Children and Adolescents with Cancer: experiences with Chemotherapy

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The results suggest that there is a relationship between the nurses' perception and attitudes towards pediatric cancers and the quality, of care they give to pediatric' oncology patients. To go out and play with friends no longer makes up part of the routine of the child or adolescent: I sleep just for the time to pass faster R. Final considerations This study sought to comprehend how the children and adolescents with cancer experience chemotherapy in order to, from their demands and their feelings, identify interventions that can be incorporated into the plan of nursing care directed toward the quality of their lives and their families. The weight loss, more frequent at first, often, beyond troubling the adolescents themselves, becomes more striking due to the comments of others, these comments confer to the weight loss a meaning of attrition due to the treatment.


Hair loss has been associated with loss of attractiveness and individuality.

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The results show that there is indeed significant relationship between-the factors that explain nurse's attitudes and: OHNEP is funded by: To seek health care was, until then, sporadic for the study participants.

Collateral effects were seen either as responsible for demonstrating the success of the therapy over the disease which encouraged continuity of treatment, or bird flu research paper pdf as discouraging, given the intense suffering they caused.

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This is mainly due to its poor prognosis. However, chemotherapy brought to them the necessity of protective isolation, which caused the separation from family and for them to when does she do her homework ne demek be close to hospital units. In a review of the literature to investigate the school absences, behavioral problems and social relationships of children with cancer in return to the school, bird flu research paper pdf the UK, it was observed that absences from school are more frequent among children with cancer than among healthy children or with those with other chronic conditions, being a problem from the diagnostic phase until after completion of treatment Results and Discussion Impact of the chemotherapy To give voice to the children and adolescents with cancer it was found that their experiences were different from each other, but all linked by a common experience, i.

  1. Regarding the location of the interviews, these took place at the sites indicated by the children and adolescents, some in the inpatient unit in situations in which they were hospitalized and others in the chemotherapy center or in the waiting rooms of the clinics.
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According to the literature, alopecia has psychosocial implications, since the hair is important in social and sexual communication, being to do homework in spanish translation social, cultural and political symbol. But if the person is a weakling, really gets discouraged easily I.

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Art-making projects also provide a fun mechanism to foster positive interactions between nurses and patients, an opportunity for parent involvement, and a sense of normalcy for child and parents during oncology treatments. J Pain Symptom Manage.

Children and Adolescents with Cancer: experiences with Chemotherapy

This exemplar case study highlights benefits of implementing an art-making project with an year-old girl undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma, using an innovative and developmentally appropriate activity called the heirloom art-making HEART intervention.

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Because attention to oral health is not incorporated into oncology care, the significance of dental problems is seldom recognized by pediatric oncologists, nurse practitioners and nurses. A patient becoming ill is a social progress that involves other people besides the patient.

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Bultas, Margaret W. I wish we had a canteen just for the kids with cancer, I must have a lighter meal because the food here is very strong, those bowls also smell a lot C.

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The occurrence of disruption in the quotidian lives of the children and adolescents in the study was observed, given, for example, by the experience with unknown situations, many of them painful and restrictive.

This AAP curriculum is no longer available but a similar curriculum can be found at aap.

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When I get sick it gives me such a thing, sometimes I just want to stop. The children mention the desire to do what other children do such as going to school, making new friends, going to the shopping center and graduating with their class 5.

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She got approval from the Institutional Review Board IRB and the green light from all involved before implementing the oral health program. The hospital is seen as an undesirable place, acceptable only when there is no other possibility for the improvement of their condition: