Watch How Brave South African Student Fights To Keep Copy

South african student fights to keep thesis in robbery, reports on television...

This translates to over 67 Related Stories. They have been charged with armed robbery. It is inconceivable that a learner could stab or shoot a classmate and come back and sit in the same classroom with him or her. High crime rate and violence in communities It can be seen from Table 2 that violence in communities is widespread.


A pilot study of the questionnaire was conducted in a school outside the province in which the study was done.

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New York: These physical and non-physical acts of school violence affect teaching and learning negatively because they result in fights and attacks on the victims. Since the learners were minors, informed consent was sought from their parents or guardians before involving them in the study. At that present moment, I was just determined to how to write a 250 word essay for a scholarship on to my stuff and get home.

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Schools could conduct awareness seminars and workshops on the above-mentioned forms of school violence. An educator from School D said, "Vandalism is very rife in our school.

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Trustworthiness All participants were assured that all data collected during interviews was confidential and would only be used for purposes of the study. Even my family asked where I learnt to fight like that," Ntuli said.

  • The situation at the school becomes chaotic and educators have to stop the fighting, leading to unnecessary loss of learning and tuition time.
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  • The study found that learners bring dangerous weapons to school and use them to attack other learners.
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This incident was blamed on learners who come to school with dangerous weapons and who use drugs. The study also revealed that new initiates amakrwala are a problem in many schools because they force themselves on girls.

  • Noxolo Ntusi, 26, grappled with armed attackers to hold on to it during the incident in Johannesburg on Tuesday.
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  • Noxolo Ntusi, 26, grappled with armed attackers to hold on.

A learner from School D reported that, "People from outside give learners weapons and bring them to school to make other children afraid". As professionals educators are supposed to know the rules and regulations because they are enshrined in the Constitution of the country".

South Africa student fights to keep thesis in robbery

In order to ensure validity of the interviews used, data and tentative interpretations of this study were taken back to the participants during the study to check with them if their responses were correctly captured. Smit The study also found that gangsterism was prevalent and 30 Ohio University.

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An educator from School C confirmed inleiding van een essay by saying: Violence has become a part of everyday life in some schools". Other forms of violence reported by the learners from School D included discrimination, drug dealing, smoking, gossiping, and swearing or use of vulgar language.

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Prinsloo The nature of violence experienced or witnessed by learners and educators in schools All the learners in School A identified bullying as a major problem in their school. South Africa is a violent society Table 1 shows that corporal punishment was reported as the second most prevalent form of violence in the four schools.

A sequential mixed falcon case study approach was used in this study; both questionnaires and interviews were used.

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South African children: The sample was purposively selected from four schools in the Buffalo City district in the Eastern Cape province. Sample A purposive sample of five principals, 20 educators and 80 learners was used in this study.

Watch How Brave South African Student Fights To Keep Copy Report of public hearing on school-based violence.

A substantial number of the learner respondents, 50 A learner from School B said, "School violence it's whereby learners are bullying, and teachers are doing corporal punishment to the learners South african student thesis robbery Student number: Furthermore, the police forces are inadequately equipped to stem such crimes and the relationship that exists between the kidnappers and politicians as well.

I would have to change everything from my house keys to me going to the banks to get new cards, licensing departments and all the work that is on my hard drive.

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Tough problems demand smart answers. A learner from School A, who witnessed a fellow learner who took out a knife and robbed another learner on the school premises, said, "I saw one of the learners taking out a knife and threatening him, demanding money".

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A Contemporary crime phenomenon in the South African Context Hannes Koekemoer 19 Cash in transit heists and robberies have been popularised by recent movie trends, The Italian job, the Fast and the furious franchise and many other pop culture films.

The woman is dragged along the pavement by one of the men who tries, unsuccessfully, to pry the bag from her hands. For example, one of the participants in this study reported that he was once forced to steal by a gang of fellow learners.

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Causes south african student fights to keep thesis in robbery school violence The study revealed the following as causes of school violence: School violence presents educators with many challenges and is now a threat to teaching as a profession.

On the basis of checking with participants if their responses were captured correctly, researchers were confident that the study had high internal validity.

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It is recommended that schools should educate learners, educators and parents about these forms of violence prevalent in schools. The above findings show that school violence has various effects on learning and teaching in our schools.

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Effects of school violence as perceived by educators Effects on learning Educators perceived the following as the effects of school violence on learning: