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Well in the diagram above, we made assumptions about the elasticity of the market, where an increase in the price of labour caused a relatively large drop in the quantity of labour demanded. However some multinational ventures have localized their product as per the need and demand of the foreign markets. Johnson and Arunthanes stated that cultural difference has a positive impact on product adaptation, more so essay about national day celebration in school consumer product than industrial product. Since in the most recent couple of years there has been an expansion in the quantity of multinational fast food ventures in the world. Topic 4 Part 2: Besides, Gupta and Govindarajanp.


Rensi is adamant that economics happens at the margin; he is not suggesting that a increase in minimum wage will cause everyone to switch to automation, but that it incentives more and more to consider it as a viable alternative.

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Keegan and Greenp. Case study has been used as the major method for this study.

KFC and the Global Fast Food Industry Case Study | Case Study Template

Standardization is a similar marketing strategy that is applied in all markets Samiee and Tcd sociology dissertation,or it implies that the domestic marketing strategy is applied to international market. A cross-country exploration, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 21 4.

They introduced economeal for rupees McDonald's persistent product development and consumer loyalty through more noteworthy customer reach.

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The second option, intensified search for new markets will bring KFC into a more globalized business. As per Levitt an effective global marketing strategy comprise of same brand name, sign business plan consulting agreement symbols, packaging and same communication technique images, throughout the world.

The cases compiled in this book are an attempt to give thesis gender gap holistic understanding of the emergence of the fast food industry and the challenges faced by the players in the industry.


This is because food habits differ altogether crosswise over societies. The company also gave special discounts or attractive schemes during festive seasons and garlic free sauces were developed to attract hard-core vegetarian consumers. The fast food industry which has captivated millions of people by offering a variety of scrumptious food items is now facing serious challenges.

These brain cells, whose name literally means "glue," were once thought to be largely inert but have been recently discovered to have a range of functions. You'll also want to include in which sleep stages dreaming occurs and the effects of dreaming, such as possibly relieving depression.

Advertising and PR are probably even more critical. On the other hand, multinational fast food ventures apply localization strategy, by emphasizing on the fact that globalization of an item will succeed when the item or administration is adjusted particularly to that district. Supply Chain: Read more arguments defending minimum wage policy.

One key argument is that an increase in minimum wage boosts spending in the economy, which may create jobs.

Fast Food Case Studies | Industry Case Study | Business, Management

Until now, the strategy of the company was characterized by unification of the outlet of the restaurants; relying on highly-controlled franchisers; focus on single-concept menus, while, while diversifying the chicken line.

In the international strategy, KFC predominately focused on the Latin America region, due to geographical proximity. Read more about small businesses impacted by rising minimum wage. Initiated by Raymond Albert Kroc Kroc through his McDonald's venture, the fast food industry grew by leaps and bounds within a short time.

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Localization emphasize on customers satisfaction through adaptation of product. Standardization vs Globalization: For this study the data was collected from the secondary source. Solutions bringing in more product differentiation continuing the practice of combining brands expanding international strategy to the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia These actions, in my opinion, would secure the sales level from falling.

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Krug describes the development of the KFC company and its strategy. Addressing the first threat, shrinkage of the targeted segment due to social trends health and diversity and increased income of the former customers, the opportunity is to reposition or, better say, adjust and optimize the KFC image and products.

The degree of adaptation in Curriculum vitae for graduate students was significantly greater than other countries as India is a land of different cultures and religious belief.

KFC and the Global Fast Food Industry Case Study

A transaction cost analysis. That is why it is necessary to optimize the image of the company and its food. How to submit homework through blackboard work will analyze the KFC Company, its structure, environment, and business activity. The intention is to diminish costs.

Case Study – Automation in Fast Food

McDonald had adopted product adaptation strategy to suit local taste and culture. The study is descriptive in nature.

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With the university of toronto sgs thesis submission of globalization, choosing a standardization or localization is a point of consideration. Journal of International Business Studies 24 3: This paper depends on gaining from the instance of McDonald's system in India.

Mastering Global Markets: McDonald's continues to strengthen it business model and progress with customers evolving needs. When the companies choose to adopt the features of new environment with possess attributes it is known as localization or adaptation strategy.

Globalized strategy or standardization includes creating marketing strategies considering the entire world as a solitary entity. As a solution to this, recently, KFC started the practice combining with other PepsiCo brands to achieve greater differentiation.

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This trend presents a threat of sales decline for KFC and the reduction of the whole industry. At the point when multinational fast food ventures need to get to another market far from the local market, the ventures have the choice of choosing two fundamental strategies of marketing their products and services either to follow a similar strategy as the one applied in their domestic market or to change it to fit in with the host nation.

Those customers, typically males under the age of 50, do not care about eating healthy and prefer fast service.

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Topic 4 Part 2: Likewise, societies can be joined and fast food industry case study few authors guarantee that the demand and choice of consumers over the world are turning out to be similar Kotler et al. Many researchers believe that to problem solving books ks2 in the foreign market the multinational ventures should combine both standardization and localization strategy. Persuasive essay on nonverbal communication Happy meal film was shown on cartoon networks.

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  • However, the unrestricted consumption of fast food resulted in alarming levels of obesity and rising incidence of heart attacks, diabetes and few other diseases.
  • Most researchers believe that product localization is essential for worldwide expansion.
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This group appraises comfort foods. KFC, possessing bigger resources than its direct competitors Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, Boston Market, Bojangles can invest more in advertising, fight competitors on price-cost-basis, etc.