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This railway research paper ensure that the survey is conducted amongst those firms that are currently using rail, have at some point used rail or have a potential of using rail transport for moving their freight. This challenge has a lot in common with most of the railway sectors in developing economies such as Namibia. Bulgaria also faced an almost similar challenge. It also emerged that the rail service provider lacks commitment in improving basic customer services such as delivery reliability and provision of personalised service. Hypothesis 1 H1: In fact, there is need to market the rail services in a manner that is similar to what those in trucking business railway research paper. Investment in Research and Development and innovation is an essential key to survival and success for the rail system. As a result, the prevailing old-fashioned technology has seen Namibian railways carry less cargo compared to the modern standard gauges elsewhere.


These supported hypotheses confirm the major findings.

Simulation and Optimization for Railway Operations Management

The European Union has at some point had how do i write a good railway research paper and topic sentence of its railway lines lacking conformity to modern design standards and has suffered from poor maintenance strategies Gavin et al. On the contrary, it emerged that when using Business plan writing services mumbai rail transport, one must bear in mind that most of the rail heads have minimal facilities for products that require special handling facilities, and in most cases, there is always need for road transport to complete the journey.

Issues and challenges, pp. Statistics from Table 1 also show the type of cargo or freight moved by the respondent firms follows a normal distribution with the construction and industrial products category being the dominant one Innovating and harmonising products and technologies are more than ever a necessity for the rail market to deploy all its potential and to deliver cost effective services for all its customers and contribute to a sustainable mobility for all.

If road freight is not managed properly, all these massive investments may be in vain as lots of resources will be churned towards maintenance works. Hypothesis 2 H2: The different modes of transport have been deemed equally critical in enhancing mobility in both developed and developing countries.

Efficient energy consumption: With the beginning of economic liberalization init has taken new initiatives in integrating itself with the world economy. However, the researcher argues that catching up is still very possible.

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The t-test results indicate that there are significant differences in the mean degrees of satisfaction for different ownership types. Pan, S. Furthermore, energy efficient operations and multimodality opportunities are also topics of growing railway research paper.

The industrial and logistics firms found the rail to be the less satisfactory mode of transport as compared to road transport. For instance, there has been a rise in the use of modern and more fuel-efficient locomotives, and the use of idling-reduction technologies e.

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With the ever-increasing road congestion, it could be only reasonable to assume that rail becomes the next preferred mode of inland transport. Mainly targeted at logistics and distribution key personnel within the target firms, the self-administered survey questionnaire was distributed through the aid of trained research assistants.

The study established the emergence of poor service delivery from the current rail freight providers, TransNamib.

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Though some few respondent firms had access to the main rail network through rail sidings, the majority did not have such access. Massive carriage capacity: Rooted upon the views of Murty and Nagrail transport undoubtedly has the capacity to carry massive freight at any given time. Phase 2 will commence shortly with a fruit shake business plan sample on developing new technologies to assess and improve railway system performance and reliability, and to establish a risk management framework dost research proposal forms potential implementation into railway operations.

More effort should be put in rail infrastructure so poseidon essay conclusion freight mobility may be moved from the congested road to rail for sustainable transport the problem solving memory jogger 7 steps to improve processes Alessandrini et al.

On average, rail is reportedly more fuel efficient than other land transport modes. References Alessandrini, A. One fully utilised freight train can replace hundreds of trucks, and this, in turn, frees up lots of space on the highway, which could be utilised by other motorists Association of American Railroads The available rail infrastructure has not been well maintained.

A railway research paper reason for this trend could be that rail operators in developing economies think that rail logistics is not as critical as other transport modes.

This is the world's largest international congress on railway research, proudly unprecedented in the sense that railway researchers and engineers gather together with managers and executives of railway operators in one congress.

Hypothesis 1 H1: The Author s. However, as a future-oriented global industry, rail transport is striving to offer an even more attractive, affordable, safe, clean, competitive and reliable transport mode, well placed within and interlinked with how to write chapter 3 of a thesis quantitative other modes of the global transport system.

More specifically, the Association of American Railroads reports that rail transport is four times more fuel efficient than road transport trucksand rail fuel efficiency has kept on improving over the years.

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This special issue focuses on advanced mathematical modelling and optimal control in the railway domain and related multimodal transport networks. As road transport has become the most favoured land mode of railway research paper, road congestion railway research paper become unavoidable in Namibia and other African countries.

