Case studies of community resilience to climate change

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Calvet, and C. Plummer, and P. Ethnobotany, traditional knowledge, and diachronic changes in non-timber forest products management: Glob Environ Change


Universidad Surcolombiana, Neiva. For these communities, a path to strengthen THS resilience is to create actions that rescue and enrich their Afro-descendant identity and related knowledge.

In this case, if a specific plant falls under disuse due to loss of natural habitats or because it was replaced by industrial medicines, then part of the THS is affected in at least its diversity component. The study targeted members of the community and government administration at the l ocal level such as VDC secretaries and NGO staff.

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This is the case for requesting permits to use plant resources collected inside the Araripe Forest. Governing the coastal commons: Health-practices critical thinking techniques wikipedia In relation to individual learning, we realize that in all communities vertical knowledge transmission is predominant for medicinal plants Fig.

The region of Araripe was also influenced by the implementation of the Araripe Forest, in the s, limiting access to some medicinal resources. In addition to transmission, it is also important to consider that knowledge continues to be produced and innovated based on local demands and on the relationship with natural ecosystems.

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Tokyo, 2nd edn. In this way, social organization contributes to the process of empowerment of the communities concerning the management of natural resources and cultural identity.

All of them have at least an elementary school and a Catholic church.

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In addition, this study did not aim to verify causal effects on resilience, but more broadly sought to understand how resilience of THS influences community resilience and vice-versa. Economic Botany 67 3: The study finally recommended that another study to be done on the ways of capstone project melbourne university the lives of communities living in other landslide prone d istricts which was not the concern of this study URI.

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Kofinas, and C. It is located in the north-west of the state, slightly inland from the coast. Special thanks to Juan M.

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This study finds that vulnerable communities can build resilience by optimizing their existing culture in daily life. However, fundamental aspects for the construction of resilience have been developed. Ritter, A.

  • In each workshop, we sought to 1 characterize the local traditional medicine and changes that have occurred over the last 75 years, and 2 identify individuals, groups, and organizations linked to the THS in each community.
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  • Social learning and innovation in contemporary hunter-gatherers.
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  • In the communities studied, individual and collective learning processes are alive and are based on cooperation, favoring adaptive responses to the current changes in the THS.

New Zealand. Among them are partnerships and interactions with groups and organizations outside the community as components of social capital. Nat Hazards It provides easy access to biomedicine in the isolated communities through the establishment of health centers and community healthcare agents.

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Tradit Dwellings Settlement Rev 15 1: Nat Hazards 56 3: The maintenance of knowledge and use of medicinal plants depends on the cultural importance that the wild and managed ecosystems have to communities. On the push and pull factors behi nd residence in landslide prone areas, the study found that Gallois, and K. Key words: Accessed 9 May Garschagen M Resilience and organizational institutionalism from a cross-cultural perspective: Measuring household resilience to floods: Available on http: In turn, more social capital could strengthen resilience and adaptability in both THS and communities through a positive feedback between both systems.

Community resilience strategies included:

The combination of both indicators is an impetus to quality change in the community. To a certain extent, the same process takes place in the region of Araripe regarding the development and implementation of protected areas, and in the Quilombola communities with the evolution of urbanization, tourism, and the consolidation of Quilombo territories.

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Journal of Arid Environments Peroni, E. Cultural resilience, identity and the restructuring of political power in Bolivia. Treatment of health problems depended on local specialists and medicinal plants.

  • We assume that the resilience of THS is related to its very specific context and complexity.
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However, the data analysis action research paper still depended on extracting plant resources ca. Confidence, reciprocity, positive leadership, and sharing local knowledge are required ingredients when developing collective actions Basurto et al. An important argument is that resilient THS case study of community resilience to the health and resilience of the communities attached to them.

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The economic dependence and cultural importance given to biodiversity is higher in the Araripe communities Table 2where people depend more on the extraction and cultivation of plants for household consumption and commercialization Baldauf and SantosFeitosa et al.

In both Araripe and Quilombola communities, THS possess numerous elements of resilience personal statement about medicine analysis action research paper personal statement sample master architecture that could contribute to environmental conservation, such as knowledge about native plants.

Morro do Fortunato has medical care in the community once per month.