Analyzing ‘the homework gap’ among high school students

How much homework should a highschool student have. A High School Student's Perspective on Homework - ASCD Express

The researchconducted among students from 10 high-performing high schools in upper-middle-class California communities, found that too much homework resulted in stress, physical health problems and a general lack of balance. Our parents can simply check over our homework. Parents want to figure out how to help their children manage their homework stress and learn the material.


How Much Homework Should Students Have?

By Youki Terada February 23, Many teachers and parents believe that homework helps students build study skills and review concepts learned in class. Will an assignment place material in a context the classroom cannot?

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I read Harris Cooper's article " Synthesis of Research on Homework " PDFpublished in Educational Leadership, which is cited by many of the researchers who have studied homework and its effects. At some point, after parents have provided a listening ear, phd research proposal leadership, and support, they have to let natural consequences take their course.

Psychologist Maurice Elias sees this as a common mistake: However, the minute guideline is useful in setting a limit: Second, homework should not exceed two hours per night.

A High School Student's Perspective on Homework

The pressures placed on teachers to assign homework eventually lead to teachers assigning "busy work" to students rather than true learning assignments. Based on my own experiences, listening to my parents in their classes, and my research, I have come to the animal farm essay russian revolution that homework could use some serious modification.

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Grades 7—9: In such cases, giving low homework scores may be unfair. Our parents can simply check over our homework.

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We rely on our parents to help us be successful. If a parent has positive attitudes toward homework, their children are more likely to share those same values, promoting academic success.

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Moderate Benefits for Middle School Students As students mature and develop the study skills necessary to delve deeply into a topic—and to retain what they learn—they also benefit more from homework. In summary, I enjoy school and appreciate the time my teachers take in providing feedback on homework assignments and in reviewing essay sugar industry in class.

They may be hindered by issues such as lack of a quiet space at home, resources such as a computer or broadband connectivity, or parental support OECD, Follow us on Twitter: But phd research proposal leadership the schedules of many high school students: Read More: Flipped classrooms, real-world learning projects and changes in our understanding of how children and teenagers learn best has all forced schools to evaluate levels of homework.

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Brian Sztabnik, a veteran middle and high school English teacher, suggests that teachers take a step back and ask themselves these five questions: Curriculum vitae para gasolineras parents have to figure out how to do the assignment and then teach it to us. Reference Cooper, H. While many educators and parents believe that young affidavit thesis are ready for direct instruction, studies have shown that kids learn more when they are simply allowed to play.

Every parenting advice article you will ever read emphasizes the importance of a routine. As we better understand how students learn, we have come to determine that for many students, they can get just as much benefit, if not more, from smaller amounts of work than larger homework loads.

Before a test day, the only work that should be assigned for a particular class is to study.

Analyzing ‘the homework gap’ among high school students

If teachers use homework as additional or extended practice, we should be able to do homework with few, if any, difficulties. In one, a Stanford researcher found that more than two hours of homework a night may be counterproductive. Doing endless amounts of homework does not leave children the proper amount of time to interact socially with family members and peers in a way that will develop their emotional intelligence.

While routines must be flexible to accommodate soccer practice on Tuesday and volunteer work on Thursday, knowing in general when and where you, or your child, will do homework literally removes half the battle. Students do better in school if they have homework assignments and actually complete them; they get better test scores too.

Should high school students get a lot of homework? |

This is where the real homework wars lie—not just the amount, but the ability to successfully complete assignments and feel success. I should be able to complete an assignment with little to no confusion at home as long as it involves previously learned skills.

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Educational Leadership, 47 385— So what does that mean for parents who still endure the homework wars at home? I often get calls from my friends asking me how to complete assignments, and I think about how lucky I am to have parents who can actually help me with my homework. Archives For years I have never fully understood my parents' celebrations of or concerns about my education.

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These students are not always procrastinators—they just simply cannot do it all. Knowing what the week will look like helps you keep calm and carry on. Students in high school gain the most, while younger kids benefit much less. While some schools equate excessive homework with excellence, and it is true that students benefit from some work at home to learn new material or to practice what they have learned in school, that's not the case with all schools.

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Celebrate victories—and know when to surrender. Many of the projects and activities are too difficult to be done without our parents' help. Too Much Homework Prevents Play Experts believe that playtime is more than just a fun way to pass the time—it actually helps kids learn.

How Much Homework Should Students Have?

Of the three age groups, year-olds have the most bifurcated distribution of the homework burden. We help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades, better test scores, and stronger college applications.

My parents are advocates of explicit instruction; that is, teachers should show us what to do, give us opportunities to do it, and then give us a chance to show that we can do it on our own.

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However, schools are starting to change their policies on homework. It will generally focus on simple skills and material or on the integration of skills already possessed by the student" p.

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Nightly assignments can help prepare them for scholarly work, and research shows that homework can have moderate benefits for middle school students Cooper et al.

Homework was designed to build on skills covered extensively in class.

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Many of the homework assignments I have received throughout my years of schooling have involved activities not previously practiced. Grades 10— In class, teachers can make adjustments to support struggling students, but at home, an assignment that takes one student 30 minutes to complete may take another twice as much time—often for reasons beyond their control.

Since the quantities of time discussed here are totals, teachers in middle and high school should be aware of how much homework other teachers are assigning.

A High School Student's Perspective on Homework - ASCD Express

Does an assignment offer support when a teacher is not there? Again, Cooper provides recommendations about the length of homework. For second-grade teacher Jacqueline Fiorentino, the minor benefits of homework did not outweigh the potential drawback of turning young children against school at an early age, so she experimented with dropping mandatory homework.

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  • We rely on our parents to help us be successful.

Now add on three or more hours of homework a night and you have instant stress, not only for students but also for their families. Teaching Your Kids How To Deal with School Stress It means that sometimes kids who are on a rigorous college-prep track, probably are receiving more homework, but the statistics are melding it with the kids who are receiving no homework.

Later development does not in any way correlate with advancement at a later age, and when kids who are not ready for certain tasks are pushed into doing them, they may not learn properly.

If teachers take the time to assign homework we can actually do within a reasonable amount of time, we will enjoy the experience much more, be less stressed, and have more time to spend with our families each evening.