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From picking up wastes on the floor to cleaning yourself to proper cleaning methods should be trained for their own well-being. It is not the goal, but it plays a vital role in achieving our goals. Secondly, the management of the company can make intelligent decisions about major purchases that can have an effect on both the environment and on the operating costs of the company. And an unclean state of body and mindset can easily distract you from your desired goal.


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Maintaining your barracks room is a very easy task to do. It also includes proper disposal of solid and liquid waste into the municipal dustbin and drainage system.

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Planting the importance of cleanliness among society is essential to motivate the individuals keeping their surrounding clean. We should do our best to fully understand all the different facets of cleanliness so that we can fully benefit from cleanliness.

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Systematic collection and segregation of waste depending on the scope of recyclability should strictly implement to maintain sustainable cleanliness. I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. We need to be eco-friendly by using bags that can be recycled like paper or jute bags instead of plastic bags.

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We, ourselves encourages and strikes the places with mesmerizing beauties. Expository Writing How To Keep Our Environment Clean The environment is important to all against legalizing drugs essay on earth, not just wildlife, we humans depend on it for our very survival as well.

It is therefore important to practice cleanliness at all times. Spiritual cleanliness is mostly focused on purity of self before God and humanity in all religions although the methods of purification are different for each religion. It helps to fight from many dangerous diseases.

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This will not be an easy process. Cleanliness in attitude and thoughts play an important element to become a successful person in life.

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Society relies on nature to provide us with the resources for our survival: It involves cleaning and maintaining the body parts and look good. Hindus also perform cleanliness through visiting the seven rivers to bathe and purify their minds.

The society s place double standard on cleanliness such that, whatever is clean is admired and fought for. With proper education about the importance of cleanliness, the characteristics should be developed in the kids so that they will continue this habit throughout their life.

How To Make Our Surroundings Clean And Green, Essay Sample A clean environment gives a cheerful mind to improve and progress.

Being careful and regular on a daily basis is the success mantra for cleanliness. It does not take much to put your dirty clothes in a hamper or to make your bed or even dust. Against legalizing drugs essay in communities, it is important to keep public places like roads, beaches, parks etc.

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Dissertation as reference cleanliness is basically focused on the removal of moral contamination and being pure in the faith and beliefs of the religion.

Another challenge is the availability of labor. How to maintain it? For example, in the workplace, daily cleaning will ensure that there are no water spills on the floor that could cause a fall.

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It further involves keeping our mind from filthiness. To see the much-awaited change, we need to take strict actions and act with sincerity. At this against legalizing drugs essay I will project a small list I compiled of what oil is used… We Need A Clean Work Space And A Healthy Environment Words 6 Pages There are many scientists who argue that if you have a clean work space and a healthy environment you will be really productive.


If each citizen becomes responsible and could show the same care that is taken for home and workplace, then the city and the entire country would have a clean environment to live, work and play.