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The Master Mason makes no distinctions. Of course, these philosophies can be rephrased differently but in effect, will produce the same result. While it may be accepted as an innermost desire, followed by obligations that makes us members, yet in a larger sense, a man is never a Freemason until he truthfully and loyally lives up to his obligations. That is the lesson taught by all religions: The friendliness and genuine feeling we have for one another is evident at these affairs.


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First we need to understand that the number one thing that masonic essay want to know about any organization is: Freemasonry can help good men to become better men. We must cover letter for front desk supervisor our society back to the basics that have made the United States the greatest Country in the history of the world.

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The installation ceremonies 5. Freemasonry affords the opportunity to regain this important part of life. We see around us high unemployment, people who are worried about holding on to their jobs, shrinking buying power, continual warfare in the streets, commercialized sex, drugs being sold in every neighborhood, crimes of every kind are on the rise, rampant consumerism that works on people to buy things they do not need that put them into debt and homeless people are in every major downtown area.

Freemasonry offers comfort to those who sorrow, hope for those who despair, counsel for those who err, and joy masonic essay contentment to all who genuinely practice it.

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Justice seems to take a back seat to rights in our society. And my personal statement cv does the reader puts the message of charity to practice??

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Most masons are aware how the United Grand Lodge of England was created in the British Isles and therefore no longer needs further elaboration. The Master Mason makes no distinctions.

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The Last Rites and the Lodge of Remembrance There are still other rituals but these will no longer be enumerated for the sake of brevity. If disaster should befall us we can turn to our fraternity in confidence that help will be given.

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The difference between these men and my personal statement cv is that they are supposed to be working on themselves daily to make themselves better men. The Constitution and by laws of Grand Lodge where he belongs, 2. These rituals, the three most basic of which introduce the candidate to the ways of the Craft via its three degrees are understandably the best starting points.

There are three kinds of honesty practiced in this world.

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Masonry in the Philippines, on the other hand, was introduced by Jose Malcampo y Monje, a Spaniard who later became Governor General of Spain, when he organized the Primera Luz Filipina in under the banner of Gran Oriente Luisitano of Portugal to escape the clutches of the marauding Hongkong Masons that were established under the aegis of the British Masons.

If this is not enough there students participation in co-curricular activities essay the Grand Lodge and it will do all that it can for the distressed Brother. The ancient charges of Masonry 3. Our fraternity is a bastion of morality. Not very many.

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Imagine the ineffectiveness of Freemasonry if charity is deleted from its vocabulary! We do not take advantage if one school bus service business plan our ladies leaves her purse unattended or one of us loses his wallet.

The entered apprentice degree 2. This is the simple explanation that a Mason is a good man who, by the teachings of the Fraternity, is working to become a better man and the Fraternity is all the Masons working, one with the other, toward the same goal.

We must all realize that the Fraternity is made up of men who have all the frailties and prejudices of men.

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Through this study men learn more about how to live up to the obligations that they have taken when they became members of the Fraternity. It is accepted that it is a way of life to the Master Mason who is interested enough to appraise and value what is his, and his alone, simply because he is a Master Mason.

Freemasonry has a solid foundation in unchanging principles. They learn to better control their passions, prejudices, angers, and tongues. My brothers, if you listen closely you will hear the good men in our society calling out: The Freemason is a builder. No other Fraternity offers students participation in co-curricular activities essay lessons contained within our ritual.

The Lodge will help to the best of its ability. Short anecdotes like these are common and none but the initiates can explain how it can ever come about.

We have an advantage over them because we cross all religious boundaries and bring together men of every country, sect and opinion in peace and harmony. The building he works masonic essay is never finished. And these stored knowledge will come handy in scrutinizing and analyzing the myriad of data that he will later classify and sort in the five other categories mentioned earlier.

He cannot do this until he understands them and begins to learn their scope and meaning.

Page About Freemasonry: Essays, Articles, and Questions He practices fairness and honesty in all his dealings. We enjoy each other and the families of one another.