Developing a Scoring Criteria (Rubrics)

Assessment rubric for critical thinking. Get a Free Critical Thinking Poster, Rubric, and Assessment Ideas

A variation of the reliability problem occurs when faculty rate the work of their own students, except here the strong tendency is to give higher ratings that people from other departments might assign. Identifies relevant arguments reasons and claims pro and con. Examines the evidence and source of evidence; questions its accuracy, precision, relevance, completeness. Objectively reflects upon the their own assertions. This demonstrates the importance of training raters with paradigmatic examples and practicing before doing the actual ratings. Addresses perspectives noted previously, and additional diverse perspectives drawn from outside information.


Does not present the problem as having connections example other contexts--cultural, political, etc.

6-12 Critical Thinking Rubric (CCSS Aligned)

Critical thinking occurs in the context of a course, so there is a a trend for developing context-specific thinking tests. Fails to identify strong, relevant counter-arguments. Does most or many of the following: Merely repeats information provided.

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  • Draw judicious conclusions, justify results, and explain reasoning Not only develops a logical, consistent plan to solve problem, but recognizes consequences of solution and can articulate reason for choosing solution.
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Identifies the main problem and subsidiary, embedded, or implicit aspects of the problem, and identifies them clearly, addressing their relationships to each other. Conclusion is logically tied to a range of information, including opposing viewpoints; related outcomes consequences and implications are identified clearly.

Instead of the holistic rubric's lumping of several different traits into one category, an analytical rubric separates them. Interpretation of information exactly as stated.

Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking

For all uses of rubrics for commercial purposes, each rubric must be maintained in its entirety and without changes. Information that may be interpreted in more than one way. In other words, as related to critical thinking, does the rubric measure critical thinking as that concept is most widely understood, or does the rubric only reinforce a local meaning that is too heavily weighted toward one discipline or another and which does not connect well with what the larger world means by critical thinking?

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Description reflecting achievement of mastery level of performance. Instead of looking only at the critical thinking, for example, raters may also mix in a little about their impressions about the writing style or the content knowledge they may be unable to give due critical thinking credit for things like irony or satire.

Misses the point; does not get claim, critical, and support. Confuses associations and cover letter for immigration form i-751 with cause and effect.

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Exhibits close-mindedness or hostility to reason. Rubrics are very imprecise measures. Includes recognizes the value of alternate, divergent, or contradictory perspectives or ideas in a small way. Information that is intended to be interpreted in a non-literal way.

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Regardless of the evidence or reasons maintains or defends views based on self-interest or preconceptions. Considers new directions or approaches without going beyond the guidelines of the assignment. Emerging Mastering Does not identify and summarize the problem, is confused or identifies a different and inappropriate problem.

Critical Thinking Rubric Example - Critical Thinking Rubric for General Education Assessment PDF

Literal meaning: Offers biased interpretations of evidence, statements, graphics, questions, information, or the points of view of others. Does not identify or is confused by the issue, or represents the issue inaccurately.

  • The quality of the rubric is also affected by the skill of the rater using the rubric.
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  • Thoughtfully analyzes and evaluates major alternative points of view.

Viewpoints of experts are taken as mostly fact, with little questioning. So neon genesis cruel angels thesis lyrics Jon Stewart editorial might get a low score on a critical thinking rubric because the raters did not dig deep enough to see the arguments that undergird his satire.

Having selected from among alternatives, develops a logical, consistent plan to solve the problem. Are those who will apply the rubric well trained in its use so that inter-rater reliability is assessment rubric for critical thinking Individuals are welcome to reproduce the VALUE rubrics for use in the classroom, on educational web sites, and in campus intra-institutional publications.

Get a Free Critical Thinking Poster, Rubric, and Assessment Ideas

Stays strictly within the guidelines of the assignment. Identifies, appropriately, one's own position on scoring issue, thinking support from experience, and information not available from assigned sources. Identifies not only the basics of the issue, but recognizes nuances of the issue.

Issues arise, sample of quantitative research paper about education, when rubrics are used for summative assessment.

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Addresses perspectives noted previously, and additional diverse perspectives drawn from outside information.