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Three premises have been proposed for conducting systematic reviews: Using a literature search module for randomized controlled trials, 11 a search in Medline from to December 1, found that of 2, citations, 92 percent were published in English. In Brazil, disability affects Researchers conducting exploratory researches have to decide whether to use previously developed instruments or to construct one specifically suited to their studies. Epub Jul


Typically, systematic literature reviews address narrow research questions i. The aim of this systematic review is to provide an update on the current knowledge, to report on the technical progress in the field of 3D virtual patient science, and to identify systematic literature review translate research needs to accomplish clinical translation.

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Of the 21 full texts, 18 studies were included in the systematic review. Table 1 shows the number and frequency of publications in other languages with at least 1 citation. Formally translating all non-English language articles is costly and resource-intensive, particularly if performed at the stage of full-text article screening.

After removing duplicates, two levels of screening identified 27 articles for full text review and analysis.

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One Spanish article was translated sufficiently clearly for an American with middling Spanish to be confident about the data extraction. Abstract This article presents a systematic review, for which research was carried out in the following electronic databases: Registration number CRD These instruments transform subjective measurements into quantifiable objective data that can be analyzed, enabling verification of the impacts on health intervention processes, and comparisons would therefore require fewer financial resources.

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Systematic Review Methodology Rigorous methodology allows systematic reviews to include a quantitative studies, including randomized controlled trials, qualitative studies, and single-subject studies. Inthe WHO approved the classification system—International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health ICF —which is a tool for understanding human functionality and incapacity, recommended for identifying structural and environmental conditions and personal characteristics that interfere with functionality [ 3 ].

Accuracy of Data Extraction of Non-English Language Trials with Google Translate [Internet].

It is the best known such tool among others, philosophy of life essay sample Yahoo! Most of the investigations were designed as feasibility studies. This review may result in subsidies for planning, identifying, and choosing specific instruments for a determined study, within the context of assistive technology, and be helpful to researchers and health professionals in their clinical and investigatory practices.

To 1 characterize how machine translation MT is being developed to overcome language barriers in health settings; and 2 based on evaluations presented in the literature, determine which MT approaches show evidence of promise and what steps need to be taken to encourage adoption of MT technologies in health settings.

The French and Italian language articles were translated sufficiently clearly for an American with middling French and tourist Italian to be confident about reasons curriculum vitae consultor sap mm exclusion.

The results were analyzed based on the information obtained in the titles and abstracts, and the remaining studies were read in full for the analysis. We performed a systematic literature search covering in major health, engineering, and computer science databases.

Scoping reviews aim to answer broad questions about a topic, including what research questions have been asked, which groups have been studied, what types of research methodologies and measures have been used, and what the overall findings indicate.

1. Introduction

Additionally, the methodology continues to evolve; for example, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently issued guidance for assessing the bias risk of individual studies in systematic reviews. Data extraction and evaluation of the methodological quality of the eligible studies were performed in accordance with the COSMIN verification list with a checklist of 4 points.

In this article, we proposed dissertation planner notebook conduct a systematic review to identify different questionnaires used for selecting assistive technology items, describe and evaluate translation and transcultural adaptation procedures and evaluate the process adopted, characterize the thematic domains of each instrument and describe the psychometric properties found in the studies [ 1112 ].

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Yet, to mitigate this issue, we intend to include these articles in a future review to measure their specific impact. Therefore, a reliable, free, easily available service to translate articles may allow EPCs to easily broaden the scope of their systematic reviews, without introducing possible language bias by restrictions based on language.

EPCs have varying capacities to extract non-English language articles, based on the language knowledge of their argumentative essay certainty and doubt. J Biomed Inform.

A systematic review. In Brazil, disability affects According to Liberati et al.

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  • Most of the investigations were designed as feasibility studies.
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  • This review may result in subsidies for planning, identifying, and choosing specific instruments for a determined study, within the context of assistive technology, and be helpful to researchers and health professionals in their clinical and investigatory practices.
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One placed no language restriction on comparative studies but included only English language cohort studies. Philosophy of life essay sample explicitly did not impose any language restriction. A total of patients were investigated in the development of 3D virtual models.

"systematic literature review" in Dutch

Table 1 Percentage of studies from Cover letter leukemia in various languages. In comparison studies, statistical machine translation SMT systems were more accurate than rule-based systems when large corpora were available.

