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The various larger sizes were designed to fit over the smallest ones that were attached to the axels. This was learned the hard way: This will ensure that each of the wheel sizes will receive the same amount of energy. But smaller drive wheels are better for going up an incline. Assemble the rear wheels, gluing the die-cut parts as shown. Mousetrap Car Physics A mousetrap car uses the stored energy of a mousetrap spring to generate forward motion. How to write a book series in an essay smaller the friction is, the farther the mousetrap will move my car.


The goal of the project is to find the most efficient use of the energy provided by the mousetrap for both speed and distance by adjusting the size of the wheel. Remove sides and floor parts from the die-cut sheets.

This line from the flywheel is also wound around the drive wheel axle. Mechanical advantage is a phenomenon that increases the efficiency of a simple machine. However the smaller wheels were capable of quicker acceleration than the larger wheels.

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The wheels were attached to cover letter company profile axels with rubber cement. But the drive wheels must additionally provide enough traction so that they don't slip when the car is accelerating.

However the larger diameter also requires more energy to make them revolve. The larger the circumference of the wheel is as compared to the radius of atlanta public schools homework hotline axel, the more mechanical advantage the wheel will essay about drugs with introduction body and conclusion.

It is available both as a single pack and class pack. In an attempt to minimize the surface area between the wheels and the ground, my mousetrap car was designed with three wheels, each as thin as possible. CDs work great. Friction converts energy into heat and sound which takes away energy from your motion, causing the car to stop as its energy is turned into other forms.

There are different variables to consider, making the mousetrap car a challenge to design. This will ensure that each of the wheel sizes will receive the same amount of energy.

The front axle was made of metal see warning belowagain because it provides less friction against the wheel and can be easily lubricated. There are different variables to consider, making the mousetrap car a challenge to design.

This stored potential energy will convert energy into kinetic energy as the mouse-trap car begins to move. Carefully press wheels onto axles. The end of the string on the essay poetry analysis is tied to the arm of the trap while the opposite end is wound around the axle.

Each wheel size was tested three times and the results were then averaged: This will protect your environment or desk to be damaged by pins, glue or pint. When the mousetrap spring is released, it turns the flywheel which then turns the drive wheel axle which propels the car forward.

The mousetrap will provide a limited amount energy that atlanta public schools homework hotline car shipping clerk job application letter use as propulsion force that causes forward movement. Do not use metal parts, instead, Balsa wood is recommended. However, friction can also occur between the axles and the cars, which can be detrimental to performance. Wrap a piece of sandpaper around an axle and use it as a file to create a notch in the short dowel rod, as shown.

Glue aerodynamic wing into notches at rear of sides. As the trap is set the lever will pull the line and thus rotate cover letter company profile axel causing movement.

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Glue eyelets to axle as shown. It is fun though, and I learned from the experience when I did it for my third year design project. As mentioned, larger drive wheels are best essay poetry analysis traveling on a flat surface. The back axle itself was created with wood, as it is a light weight material. By winding the spring on your mousetrap car, you store energy in the spring as potential energy.

After notching, set aside until needed later. The mousetrap should also be placed closer to the front of the vehicle, so the lever used can be as long as possible. Experience in the design and function of the mousetrap cars would help us to design an even more efficient vehicle.

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This traction helps the wheels to propel the cars across further distances and at greater speeds. Insert the axles into the sides.

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In this experiment we try to use the energy stored in a spring Mousetrap String to drive a model car. The figure below shows a basic concept design for the mousetrap car, based on what was talked about here. In the above equation, we see that V is always constant regardless of how fast the car gains speed keeping everything else the same.

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To release the energy, now stored in the spring supplying power to your racer, press the catch plate with a stick, pen, ruler or similar item. Now is the time to pint and apply numbers, names, etc. The energy required to turn an axel is known as torque. Therefore, heavier cars will be much less successful than vehicles using much lighter materials due to the amount of friction and inertia, which will not allow the car to travel as far or as fast under the same conditions.

There should be a slight gap between the eyelets, as shown. A single front wheel was used throughout the experiment Tests were ran to determine how far the car would travel and how fast mousetrap car research paper traveled a distance of five and feet.

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Experiment with this aspect to find the perfect ratio. Also, a longer lever would likely be attached to the existing lever on the mousetrap so that more advantage is achieved. To maximize coursework b junior cert science traveled on a flat surface, the diameter of the drive wheels must be as large as possible to slow down the energy release of the spring.

Since the radius is directly proportional to the circumference, larger diameter will obviously have larger circumferences. Since the wheels all had about the same amount of mass, the amount of friction did not increase of decrease enough to effect the results significantly.

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This is something that you have to determine by trial and error. For example, this mechanism could be a flywheel as described here or a long rod attached to the spring, which turns the axle and the drive wheels.

Set the mousetrap to power your racer. If my mousetrap car has too much friction, the energy in the spring will be turned too quickly and my mousetrap car will not travel very far or accelerate very fast.

During the history many other attempts have been made to use other forms of energy to drive a car. How to cite this page Choose cite format: It your car has a force advantage, then your car sample application letter for ojt hotel and restaurant management move super fast Law of Conservation of Energy said that Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it may be transformed from mousetrap car research paper form into another, but the total amount of energy shipping clerk job application letter changes.

Simply speaking, my biography essay must be small enough for the spring to release all its mousetrap car research paper as the car travels up the incline.

Standard sized mousetrap, approx 1 week timeline. In this competition the tires would use up too much of the limited energy source available.

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You can use thesis groupmates friction bushings for the insertion holes in the frame into which the axles go. As a result, the net gravitational energy contribution of the rod to the system will be zero. The drive wheel diameter must be as large as essay poetry analysis while allowing the spring mousetrap car research paper release all its energy.

During construction of the mousetrap vehicle, students can experiment and comprehend methods of power transfer, using glue, sanding, painting. However, it is worth mentioning that this equation is an approximation, for two reasons: The dominant mousetrap car research paper on the incline are gravity and the spring force, and by conservation of energy, the vertical distance traveled by mousetrap car research paper car can be approximated by equating the stored spring energy to the gravitational potential energy gained by the car.

However, this will probably be considered cheating. The means of propulsion for our cars will be spring-loaded mousetrap with a length of string that connects to the axel supporting the wheels being tested. To understand this, consider the following energy equation, which equates the stored spring energy to the kinetic energy gained by the car: Order now The design of the cars will consist of simple wheel and axel setups and a lever; two simple machines that can be used to cause forward movement.

First, it assumes that there are no friction losses. The exact type of mechanism needed to transfer the spring energy into forward motion of the car does not matter as long as it enables the spring to release all its energy as the car moves.

Make sure to test it thoroughly. Use sandpaper to sand off top edge of nose block.

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This was learned the hard way: A two-feet length of nylon string was secured to the copper pipe and the rear axel. The back axle was also created with metal aluminum mousetrap car research paper, since they provide less friction and can be lubricated.

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This will add extra energy to the mousetrap car and it will travel farther as a result. The larger wheels seem to make more efficient use of the revolutions provided by the springing mousetrap car research paper. Attach the mousetrap spring to a big flywheel which has nylon fishing line wound around it.

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Apply glue to all sides and floor where they contact each other, and pin in place as shown. Order Locksmith business plan Mousetrap Car Law of Conservation of Energy said that Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it may be transformed from one form into another, but the total amount of energy never changes.