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The Edward W. Distinguished faculty and professional writers teach the ways of language, modes of analysis, and varieties of production. All faculty take turns as readers and all decisions are reached through discussion. Moses prize for creative writing likewise is read and judged by all creative writing faculty in turns. Learning objectives for the English major A student with a major in English should graduate with an appreciation for the relations between representation and the human soul the relations between words and ideas the social utility of a sophisticated understanding of discourse.


Those who wish to train for a place in our profession should look to our Graduate Program. Usc creative writing major requirements how to get good health essay an excellent record of placement for our students, but we are leery about this as an index of assessment since students come to us with their own learning objectives, and in the real world we must balance their objectives with ours.

In recent years our graduates have been placed in every major law school in the entire country, and particularly in the northeast. Throughout the year we canvass our faculty for likely candidates for the Honors Program; this helps us identify both capable students and those who need more attention. All faculty take turns as readers and all decisions are reached through discussion. Students cannot hide; they are under the immediate supervision of faculty.

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If you are thinking about applying to graduate school or professional school such as law usc creative writing major requirements you will find the program especially rewarding. Assessment of objectives Assessment of these three learning objectives reflects the fact that literature is a way of knowing, rather than a gathering of information or theories. The Honors Thesis is a critical research project and typically runs upwards of 40 pages.

These and other forms of community assessment complement our internal academic assessment.

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We must not take this achievement as the sole measure of our success, but it does provide another fiduciary to validate our internal assessment. Our literature and creative writing courses reinforce one erosion thesis statement, and we counsel students to take classes sample business case study pdf both areas. We expect our students: Students are admitted only upon application and must submit papers graded in earlier courses that come si fa un curriculum vitae per infermieri likelihood of being able to succeed in a sustained research project.

Representation and the Human Soul On one level, stories are fun to tell and hear, to read and write, and Aristotle claims in the Poetics that through this natural process humans learn to become human. We have a number of competitive undergraduate prizes awarded within the department that help to forge consensus about criteria and standards.

No single discipline embraces all of these aspects to the exclusion of other disciplines. Flexibility of mind, facility with perfect homework certificate, and a sense of continuity with the past are ways of thinking and engagement that may not develop fully until years after graduation. Social Utility All writing is creative writing, with extensive relations between English and other disciplines, and one Justice of the U.

Not all assessment comes from faculty. We monitor syllabi across the department, looking for parity in workloads and modes of evaluation.

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  • Students cannot hide; they are under the immediate supervision of faculty.
  • Every fall we offer two seminars in literary theory that are open to any senior, and required of any senior hoping to advance to our Senior Honors Thesis in the spring.

Words and Ideas Ideas may finally be more important than words, but words are the pathway to ideas, and they are part of the joy of being human. Here is a sampling from the class of Many share appointments in other departments, and can help guide you beyond our department and beyond USC.

Learning objectives for the Narrative Studies major

We are approached repeatedly by organizations and companies seeking usc creative writing major requirements students for internships ranging from public relations and advertising to film and publishing. Contact us About the Undergraduate Program We offer a broad range of courses in English, American and Anglophone literature of all periods and genres, but also in related areas such as creative and expository writing, literature and visual arts, ethnic literature and cultural studies, the history of the English language and of literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory.

And our Courses will describe what we really are doing in any semester. We believe in the value of study abroad and will help you to find programs that are right for you.

Overseas Studies

Recent creative writers have gone on to the best MFA programs in the country: Engaging with complex literatures prepares them for understanding complex lives. Visit dornsife. Our Honors Program provides one way to forge consensus.

I Got My USC Screenwriting MFA! What now?

Both disciplines are primarily activities of interpretation; attend to linguistic details of semantics, phrasing, and structure; assume there are reasonable alternative understandings of a text; adjudicate their differences through arguments that must directly engage their counter-arguments; construct discourses that must be compelling to a neutral third party.

Creative projects submitted for the Honors Program require both a creative component and a critical literary component, with separate faculty supervising each component.

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Learn more about the Honors Thesis Program Careers, Internships, or Volunteerships Our students complete internships and volunteerships tutoring students at neighborhood elementary schools with the Joint Education Project, assisting with faculty research and research at USC Libraries, volunteering on political campaigns, and working in publishing, marketing, and media.

We usc creative writing major requirements immediate assessment must be coupled with long-term assessment of fifteen years or more, when we canvass our graduates and ask whether the English Department prepared them thesis subject matter the lives they now live.

As part of your application to study abroad, you will select courses to be pre-approved by your academic adviser to meet your major requirements.

English (BA)

The William James prize has two separate competitions—one for the best critical essay by a freshman or sophomore, and another competition for juniors and seniors. We monitor student progress through close encounter, oral presentation, and the continual exchange of written work both with faculty and among peers particularly in creative writing workshops.

Such studies all take time.

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We analyze and organize complex ideas, evaluate qualitative information, anticipate how real audiences respond to language, and study behaviors of complex characters leading uncertain lives with competing values, weighing human costs and human benefits. We experiment with lectures where appropriate, but in general find that for freshmen and sophomores small classes provide the best introduction to rigorous argument and the testing of understandings in language.

Please share your stories, updates, and projects with us by contacting our undergraduate student coordinators. All writing is creative—fiction or fact, prose or poetry, with sight or sound—and words matter.

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Job skills through stories? We collect them over centuries, tell them to our children, and they define us as cultures. Our studies in narrative are based in the humanities, coordinate with practice in the arts and media, and culminate in an individual project that will be unique to each student.

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We change our stories, start new ones, rethink old ones and experiment as we shift our sense of who we are and what we value. They are invitations to live other lives—both in time and place—to test attitudes and understandings that are beyond our own immediate experience.

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Our theses must be supervised and read by at least two faculty members; all faculty must participate, all decisions are reached in concert, and all students present their work publicly before faculty and peers. We have nearly 40 full-time faculty and they are always available for advisement.

English & Creative Writing

Supreme Court has said that the best undergraduate preparation for a legal career is the study of poetry. Our commitment to assessment through seminars and usc creative writing major requirements classes requires a faculty consensus about criteria and standards.

English & Creative Writing > USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences No single discipline embraces all of these aspects to the exclusion of other disciplines.

Students increasingly have taken their coursework directly into the community, designing and executing projects in local schools. They tell us more than how or why things are; they tell us what could be or should be, and are infused with moral purpose even when they claim not to be. These aspects shift according to culture, time, and audience, with shared understandings, perspectives, materials, media, and procedures.

Take away our stories, and there is not much left of us. We still have no reliable ways to teach students to generate new ideas, but we have very reliable ways of teaching how to control and shape language—and how to recognize the ways that language has been controlled and shaped. We share a core of literatures and genres through the ages, and then emphasize either Literature or Creative Writing, using each to enhance the other.

These opportunities complement thesis fdi economic growth intensive study and professionalization on campus in classes and co-curricular activities, and they guide come si fa un curriculum vitae per infermieri toward the diverse set of careers open to those with liberal arts educations.

We continually reassess our procedures and criteria for all prizes. postoperative nursing care case study

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For a richer sense of what we offer undergraduates, see what we say about Learning Objectives in English.