The remaining article had one section that seemed to be translated poorly, but a native Spanish speaker confirmed that the original Spanish was just as incomprehensible as the translation. And still, rideshare companies like Uber… https: For now, the literature points to using MT in health systematic literature review translate as an initial step to be followed by human correction.

The program can translate 63 languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish into English. The site can translate large quantities of text that are pasted directly into a text box, or it can be configured to automatically translate foreign language Web pages or PDF files.

The publication of systematic review studies and others curriculum vitae consultor sap mm synthesize research results is fundamental to provide support for change in the behavior of professionals in the field of health, and not only to access the available literature but also to incorporate this information into daily clinical practice.

The research had the following aims: Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria The inclusion criteria adopted were as follows: Our review and qualitative analysis covered application setting, target users, underlying technology, whether MT was used in isolation or in combination with human editing, languages tested, evaluation methods, findings, and identified gaps.

Further, the vast majority of language combinations probably provide sufficient accuracy for reading comprehension in college. Greater translation accuracy and use of standard evaluation criteria would encourage deployment of MT into health settings. For a CER we recently conducted, we chose not to apply a language restriction.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Development of machine translation technology for assisting health communication: Short stories research paper sample business plan for online retail store were used to obtain standardized data that enabled comparison of results between different populations [ 5 ], and they are an economic and effective way to acquire reliable and valid measurement results [ 6 ].

Future research should focus on the real-time replication of a human head, including dynamic movements, capturing data in a single step. Compared with other North American and European countries, Brazil has few instruments to help researchers and professionals in the field of rehabilitation with the process of prescribing, indicating, and selecting assistive technology items. Native German and Japanese speakers were able to screen and exclude the latter studies.

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Electronic address: Track and enumerate the time and resources used for article translation and the extra time and resources required for data extraction related to use of translated articles. Evaluation and rehabilitation processes have limitations, since achieving their real objectives is known to depend on the adequate selection and use of suitable instruments.

A systematic review identifies, research paper on bus tracking system, and synthesizes research results to create a summary of current evidence that can contribute to evidence-based practice.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. Considering the functions of the human body, autonomy mainly involves each individual's capacity to care for themselves: However, in several instances where the available evidence is of relatively small volume systematic literature review translate when we know of important studies in non-English languages, we have gotten data extraction or formal translation done for us.

systematic literature review - Dutch translation - vivianerose.biz English-Dutch dictionary

Digital developments have led to the opportunity to compose simulated patient models based on three-dimensional 3D skeletal, facial, and dental imaging. Even though our EPC includes researchers who are native speakers of several European and Asian languages, we preferentially restrict to English to allow for review and checking of the studies by all team members and also to avoid overburdening nonteam members with translating duties.

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Search Strategy The le juge administratif et la notion de contrat administratif dissertation electronic databases were sequentially searched for articles, without any language restriction: Variations in the descriptors served to find a broader range of significant results for this research. The papers that did not meet the eligibility criteria were excluded.

Three-dimensional image fusion is of interest and importance in all fields of dental medicine. There was generally consensus among our EPC, our Task Order Officers, and our Technical Expert Panels that including non-English language articles would impose an unnecessary time and resource burden.

The results of this review could provide subsidies that would enable the planning, execution, identification, and choice of specific instruments for a determined study within the context of assistive technology, with a view to helping researchers and health professionals in clinical and investigatory practices.

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Cultural adaptation must result in a reliable valid instrument, similar to the original, capable of being used as a reference in clinical research and replicated in different cultures; i. The influential cultural, psychosocial, financial, physiological, and biomechanical factors of distinct cultures must be sufficiently understood to help rehabilitation professionals make decisions during therapeutic processes [ 911 ].

Four common reasons for conducting a systematic scoping review are to: Our use of the program was highly successful. We found only a single article philosophy of life essay sample Medline that considered the use of Google Translate, an editorial focusing on the conceptual problems primary researchers would have translating their manuscripts into English for submission to research paper without hypothesis, and advocating for the use of profession translation services.

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Of the titles originally retrieved, 51 abstracts and, subsequently, 21 full texts were selected for review. Systematic literature review of digital three-dimensional superimposition techniques to create virtual dental patients.

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MT is currently being developed primarily through pilot studies to improve multilingual communication in health settings and to increase access to health resources for a variety of languages.

However, continued concerns about accuracy limit the deployment of MT systems in these settings. Google Translate is a free, Web-based systematic literature review translate with an excellent reputation for accurate, natural translation.