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Youth engagement literature review. A Review of the Literature on Young People’s Motivation and Gallery Engagement | Tate

This is not the case in all museums. To download a copy of this report, please click here. Broadly speaking, the theory described in the following studies can be categorised into a variety of understandings of motivation: Russo et al also mention ArtMobs an independent media group that supports young people creating their own podcasts of visits to MOMA. The limited existing research suggests this work is still required. Spaces for young people. Finally, though the literature reviewed focuses on young people, definitions vary. Ongoing commitment and lasting motivation may be influenced by skill in the context of music learning but also student-teacher relationships.


In addition, inequalities persist with attendance still dominated by the middle classes and elite.

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A holistic youth engagement literature review is recommended youth engagement literature review understanding cultural demand. Technology develops quickly but the capacity of museums schools and other organisations to respond to new learning environments is restricted.

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Seven artist-led projects were studied over a period of several months. This survey of US university students identifies 22 push factors, 10 pull factors and 12 satisfaction factors displayed below.

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This literature review focused on evaluations of community-based programs that promoted positive mental health among youth in transition into and out of adolescence. Text messaging, email and social networking were preferred to blogging.

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Negative factors are linked to environmental factors parental pressure but also anxiety and the work involved in practising playing an instrument. Similar to Alex Gofman et al, engagement varies by mind-set or intention.

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Attendance figures only show levels of participation but not the reasons underlying attendance. For example, Vasiliki Tzibakifollowing the New Labour agenda on social inclusion, researches young people aged Differences between learning in a formal school environment and gallery contexts were noted around structure, learner-adult interactions and atmosphere.

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Instead, volunteering is positioned in relation to building confidence and the development of self. Youth engagement literature review research reviewed brings together leisure studies, museum management, educational research, tourism, marketing and hospitality.

Three mind-sets habitual patrons, fun and social activities, interaction were also identified in this study, which may influence decisions to attend a museum.

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However, while small hotel business plan ppt may be described as altruistic or individualistic Holdsworth suggests that individual motives can be complex, involving a range of motivations that can also change over time. Promoting positive mental health among youth in transition McCreary produced a literature review of programs designed to promote youth mental health for Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House in Vancouver.

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Broadly speaking, the theory described in the following studies can be categorised into a variety of understandings of motivation: The limited existing research suggests this work is still required. Research Increasing the engagement of youth with concurrent disorders and their families This literature review aims to identify promising practices for engaging youth experiencing concurrent disorders and their families in treatment programs, as well as in broader service development and delivery.

Pringle calls for further research exploring how the framework key themes are used in practice.

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Fiona Price and Karima Kadi-Hanifi consider the ways that motivation can be sustained in the long term. Respondents then consider their preferences for these different concepts. Aspects of the experience that are considered important include opportunities for self expression, social interaction and stress reduction, and as a result might be thought of in curriculum vitae transferable skills to general well-being.

The intention of PAR, which is strongly connected to social justice movements, is the development of critical consciousness and agency.

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