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It usually affects the skin and peripheral nerves, but has a wide range of clinical manifestations. According to WHO, leprosy affected 2,12, people globally in As a result, more than cases were confirmed and were put on treatment. Already proposed by various Institutions: Serious Concerns that need to address:


Various gram sabha meetings were organised throughout the country to make people aware about the disease.

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The treatment of leprosy may range from six months to 1 year depending on the type and stage of the disease. Government Initiatives in Recently: The thrust of this Campaign is to promote community participation to reorient the delivery of the service of diagnosis and treatment of leprosy in its early stages from the centralized top-down delivery driven approach to decentralized community based demand-driven approach to empower the PRIs and local communities to sparsh leprosy awareness campaign essay over the responsibility of sensitizing and motivating people for stigma reduction and discrimination and for early self-reporting for diagnosis and treatment.

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India is among the 22 countries considered as having a "high burden for leprosy" along with high transmission, he maintained. Various awareness camps and campaigns are organized across the world sparsh leprosy awareness campaign essay raise awareness on leprosy and how early detection can help to completely cure the disease. Early Detection of same will lead to depletion of source of infection in the community, interrupt the active transmission of disease, reduce the complication of case management and reduce the disability.

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Anti-Leprosy Day was celebrated all over India on 30th of January. Over Central and State laws discriminate against leprosy patients. Article Previous Article.

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The programme began with paying floral tributes and respect to the portrait of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi led by chief guest and other attendees while a two minutes silence was observed as a mark of respect to the late leader.

The campaign seeks to move from centralized, top to down delivery-driven approach to decentralized community-based demand-driven approach, in order to fight the disease.

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The disease is characterized by long incubation period generally years and is classified as paucibacillary or mulitbacillary, depending on the bacillary load. Please read a complete Guideline on using comments on this website. Thirty countries reported zero new cases.

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Cover letter detailing experience sample, modern medicine specifically, multi-drug therapy MDT completely cures the disease. The celebration of the day targets to aware people about disease myths such as it is not spread by simply touching affected person. Amendments to laws that discriminate against leprosy patients: According to the report of State Leprosy Officer, Manipur reported 34 new cases 7 women till Sparsh leprosy awareness campaign essay 30 this year out of the total population of 30,77, including the 22 new cases reported till March for the fiscal yearaccounting for 0.

Why the Campaign was needed: The Bill eliminates leprosy as a ground for dissolution of marriage or divorce. It usually affects the skin and peripheral nerves, but has a wide range of clinical manifestations.

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This awareness campaign includes the following important information about leprosy to help leprosy affected people: You are here: India is also counted among the 22 countries across the globe that have a high transmission of and burden of leprosy, followed by Indonesia and Brazil. There are some objectives to provide appropriate services don carlo shoes case study the disabled or to prevent the disability.

A nationwide message was spread through various electronic and print media. Leprosy detection campaigns were also organized at various places to detect the disease contoh soal essay bahasa inggris kelas 12 semester 1 provide immediate health care support.

Epidemiological Situation, as on March, The day is also celebrated in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi who had tried very much for the eradication of leprosy. This day was celebrated with objective of treating leprosy patients just like other patients and helping them to live a life with dignity and freedom.

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Variety of leprosy control activities has been launched by the World Health Organization for further reducing the disease worldwide. As uws bachelor of applied leadership and critical thinking the epidemiology of Leprosy disease, the major source of infection in the community is an untreated case i.

The Personal Laws Amendment Bill, ILP Implementation Demand:: Insights into Editorial: The Personal Laws Amendment Bill,seeks to make a start in amending some of the statutes.

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The Bill is meant to provide for the integration of leprosy patients into the mainstream. WHO has said that 2,12, people have been affected globally by the disease in the year According to WHO, leprosy affected 2,12, people globally in As a country, we have to leave no stone unturned to not just reach the last mile but also to work together to eliminate the social stigma attached with this disease.

The amendments introduced in the Bill omit the provisions which stigmatise and discriminate against leprosy-affected persons. Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign: Epidemiological Situation, as on March, Several programmes are organized at this day all across the India to share the message with people to fight against leprosy and let them know that the disease is completely curable.