572 Words Essay on My Favourite Book or the Book I like Most

Short essay the book i like most, essay: the book i like most

They are a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. Each story gives us a moral teaching at its end. Travel Books Travel books include the experience of different travellers. The description is lively. There are others which leave a deeper impression on the mind. Hence it is a religious book which helps us to make us good and pious.


This is done by indicating the length of time that you have worked in a particular role or position.

Reading these is one of the best ways to enhance our knowledge. What kind of book is it? The book deals with the birth and development of the animal world. It is my friend, philosopher and guide.

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The author has given very good pieces of advice too, here and there in this book. True killer was God. Rama rose flower research paper the son of King Dashrath of Ayodhya. Key features of literature review language of the book is avadhi.

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They are a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. Books do not only help kill boredom and avoid feeling of loneliness but also render knowledge. The book I like most I am fond of reading books. So, this book appeals me very short essay the book i like most. Books have so much to give us and do not ask anything in return.

All in all, books bring out the best in us just like a friend who cares for us and wants to see us do well in life with all his heart. It brings to the mind how the behaviour of acquaintances, friends, Nations and co-workers of a man undergoes a sea change with the drifting of a phase in life.

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  2. Panchtantra is a book originally written in Sanskrit by a pundit named Vishnu Sharma.

They are representative of good qualities like goodness faithfulness, helpfulness, truthfulness friendship and many others. There is a lion named Pingalaka; there are two bulls named Karataka Sanjivaka; there is a fox named Damanaka.

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My Favorite Book I have a big collection of books because I am fond of reading. It presents every situation of life. Books never desert ending sentence cover letter, when we fall prey to evil days, and they never flatter us, when fortune smiles on us. Helps Explore Interest Numerous books on varied subjects are available in the market and in libraries around the world.

Essay on the Book that you like Best

It makes a very good reading. These books can help frequent travellers take a cue about what all to look forward to when they visit a particular place. Besides, a person who is well-read is good at writing as well. We can count on them all the time just like we can rely on our best friend.

Words Essay on My Favourite Book or the Book I like Most

This gives a deeper understanding about life. The Book I enjoyed the most Introduction Reading your favorite book promotes a relaxation method to overcome stress and anxiety. Because it is a very good book, I think this book will certainly appeal to any reader.

This is the reason why the movie version restricted the audiences by preventing children aged 13 and below not to watch it because it stimulates violence against other individuals. In social sphere we learn the importance of self-sacrifice. These books are a great ending sentence cover letter persuasive essay about teenage life entertainment.

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There are other animals who represent bad qualities like cunningness, enmity, jealousy, untruthfulness cheating and other. Short essay the book i like most books can thus provide abundance of knowledge to a person and enlighten him. It throws a flood of light on his personality and thought. Each story gives us a moral teaching at its end.

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It is very helpful in practical life. Why I enjoyed reading it? You can select any book essay as per your requirement: Discovering your real friends is important because you will know who will you trust and cooperate.

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I have found in it, religious, political and social wisdom. What is it about? It teaches us to be brave and cheerful in all circumstances. We have to live this life temporarily and prepare for essay my life partner larger life beyond this world.

The deeper you dig into the books, the more treasure you are likely to find — a treasure that will remain with you forever.

Essay: The book I like most

It teaches us the secrets of ideal life and duty. In key features of literature review language is it? Besides, the book reflects the height of progress which India reached in ancient time. But my reasons for liking it are quite different.

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This goes a long way in choosing their career path. It is said that a person who develops the habit of reading books can never feel lonely or bored. It was a Dharam Yudh, which LordRama won. Every Indian likes to hear the famous story of Ramcharitra Manas.

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When I am out of tune with myself, I take recourse to reading books by great writers and masterminds. Essay on Books are Our Best Friends — Essay 4 words Introduction A best friend is someone who brings out the best in us and is always there by our side.

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Besides, the people whom he was to kill were already killed by God. He was not the killer. It makes us confident, improves our vocabulary, short essay the book i like most our reading and writing skills, gives us a new perspective about life, enhances knowledge, makes us wiser and has a positive impact on our overall personality.

Indeed, it is a true treasure-house ma creative writing in uk rare wisdom. One can pick the subject that interests him and expands his knowledge in the same besides enjoying the various other benefits it offers.

The reason behind is that trust is very valuable to every relationship that you establish with other individual or group.

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Hence it is a religious book which helps us to make us good an pious. I have read many books.

The habit of reading a book is one of the best habits a person can inculcate. In order to do well in life and become a better person, we need to enhance our knowledge that in turn helps us become wiser. He never tried to conceal anything about his life.

572 Words Essay on My Favourite Book or the Book I like Most

He fought against injustice and inequality with the weapons of truth and non-violence. Essay No. This can play an important and positive role in determining our career choice. Reading takes us into a fantasy world and helps in boosting up our creativity.

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It is more philosophic than any other book on philosophy. Those interested in learning about the same can read these books.

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  • This book is divided into various parts.

His wife Sita, and brother Lakshman went with him. It makes everyone believe that the virtuous graduation speech husband died always protected by the Lord. Hence, it has influenced me most.

This is my favourite book. It is very easy to read books but it is difficult to select a book for reading purpose. The book is full of short essay the book i like most. The book I enjoyed the most is recommended to other readers because they can learn more about balancing their friendships with other individuals.

The Book I enjoyed the most

On the insistence of various gods and goddesses. He came on the earth in the form of a human being to relieve the pain and suffering of the virtuous. Hemingway is nowhere bombastic or Johnsonian in the novel On the contrary, his style is greatly forceful with simple and easy-to-understand sentences, having few confusing adverbs or adjectives.