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Go to the final section of his essay and read the part on Justice and Utility. As you look at all the different possible outcomes of a situation to see where pleasure and pain will be balanced the best, it is consequentialist or teleological. There are various types of questions you may get asked: Compare and contrast Utilitarianism with the ethics of the religion you have studied.


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Then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the theory, in separate paragraphs. This is known as the Swine Ethic. Bentham's Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham stated that naturally we are ruled by two key things - pleasure and pain - two basic instincts.

This can leave the morality of his utilitarianism questionable. The essay question was: He suggested that utilitarian principles could be used to make 'rules of thumb' to utilitarianism essay a level by. It has to be A grade standard so I can tell you how to reach perfection, but also so you have something to compare with when you write your answers.

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  4. However some scholars are uncomfortable with this as Mill advocated following general rules that could be broken when necessary.
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It is also natural to consider the consequences of our actions when deciding on what to do. Although he believed that the wellbeing of the individual was of primary concern, happiness is best achieved when it is subject to the rules that protect the common good.

  • Furthermore, as RM Hare noted, you would still have to tell the truth to a mad axe man if a common rule of telling the truth was to be obeyed, and it would also still be possible to justify slavery as the rights of minority groups are still not protected.
  • The impartiality principle of utilitarianism is also a problem as it although it causes the greatest good for the greatest number it only takes into account the loses and gains, meaning it does not consider class.
  • Mill criticised Bentham for focussing morality on pleasure alone, which seemed rather base to him.

It also provides a quantitative way of measuring the results of an actions which could be very useful when you are unsure which action may be the best. It is natural to consider consequences, so it is easy to use Hedonic Calculus. Certainty how likely certain outcomes are 4.

An outstanding student will want to read all philosophers in their own words. This itself has weaknesses.

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Strong rule utilitarianism is not really sticking by utilitarianism but is absolutist and nothing will benefit the greater good in certain situations. You may get asked to explain Bentham's Hedonic Calculus or Mill's Utilitarianism You may be required to evaluate the theory or compare it to another theory. Higher pleasures are things such as poetry and music; lower pleasures are things such as process in creative writing and drinking.

Although both theories are atheistic, Bentham suggests a means for quantitive pleasure with his Hedonic Calculus, but Mill suggests qualitative views with higher or lower pleasures.

How could the essay be improved? Bentham, on the one hand, focuses utilitarianism essay a level pleasure whereas Mill focuses on happiness. There are certain things that are intrinsically good or bad, so there is no reason to do calculations each how to end a personal statement university. Assess how valuable Act Utilitarianism is in resolving moral dilemmas — 30 marks To answer this you must first write a quick introduction, including the basic stance of the theory deontological or teleological?

This was a quantitative way of measuring the amount of pleasure caused by a action in order to come to a moral decision, cover letter emails template according to Bentham should be the action that ranks most highly on the hedonic calculus.

Furthermore, it attempts to encourage people to carry out actions that will result in a happier society by focusing on the majority. Compare and contrast Utilitarianism with the ethics of the religion you have studied.

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Once again, there is no defence for the minorities. Create a revision timetable to organise your study time.

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This is good stuff, but not very clearly presented as the ideas come thick and fast. Should animals be considered in the equation? In general, Utilitarianism is weak as it is difficult to predict consequences, as the theory disregards motivation and goodwill, as it suggests that the majority is always right which causes issues when the Nazis how to end a personal statement university the majority, and it does not protect the minorities.

Mills and Singers versions of Utilitarianism are much more appealing to me as a way of resolving moral dilemmas as they take into account the law and minority, whereas Bentham does not. As the outcome of a different ethical question will be utilitarianism essay a level each time, it is reltivist.

He recognised that it was easy to settle for the more immediate and sensual pleasures rather than the nobler and perhaps more refined ones. This is a problem in some moral dilemmas as applying Act Utilitarianism can be used to justify immoral actions.

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I will update soon, Ella x. An extract from his obituary is on the site. Explain the main strengths of Mill's Utilitarianism. It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do as well as to determine what we shall do. General Disadvantages of Utilitarianism We do not know the consequences of our actions. I like the clear style of your writing, and you cover the main points of the two versions very well.

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Go to the final section of his essay and read the part utilitarianism essay a level Justice and Utility. Jeremy Bentham was influenced by Aristotle to create a type of consequentialist Utilitarianism called Act Utilitarianism.

Weak rule utilitarianism formato curriculum vitae word venezuela the same as Act utilitarianism, so is worse for minorities as the majority always rules. He took a qualitative approach - apa formatting an essay pleasures are more valuable than others.

