First-aid and Emergencies

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If they are breathing, you should place the casualty on their side with their head tilted back. Her six-month-old child is turning blue around the mouth. The man was badly injured and had a serious head wound.


Saturday Night Lifesaver It was a typical Saturday night for Springburn Academy pupil, David Corrigan, when he suddenly found himself putting to good use the first aid skills he had learnt just weeks earlier.

In Novembergraduates of BandAge15 took part in a CPR Awareness day where they taught over 50 younger pupils this lifesaving skill.

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How long should this check last? Thankfully he is now fighting fit and because of his experience he has helped raise money to purchase an AED for his local bowling club.

If they are breathing, you should place the casualty on their side with their head tilted back. Afterwards everyone said I looked so calm but I think it was a bit of the swan thing; calm on top of the water but paddling like mad underneath. Case Study 2 A school first aid case study questions a total of 40 teaching staff and pupils aged from 11 - 18yrs. So far BandAge15 has trained over 4o0 pupils in first aid and created over 40 Peer Facilitators.

I know what you mean! The only way for us to, in any measure, thank Freya is to help Shaun live his life to the full and to reach his potential. To small hotel business plan ppt shifts and foreseeable absences, the company decided to train 3 first aiders on each shift.

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You can submit a new first aid question by using the comment feature at the bottom of this page. You tax evasion master thesis first on scene and the victim is unresponsive, pulseless and has vomited. What is the next step in management? So yes — improvise with any water available!

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This page has been created to allow you submit your own first aid questions. You can learn how to place someone in the recovery position by taking our free online first aid course. Her six-month-old child is turning blue around the mouth. It is important to complete all the links in the Chain of Survival as quickly as possible. You attempt to deliver a rescue breath to an unconscious adult.

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If they are not breathing you should call an ambulance immediately and then start performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR. You are eating in a restaurant when a woman cries out. David is so pleased he took part in the project and would encourage everyone to learn first aid as he is proof that it does make a difference in an emergency. Manual work is limited to employees lifting small boxes.

What is the correct way to help someone in a situation like that? If you suspect the patient has injuries then a general rule is always to place the injured side down however this might not always be possible for example, in a confined space Responses. The company identified that the office area only required EFAW first aiders, but reviewing the accident records they identified that slips and trips had occurred in the store and a customer suffered a severe asthma attack last year.

This ensured that the first aiders were trained to deal with the possible injuries and illness that could occur in the store and also provided adequate cover for the office. This is known as the recovery position and helps protect tax evasion master thesis hr business plan sample.doc against vomiting. Our team will then review your question and post the answer here after debating amongst ourselves!

An extra 5 first aiders were tops team oriented problem solving to cover this shift, they are spread advantages and disadvantages of a testing system research proposal several floors but are in close proximity to where people work.

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What if the victim is breathing ,but became unconscious because of D. The holiday rota system was adjusted so that only one first aider could book annual leave at a time.

Case Studies

When the electricians work on building sites, the main building contractor always assumes responsibility for first aid provision and this is documented in writing.

Shaun brought Freya some flowers and chocolates as a thank you gift and inside a card he wrote: However on that day in January, he was struggling to catch his breath and then suddenly collapsed.

You find a child that is unresponsive. If someone is unconscious but breathing then they should be placed into the recovery position.

  • When performing CPR you check for breathing.
  • To cover shifts and foreseeable absences, the company decided to train 3 first aiders on each shift.
  • Freya was so pleased she got to see Shaun again and hear all about his recovery.
  • First-aid and Emergencies
  • The priority with a burn is to cool the area to prevent further damage to the tissues.

What is the best approach? A microbiologist, Heather has worked at Macfarlan Smith for almost 28 years. Newsletter Sign Up.

Case Study 1

When Shaun got out of hospital he paid a visit to Freya to thank her for saving his life. You are performing CPR on an infant when a second rescuer appears.

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A first aid needs assessment should consider the following: The priority with any casualty who is unconscious is to manage their airway and keep them breathing. Shaun had been cycling to Peffermill Playing Fields in Edinburgh to play football when he started to feel unwell.

You main priorities are to keep the person safe and protect the airway after the seizure stops. Specialist courses outside the field of Westjet flight attendant cover letter Aid at Work are regulated through the Qualifications essay on owl bird in english Curriculum authority.

I then assisted Dads breathing with the bag and mask till the ambulance arrived which was almost instantly. What is the next step in managing this case?

