Modern architectures for intelligent systems: reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods.

Task ontology for reuse of problem solving knowledge. Riichiro Mizoguchi - Google Scholar Citations

Both approaches, as pursued in recent years, suffer from problems. The paper is organized as follows. Fensel and R. On the one hand, given a task specification, unless we assume additional knowledge related to the state space, the only course of action left to a problem solver is to search - this property has been called the existential predicament of intelligent systems Newell,


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The problem with these descriptions is that they are defined in terms of conceptual operations, which differ from PSM to PSM and from task to task. Bylander, and B.

In particular our approach relies after school program homework help the following three key ideas: Task Ontologies for reuse of Problem Solving Knowledge. Here we use ontologies to conceptualize the abstract universe of discourse associated with a problem type.

However not all problem solvers would require all four classes of knowledge. Then we instantiate a search model of problem solving in terms of the concepts in the task ontology, to derive a task-specific, but method-independent, problem solving model.

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Thus, the notion of design space makes it possible to move from a task-oriented perspective to a problem solving-oriented one. Download preview PDF. Moreover, they introduce additional ontological commitments on top of those associated with a task specification - e.

For instance the method-specific concept of parameter can be mapped to the domain-specific concept of employee when applying a parametric design problem solver to an office allocation problem Motta, a.

Riichiro Mizoguchi - Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar [Marcus et al. Marcus, Application letter yang singkat. For example, in an office allocation problem the knowledge about office preferences and allocation requirements is important. In accordance with the discussion in the previous section our approach to developing a task-specific library of reusable problem solving components consists of the following three steps: Therefore, it needs to be acquired on an application-specific basis.

Informal specification of Generic Design Control The important feature of the control regime shown in figure 3 is that it is completely method-generic, i. The resulting library of reusable components enjoys a clear theoretical basis and provides robust support for reuse. Schreiber, and B. Motta and Z.

2.2 Task ontology + search = generic problem solving model for a generic task

Consequently, these concepts need more attention by our scientific community. The overall modelling framework is shown in figure 2.

Because of space limitations we will not enter into library research paper introduction sample details of parametric design applications - the interested reader is referred to Motta and Zdrahal, ; Motta, a. Finally, in sections 7 and writing a cover letter for adjunct professor we compare our work with alternative approaches to developing and organizing PSM libraries and we highlight some issues for future research.

On the one hand, given a task specification, unless we assume additional knowledge related to the state space, the only course of action left to a problem solver is to application letter yang singkat - this property has been called the existential how many books to mention in personal statement of intelligent systems Newell, In particular we make use of the search paradigm - see figure 1.

Lenat and E. Thus, by applying search as a general problem solving paradigm task ontology for reuse of problem solving knowledge the state space generated by a task ontology we can produce a task-specific, method-independent generic problem solving model and a highly generic method ontology.

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The method ontology obtained by instantiating the search paradigm in terms of a task ontology can be regarded as the most generic ontology associated with a problem solver which subscribes to the state space view.