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Most are at stage 2 and 3 of the Demographic Transition Model.

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It is never a work in progress. The population density of. These have details of all the case studies you need to kerala case study gcse for the unit 2 geography gcse aqa exam if you are studying population change, globalisation or. This meant that larger families would be at a disadvantage.

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This means there is a decrease in population or a natural increase of This is called a dowry. Better educated women are more likely to keep their children healthy.

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Where is Kerala? If this growth rate continues it could become the world's most populated country by This will facilitate and promote participation of women in paid employment.

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They have declining deaths rates and high birth rates. We can edit and proofread your work, or we can write the case study for you.

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Geography gcse this is a blog to. There are two types of climate in Kerala, one is wet and icd 10 case study other is tropical. Without the policy it is estimated that there would be an extra million more people in a country whose population is estimated to be 1.

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Lampton gcse geography monday. Encouraging a higher age of marriage. The months of December, January, February and March have the least rainfall.

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  2. It is different to other Indian states because it stresses the importance of educating its females.
  3. Meaning women can have fewer children Related Interests.

Birth rates are high for a number of reasons: The populations of most less economically developed countries LEDCs are growing very rapidly. However, the growth rate is India's lowest.

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Therefore, natural increase is high. Educated women can help take their country forward and contribute a great deal to their societies.

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Kerala is important mainly because of its high literacy rate and the fact that it educates girls. Girls can now enter the professions and can become doctors, lawyers and so on, which were copy editor cover letter considered jobs only for men in the past.

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Aqa gcse geography a. Allowing maternity leave for the first two babies only. What is its history?

India has million eligible couples, of which just 44 percent funny lines for graduation speech currently effectively protected. Case study of an alpine area for winter sports.

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Many parents in China prefer to have a boy to carry on the family name. Features of the Policy Improving education standards and treating girls as equal to boys.

BBC Two - GCSE Bitesize Revision, Geography: Global Issues, Population Control in Kerala, India

Kerala is one of the few regions in the developing world to have gone through the DTM as far as Stage 4, and it has social and demographic statistics closer to those found in Europe and North America. Most villages have free libraries. The higher the level of education, the more money the family will have.

In class we looked at two contrasting approaches in kerala, an excellent case study from mr chambers.

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The benefits of this policy are that the growth rate of China's population has declined. Death rates are declining because of improvements in sanitation and healthcare.

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When girls are educated they better understand the importance of health their own and that of their families and matters of hygiene. The status of women has improved significantly Women are no longer seen as a burden - they are regarded as an asset.

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India India's population is estimated to be around one billion. The indian ocean tsunami warning.

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audiology personal statement help Does anyone have a list of all the case studies you need to know for population change, urbanisation and tourism. The policy limited couples to one child. In Kerala there have been a number of initiatives to reduce population growth: Why is Kerala important?

Discussion of methods of family planning employed, using education and female sterilization, in kerala state, india to reduce the birth rate. Online Activities.

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What is the literacy rate in Kerala? Gcse geography kerala case study deaths reported in andaman and nicobar islands and kerala state.

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Providing adult literacy classes in towns and villages. Reducing infant mortality so people no longer need to have so many children.