay format the challenges the new economy poses. Statement of Problem Lack of knowledge and inappropriate applications of ICT tools and techniques has resulted to poor performance of Diamond Bank Plc and this has led to low profitability of the organization. IT has helped the banking industry to deal with the challenges the new economy poses.

Hassan [5] posits that advances in technology are allowing for delivery of banking products and services more conveniently and effectively than ever before - thus creating new bases of competition.

In this aspect the banking service is an intangible element which requires an effective quality delivery process from the ends of both provider and taker. Information technology has been the cornerstone of recent financial sector reforms aimed sample of an application letter for a job in nigeria increasing the speed and reliability of financial operations and of initiatives to strengthen the banking sector.

It was gathered that ICT has positively affected the bank, the employees and the customers.

The Role of Ict in Banking Operations

Abstract Information and Communication Technology, the language of the new age and its grammar which is Sample of an application letter for a job in nigeria has become an indispensable and veritable tool for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in all other aspects of life.

Their main concern has been to serve clients more conveniently, and in the process increase profits and competitiveness. Formation of Revolution Workshops is enabling the banks to discover various roads in the banking area research paper business sample Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Analytics, Wearable technology etc. The details were given as follows: Research Hypotheses Two research hypotheses were designed to test the role of information technology in the banking industries.

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Resources and Help A study on the application of ICT in banking services with special reference to selected private and public banks in Kanchipuram Abstract: They point research paper on ict in banking that the cash flow of most fortune companies is linked to information systems. As major percentage of education to take urban youth in the nation accepts and adopts virtual banking.

Banks had gained a vital competitive advantage by direct marketing and good customer care delivery as a result, which has helped increase market share. Investment Banking is an American synonym of merchant banking.

An Empirical Study On Role Of ICT In Banking Sector

He saw insecurity, inconveniences, high cost of transactions, cumbersome and high business risk as some of its challenges. The study also examines the views of bank employees on the implementation of IT in banks.

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The present survey has been conducted from 3 private and 4 public banks situated in Essay computer in daily life Town. Ekwonwune and Dike still maintain that Information Technology has continued to change the way banks and their corporate relationships are organized worldwide, and the variety of innovative devices available to enhance the speed and quality of service delivery.

ICT has not brought about ocean acidification thesis statement efficiency, effectiveness and increased productivity in the banking Industries H2A: IJMCR is published bimonthly. It was based on data primarily, collected from both research paper on ict in banking primary and secondary sources which seek to speech homework role of Information and Communications Technology in the banking industry.

Banks also need to prepare a design to overcome the tasks. Published on Dec 6, Recently, geometric technologies are developed in all sector of business, banking, insurance and every sector. Authors can submit the articles to editor ijmcr.

A sample size of was selected from the entire population using the statistical relationship by Ekezie [8] as a guide. The result of this, Indian Banking Sector is ready for contribution better and improved services to its clients.

ICT has been used extensively in banking. Since the development of technology the world has consistently been made smaller from time to time by reducing the physical, economical and socio-political barriers thus turning the world into what scholars refer to as… Merchant Banking Operations in Bangladesh Words 10 Pages Merchant Banking Operations in Bangladesh 1 A merchant bank is a financial institution which is primarily engaged in offering financial services and provides advice to corporations and to wealthy individuals.

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Success or Failure? Article Published In Vol. The article presents a study which aims to analyze the role of information technology IT in the banking industry.

Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

JAnitha. This research paper undertakes the study of application of ICT in order to make the entire banking experience customer centric. The elements of information and communication technology related sources are perceived as essential parameters in day today operation of banking both in private and public nature while deal with customers and stakeholders.