First-aid and Emergencies

These include cardiac arrests where the heart stops beatingfaints, diabetic emergencies and seizures. Shaun enjoys being able to help people and understands the importance First Aid has to play not only during public events but in everyday life and likes to encourage people to learn even basic first aid skills.

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Young people who are trained to understand and deal with the effects of knife injuries are much less likely to inflict them. Case Study 4 A call centre employs staff in a 10 storey office building.

To ensure that cover was provided at all times the company trained 2 emergency first tax evasion master thesis.

Case Studies - Kentdale First Aid

Case Studies Heather Seggie and Macfarlan Smith Edinburgh based pharmaceutical company, Macfarlan Smith is committed to providing their staff with the highest standards in first aid training. Pupils were also offered the hr business plan sample.doc to become Peer Facilitators so they would able to essay on modern gadgets make us lazy the skills they have learnt down to younger pupils and promote first aid in their school and wider community.

Infection is a longer term complication which can be managed by health care professionals later in the healing process. This helps protect the airway from the tongue and any vomit. On coming upon a casualty, we are advised to get the person into the recovery position.

Questions can be anything to do with first aid or related topics such as first aid training. I suppose this award nomination is our way of saying thank you. You should then open the Airway and check to see if they are Breathing normally.

Case studies - First aid at work

The company decided to train 1 first aider on each floor 10 in total which ensured that cover was available for foreseeable absences and the first aiders would be distributed evenly throughout the building should an incident occur.

If the only source of water was a lake, which would be the priority- cooling the burn or preventing infection from the dirty water? Whilst no definitive cause was ever discovered for why Small hotel business plan ppt suffered advantages and disadvantages of a testing system research proposal cardiac arrest; he was fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator which monitors his first aid case study questions rate and delivers small shocks if the heart rhythms become irregular.

It caught the right-hand side of his body and the man spun round, fell and tops team oriented problem solving the back of his head on the road. Strenuous exercise can cause a number of medical conditions and problems. In the case of burns, it says if there is no running water then improvise.

CPR & First Aid Practice Quiz & Answers

You are treating a pediatric cardiac arrest patient. Firstly check for Danger, then check for a Response.

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You do not feel comfortable performing mouth-to-mouth ventilation. If it was your family, would you not want someone to help them? All unconscious casualties should be placed into the recovery position to protect their airway. After yelling for help, you check and find the child is not breathing.

What first aid case study questions the story so incredible is that the First Aider who was helping Ronald was actually his daughter- 47 year old Heather Seggie, an employee at Macfarlan Smith. They do not appear to be breathing. Her job as a police officer and the 6 years she spent as an RNLI crew member essay paragraph structure teel North Berwick means that Freya has up to date first aid training, however she is keen to emphasise the importance of everyone having first aid skills; not just people who work in the emergency services.

Which is the recovery position? The staff are all young, fit and healthy. The hours of work are 9 to 5.

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It was an amazing moment for Freya as so often in her job as a police officer she never gets to find out affordable homework help happens once she has left an incident. The priority is to manage the airway rather than worry about the diabetes mellitus, however you should pass any information you have onto the ambulance crew.

You notice that a person has experienced a significant amount of blood loss, has pale skin color, and is becoming confused. You are unable to deliver the first breath.

Suggested numbers of first-aid personel to be available at all times people are at work

David then applied pressure to the wound and tried to keep the man conscious by talking to him and reassuring him that help was on the way. Having assessed the situation, she began CPR and continued until the paramedics arrived. Freya was running in Edinburgh as she was training for the London marathon, when she saw a young man lying on the pavement, surrounded by people.

Some of the children hr business plan sample.doc from asthma and staff regularly takes groups of children away on field trips. When performing CPR you check for breathing. Our editorial ole miss essay application as a combined experience of nearly 30 years of working as first aid trainers and instructors.

The company provided a first aid kit in each company van and all the staff had access to a mobile phone which ensured that they would be able to call emergency services wherever they were working.

Case studies

Considering the ease at which the stomach content may come out from the mouth, on which side should the victim be positioned? Shaun had gone into cardiac arrest and when the paramedics arrived, they had to use a defibrillator to save his life.

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The first image shows a female lying on her left side, while the short British Red Cross video shows a man lying on the right side. The priority is to get them on their side with their head tilted back to protect the airway. There is always a risk of causing further injury, however this is far outweighed by the benefit of keeping them breathing!

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He appears to be gagging but is not able to cry or take essay on modern gadgets make us lazy breath. After cooling a burn the next step is to prevent infection by covering the burn with a non-fluffy dressing. David volunteered to take part in BandAge15 as he wants to become a sports coach and thought having a first aid qualification would be useful to have.