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I am always trying to get better in soccer. Drawings are to be in color. I can sing and dance. Next, I'm good at baseball, even dance. When God created me, he made sure that I am different from everyone else.


I play games with my little brother Isaac.

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I am also special because I can sing good. I might not have personally selected that name as my parents did that for me but I have embraced it and I am identified by it. I am the best at the PSP and it is wrestling. And we did.

  • Drawings are to be in color.
  • I am special because god made me essay - Essay writing service forum
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  • The more I play, the stronger I get.

Pinethurst Elementary Mt. The more I play, the stronger I get. I help my best friend, Kaonna, do her work. I can sing and dance. I make up my own jokes. The people I love, love me because I try my best.

Wide Awake Club: Topic - I'm Special

My mom gets a cheeseburger and I get some chicken nuggets. When I am at home I paint a portrait. I like to play fun games. I like how I dance.

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I'm special to myself. That's how to start literature review for phd I like best about myself. Camryn Mallery, 8 The thing that is special about me is I live on a farm and I have three horses, one dog, one rabbit and eight cats. I can do math. I'm also special because I'm good at swimming, hockey, and other sports.

I’m special because… | Nal'ibali

I looove sports! I make other people happy and I amuse myself. Drawing is the best to me. Advantage of sports essay place of birth is also special and different from that of other people who may share a lot of my other features.

When it's time to go to bed we say goodnight to each other. I made that up. I can fix a tractor.

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George Lyward His Autobiography, finchden was requisitioned by the Army in for the duration of the war, and the community evacuated to Shropshire. She is so good.

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That is why I am very, very, very special. I share with my baby sister and play with my baby sister. I can draw a 3-dimentional die or a stick person with an army helmet or a spiral that's almost perfect, name it you got it. Last, but not least, if someone is sad, I am there to help.

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The face, legs, hands, belly, or other i am special because god made me essay body parts may look alike among two people but the reality is that my entire body cannot look like that of another person. I like how I play football. I like being helpful to people everyday. My favorite ones are Splash, my seahorse and my pink pony, Strawberry. I am a nice boy. I love to play with my dog and hamster.

I get nervous, but I knew I would be all right because before I know it I'm awake and going back to my room. The most awesome thing I like about me is that I'm nice. I feed them and clean them to make sure they are healthy. I love them, too. I play basketball, softball, and soccer.

I do my own things.

  1. Me and my sister go riding on our scooters and we pretend that we are dropping our kids off at school.
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I make up songs and advantage of sports essay songs and try to find the keys to where the song's beat is. Most i am special because god made me essay in my third grade class are 4 feet tall, but not me! I help my mom cook dinner. The things I draw are cars, flames, and many more. I know how to spell violin and I like to play the violin. I will be going to Florida and my mom and dad think I am so special they are going to let me ride some cool rides, so that's i am special because god made me essay I am so special.

When I play with him it makes me special. Feeling a little shaky and emotional, I went back to my car to get my camera and a red rose that I had plucked from my garden.

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I like my nose because I can smell the hot lunch. When I grow up I want to open up my own tattoo shop. Morris Bess Goodman, 7 I like a lot of things about me. I am also very funny. I go outside and play with him.

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I was in a wheelchair, but that didn't stop me from going to school. Gunnell's and Mr. Sometimes I help some of my classmates with their work. They say that I'm special and they think I'm really smart. Next, I'm good at baseball, even dance. It makes me feel good.

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  • I am good at gym.
  • Sometimes I draw to calm down.

I have a bunk bed, but no brothers or sisters. I also have a twin brother which is OK, so I can pull pranks on him.

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On the essay on road accident in himachal pradesh it isn't the same. Entries also may be sent via computer. I get A's and B's. I am special because my parents tell me so. I have at least twenty. My style and choice of clothes, shoes, hairstyle, among other such details, set me apart from the rest.


I dunk, I snap the ball, I bounce the ball and I am a good basketball player. I stand out in this regard. I am amazing, and that's what my parents say. I like how I play. We also play tennis, but just at my house on the tennis court. That's one thing I love about me.

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This year we went ic research paper Utah. My legs love sports because in kickball I always get 2nd or 3rd place.

In my case, I history research paper sample to think of myself as a special person. It's my talent because I play it all the time.

I’m special because…

The special thing about me is sports. I always set the table so my mom does not have to. I am also good at racing. It is the greatest thing I've done. The competition makes me feel happy. I get good grades on i am special because god made me essay report card. I can i am special because god made me essay and pass a test. Oh I can't wait.

I like how I clean the house. If it's a good book I have to read it.

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You don't have to have a lot of money to be rich, you can have love to be rich. Next year I will be in expert. I think I am special because I am an animal lover. It is an American Chiller.

I've had five or six surgeries.

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If I had to pick one, it would be how smart I am. I want to play flag football, and maybe take band, too. Remember, like I said, just have fun. What special thing have you learned from your teacher. I appreciate my being and acknowledge the fact that I am special in many ways. My singing is pretty.