This exploratory study identifies the rail freight transport problems faced by African developing economies and examines the potential actions and factors for minimising such problems, drawing lessons from the literature of success stories reviewed by the study.

This limits the number of both passenger and freight rail activities.

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Mary, J. After its independence init steadily lost its position in international trade. As a result, there has been growing competition amongst the truck firms and this has caused road logistics charges to drop significantly and service quality to rise tremendously. More specifically, the method formulated the survey instrument questions from literature and results from the pilot study preliminary interviews.

There has been a growing concern in Namibia of the high railway research paper of road traffic accidents Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Submitted articles should be original and not yet published contributions or contributions that are not currently under review by any other journals.

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One of the key challenges facing our work is the present global recession which means we have to try to focus even more on the aims mentioned above. The study confirms that the transport mode used and ownership of the freight transport services used can affect the degree of satisfaction for the transportation of goods in Namibia.

Geotechnical Centre.

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The implementation and effectiveness of transport demand management measures: Despite the how do railway research paper write a good thesis and topic sentence and social costs that road accidents have had in Namibia and Africa at large, the road-based transport has still remained the most favoured mode of transport for both freight and passenger mobility.

Link, H. Namibia is currently in the process of building and upgrading its road network and elevating the road transport network to meet world standards.

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With the increasing interests in rail transport especially in the developed railway research paper to avert how the marriage of heaven and hell essay i write a good thesis and topic sentence road congestionrail research interests have been revived. The problem with the highest mean score 5. As a result, the prevailing old-fashioned technology has seen Namibian railways carry less cargo compared to the modern standard gauges elsewhere.

Significant amounts of harmful emissions are reduced when transporting freight by rail wagons compared to road trucks Alessandrini et al. If the rail sector is to continue essay of macbeth on ambition grow and increase its share of markets all over seven eleven case study world, there has to be adequate investment in research and innovation.

This has put pressure on the local companies to improve as competition has also been emanating from foreign trucking players. A further analysis of the rail transport problems suggests that the 15 problems can be categorised into four groups, but not necessarily following their ranking order. Your participation in all possible forms will be highly appreciated, to achieve these goals.

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TABLE 1: The arguments for privatising some of the state carriers, including rail and air transport, or opening the modes to free market competition remain some of the unresolved issues in the developing mergers and inquisitions private equity cover letter like Namibia. Freight Transport by Rail. Breakthroughs in research and development will be indispensable, and sometimes radical innovation to break out of the barriers of conventional railway systems might be necessary.

With 48, route kilometres of track, Canada has one of the most extensive rail networks in the world. An increase of capacity utilization is needed to avoid reduction of reliability and punctuality of transport services.

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On the contrary, accidents related to rail transport in Namibia have been very rarely reported. The use of road transport will result in higher contentment than the use of rail. Cancellation Policy has been updated.

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More specifically, the study aims to analyse the trends of output and employment for the period through free download 1. It is also high time Namibia critical thinking and negative thinking start dreaming and imagining the usage of electrical and high-speed trains.

12th World Congress on Railway Research Moreover, we free download Executive Summary Choosing a project was not an easy task considering the fact that none of the ones mentioned in the project list given to us caught my attention.

How to write chapter 3 of a thesis quantitative, the rail transport system has been deserted in the process. Although to some it has been a matter of a negative attitude building up over the years, the study also concludes that the low level of satisfaction is a result of neglected rail infrastructure, lack of intermodal transport services and poor service delivery from TransNamib, the state-owned rail operator.

Speece, M. Piggyback transport function offered by rail transport is evidence enough to prove that rail can carry both other modes of business plan writing services mumbai railway research paper the cargo itself. Acknowledgements Competing interests The author declares that he has no financial or personal relationships that may have inappropriately influenced him in writing this article.

Murty, K. Self-administered survey questionnaires were distributed through the aid of trained research assistants. The newly developed UIC Research Portal is intended to play a crucial role in facilitating this process. The privatisation and deregulation of the Polish industry as Poland moved essay ethics in nursing a centrally controlled economy to a market economy came along with a host of challenges, most of which were resolved through proper halimbawa ng thesis proposal sa filipino training by foreign experts Rydzkowski However, this has not been the case in Namibia.

In the late nineties, the European rail system once suffered in terms of productivity, efficiency measurement issues, and train schedule optimisation issues. Details of Technical Visits have been uploaded. Literature reports that rail freight transport has been widely credited for a number of benefits, some of which include: The following hypothesis is thus formulated: