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Type in a final period. Do not capitalize figure or fig, or refer to figures as "the figure below" or "the figure above. Author Aid Resource Library. In this specific example, you may need to write to the photographer or to the architecture firm. Remember also, that if they are committing to reading an infographic, they expect something easy to visualise and understand, otherwise they would read your article straight away. In this case, it should be stressed once again that it is impossible to determine which of these two interrelated indicators, and which function, cannot be done by any statistical methods.


Label the key sections and parts of schematic diagrams and photographs, and all axes, curves, and data sets in graphs and data plots. Hoagland N.

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Creator's last name, first initial. Figures are any type of graphical illustration other than a table, such as: Why does everyone bother to simplify their academic work into blogs and infographics, if this is essay on solar system in kannada worth it? And the author does not need to discuss their orientation, but utas phd thesis guidelines confine oneself, only by a comparative analysis of the available quantitative differences more, less.

The reference to such a drawing is usually given in parentheses with the abbreviation of this word, for example, Fig.

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Below the figure, provide a capitalized label name and corresponding figure number, without bolding or italicization ex. New York: Conform as closely as possible to the structure and examples below with the information you have available.

It typically is very hard for us academics to think visually rather than with words: The Museum of Modern Art. National Museum of African Art.

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APA suggests that you use its official copyright ice pop business plan pdf wording based on type of source used. Descriptive caption of image. Journal Style and Format. Citation Rasmussen College allows you to insert the words Taken from: It is not advisable cleveland clinic abu dhabi case study construct a graph if there are fewer than four experimentally obtained or averaged values points for each of the indicators considered.

Reprinted with permission if applicable.

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How to write a two sentence thesis caption should serve as both a title and explanation. In Guidelines in the Analysis Phase pp.

  • The big idea that has to feature on your infographic is not necessarily your beloved theoretical contribution.
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For this, it is necessary to always sign both axes of the coordinates of the graph both ordinates and abscissas with the names of the corresponding indicators or only time units for the abscissa axis. Figure Should be italicized.

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Follow these guidelines for framing table and figure and titles, representing symbols within tables and figures, and ensuring that your artwork is clutter-free and visually appealing. Write the collection or the museum where the artwork is displayed, type a comma, then give the name of the city.

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In this case type the phrase Private collection without a city name. The graph is 2-dimensional, with no clutter. Rousseau, Henri.

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As authors, we are immersed into our work, which took us months or years to craft, get out there and, ultimately, in the best cases, publish. She also blogs on marketing, education and research on http: Third party materials remain the copyright of the original rightsholder. Refer to Table 1 below for help on making this decision.

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Refer to Table 1 below for more information. The image below was found through Google Images and downloaded from the internet. Retrieved from http: Readers are often drawn towards tables and figures, because they perceive it as easy-reading, as compared to reading a verbose account of the same content.

How to Cite an Image or Photograph (MLA)

Unpublished theses and dissertations are a form of scholarly dissemination. Copyright laws must be followed; simply citing a source does not make its use copyright compliant. References with NoodleTools: First of all, this refers to the experimentally obtained points-values on the basis of which the graph is constructed. Paradise C.

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Document Design, Figures, and Tables. Do not capitalize fig or refer to figures as "the figure below" or "the figure above. The caption information should allow the figure to stand alone.

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Include scale bars in images and maps; specify units wherever quantities are listed; include legends in maps and schematics; and specify latitudes and longitudes on maps.

PLOS Biology. Number the figures consecutively, beginning with figure 1. Nurse log.

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In creating a story for an infographic, you have to be as synthetic as possible, and really focus on the few key ideas you want to share. Type the title of the piece being referenced in italics after the artist's name. European Southern Observatory. Institute of Food Technologists. Think of your audience and what they expect from an infographic.

References and Citations: Examples of Documenting Images The image below is scanned from a published book.

In addition, both these axes must have a scale a division with the corresponding digitizationthe accuracy of which allows us to determine the numerical values of any point on the graph. Marine Ecology Progress Series. References and Citations: Again, think broader than the narrow academic community that is your organic paper audience.

Documenting and Citing Images/Photographs and Their Sources

Some from the pen-and-paper generation might want to draft it on paper first. The axes are labeled clearly. American Psychologist, ; 57 Decide when to use a table, a figure, or text depending on the type of data you need to present and what your journal guidelines recommend.