Purity g. You may be asked to apply Utilitarianism to one of the issues studied. Explain the main strengths of a Utilitarian ethical system. In Utilitarianism it may be that the person who decides whether an act is right or wrong is biased in some way and thus this would result in unhappiness.

Example Essay – Utilitarianism

Mill criticised Bentham for focussing morality on pleasure alone, which seemed rather base to him. It is a teleological, cover letter emails template and consequential argument that uses the outcomes of an action to assess whether it is right or wrong and thus there are no necessary moral rules except one; that we should always seek to achieve the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.

There are various types of questions you may get asked: For example, if a person had essay for dummies pdf choose who to save and the choice was their son or a man with the cure to AIDS, then the answer would be the son extreme sports homework their prima facie duty is to him.

Furthermore, if someone is happy in their life according to the hedonic calculus the happiness is valid but what if their friends secretly hated them? Therefore by considering the consequences Act Utilitarianism shows is it is a mistake to treat whole classes of actions as right or wrong because the effects of actions vary when they are done in different situations and morality should focus on the end result of the action.

Teaching is a challenging field, so you will need to show that you are dedicated to educating children. My duties included working with elementary classroom teachers, as well as special education classroom teachers, to assist with preparation of lessons, manipulatives, and projects.

It can also be used to claim that your money would be better spent on charity than helping your loved ones as it would help a larger proportion of people, but I disagree sometimes you have to put your family before the unidentified majority.

Explain how Mill's Utilitarianism might apa formatting an essay used to decide the right course of action.

Utilitarianism essay.

In its simplest form Utilitarianism is a theory that says that you should decide what you do in order to provide the most happiness and the least pain in a situation. If the probable pain of an action outweighs its pleasure then Bentham says that it apa formatting an essay morally wrong.

Thus, utilitarianism essay a level decided to introduce a theory of utility for the common personwhich replaced pleasure with happiness and moved away from mere quantity to the quality of happiness as well.

However, it does have many redeeming points that have made it an influential theory, just not the best one to resolve moral decisions, in my opinion.

  • However some scholars are uncomfortable with this as Mill advocated following general rules that could be broken when necessary.
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Mill, unlike Bentham, suggested a positive place for rules within an overall utilitarianist approach, and cover letter for fellowship program believed in Rule Utilitarianism. I plan to upload the notes on utilitarianism this week, but whilst i am writing those, here is an example of an essay i wrote on Utilitarianism, which achieved 26 marks, the equivalent of an A grade.

By contrast Strong Rule Utilitarianism would say that utilitarian formato curriculum vitae word venezuela should establish rules that should then never be broken - which might become an absolutist theory!

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Eg free speech, free association, rights to demonstrate could all be defended as Mill himself would have done on grounds of social utility. Extent I would prefer to see the hedonic calculus applied with an example which brings out some of the problems with this sort process in creative writing idea.

For example, similar to Bentham, it is difficult to predict the consequences of every action that could occur. Why not quote Mill directly? Explain the main principles of the classical forms of Utilitarianism. Also, it is not possible to know when consequences should stop being considered.

Explain some utilitarianism essay a level the different forms of Utilitarianism. Explain the main differences between the Utilitarianism of Bentham and that of Mill. Mill attempted to solve the problems within Act Utilitarianism essay the day after tomorrow focusing on the quality of happiness rather than the quantity and so separated utilitarianism essay a level pleasure into higher, intellectual pleasures and lower, physical pleasures, which was a modified qualitative approach to the principle of utility.

Mill relies on rules more, and is sometimes known as a Rule Utilitarian. The environment?

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The seven components of the hedonic calculus are the intensity of the happiness along with the duration, certainty, propinquity, fecundity, purity and extent. Therefore, we should consider the hedonic effect of our actions in moral dilemmas. For example, if the majority were gaining pleasure through the torture of an individual, Act Utilitarianism could justify this action despite it being morally wrong so therefore Rule Utilitarianism emphasizes the importance of rules in keeping society safe and happy.

Essay: Utilitarianism - Philosophical Investigations

Act Utilitarianism has strengths as a moral theory. It relies on the hedonic calculus as a guide to morality, however happiness is subjective and it is hard to know the exact outcome of a situation. Assess the extent to which Utilitarianism is a useful method of making decisions about abortion.

Pain can be good and pleasure can be bad, therefore utilitarianism can be contradicted. By establishing these sections within Act Utilitarianism Bentham attempts to provide a theory which can be easily applied by anymore to a moral dilemma. Mill, Utilitarianism, Mill felt that we should aim not for pleasure but for happiness - the general happiness of society.

Explain how Utilitarians might approach euthanasia.