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Education Lack of education is one of the main contributors to social practices such as dowry system, caste system and child essay on dowry system in 150 words. Of course, the change will come slowly. Here is a look at the various troubles this system creates for the brides and their family members: Many good girls cannot get good husbands if their parents are not well off.

Conclusion It is sad how even after completely understanding the ill effects of the dowry system people in India still continue to practice it.

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Extent of the Problem A. The poor try to imitate the rich and in the process ruin themselves.

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People have become more materialistic. Many cases of brides being tortured physically and emotionally for not bringing enough dowry have come up.


Though we know of one ancient culture and quote the above quotation, but things are quite different in our society. In general, people also have become much more conscious. Dowry System: Therefore this system should be either eradicated or reformed. Due to dowry system, the sacred affair of marriage is destroyed and it is turned into a business deal.

Essay on Dowry System

It is said to be as old as the human civilization and is rampant in many societies across the globe. Ghosh [FG], Mrs. They should organize anti-dowry campaigns throughout the country and people should boycott socially all those who accept or offer a dowry.

The young should have more say in the matter.

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As a result, some of these newly-wed brides have to commit suicide, some are put to death and some are compelled to file divorce suits. While, she did not grant William great wealth, she did possess great wealth of her own.

Essay on “The Dowry System” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Some of the newly married women are compelled to abandon their husbands house. These loopholes are one of the main reasons why this evil practice still exists. Dowry System Dowry system is one of the greatest evils of our society.

Dowry system has become one of the greatest social evils these days and hundreds of innocent lives have been lost.

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Corrections of photo essay ideas high school minor printing and other errors in the published version have been incorporated here. Marriage should not be their ultimate, inevitable goal.

Physical Abuse While some in-laws make it a habit to be sarcastic with their daughter-in law and leave no occasion to humiliate and bad mouth her others take to physical abuse. But in dowry system, the money and other things are not given to her for her happiness; rather they are given to make the bridegroom agree to get married to her.

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The punishment involves a minimum of 5 years of imprisonment and a minimum fine of INR 15, or the dowry amount based on whichever is greater. They need sample essay internship application accumulate money for the same no matter what and in the event many give in to corrupt means such as taking bribes, forging tax or conducting certain business activities using unfair means. The dowry system, deeply rooted in the culture and customs of most communities in India, is a cause of harassment for most women.

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Conclusion Dowry system is the cause of agony for the girl and her family. Education is a very powerful instrument of social change. It has given rise to several crimes against women.

Under Reporting of Cases C.

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Why is Dowry Essay on university education Still Intact? A demand for dowry is equally punishable. Now we have Mrs.

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However, statistics reveal that in most cases it has worked against the girls. But in the modern educated class, dowry has become a demand of bridegroom so it has become impossible for the parents to give their daughters in marriage. Female Foeticide A girl child is seen as a burden for the family.

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It has been given the name of tradition in various parts of the country and when the occasion is as pious as wedding, people cannot dare to neglect any tradition. Apart from these, gender inequality and illiteracy are also major contributors to this heinous social system.

This system often invites fatal disasters in the conjugal life. According… Play on Social Evils: The social organizations carry out intensive anti-dowry propaganda.

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The parents of essay on university education young men demand handsome dowry from the parents who want to marry his daughter to their son. This has led to situation where the girl child is treated as guest in her own home.

Yet this system is very much in existence Unless we are ready to bring in a change of hearts, no legislation can be effective. Many end up cover letter sk debt and spend the rest of their lives repaying it.

Essay on “The Dowry System” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Law cannot produce any desirable results. Female foetus is aborted by several couples.

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  2. The young should have more say in the matter.

This system is certainly disadvantageous. The public and the media should form public opinion against the practice of dowry system in the country. It was a voluntary gift of the bride 's father.

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  • As the Hindu law in the past did not give the girl the right to property, the father gave away a part of his property to the daughter in the form of dowry.
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In order to enhance their false social prestige, they give maximum dowry. Giving of dowry is no problem for the rich. Solution For Dowry To root out this social evil mere laws, and by-laws or social enactment cannot be sufficient. Many parents have to sell all their properties to get their daughters married.