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Low Socio-economic Status Teens who become pregnant often come from families of low socio-economic status. To aware them from the effect that may occur. Media Influence The media has a large effect on teen pregnancy, especially shows such as " Teen Mom " and " 16 and Pregnant ". These causes can have devastating effects on the teen and the newborn in the household.


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They are likely to be missing a father figure, leaving them with fewer role models and increased chances of confiding in other children in the same situation. Early teenage pregnancy essay, these young girls are forced to delay and postpone any plans for their future in order to raise their child [1].

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Though abstinence programs creative pictures for creative writing been the sole type of sex education program funded by the government in the past, comprehensive programs are the future.

It causes countless, dodge able problems if the right choices are made and you have a good support system around you. Children and teens should be able to approach their parents and ask for their time whenever in need.

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Options, Outcomes, and Impacts Background While teen-pregnancy has continued a steady decline in the last two decades, the United States still has among the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the Western world. There is an increase in conflict which may lead to breakups, leaving the homework carbohydrates to be a single parent or even violence within the relationship [5].

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Although some teenage pregnancies are intentional, the majority of them are unintentional and lead to many negative outcomes for the teenage mother, the child as well as other family and peers [1].

Drinking excessively as well as experimenting drugs may lead to unwanted and unintentional pregnancy.

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In conclusion, abstinence based sex education programs should be completely replaced by comprehensive homework carbohydrates education programs that discuss sex more in depth for students. These children grow up to have low educational goals and successes because of the lack of involvement from their own parents.

Why did the parent-child sex talk… Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy Words 7 Pages negative media teenage mothers struggle to find the positive sides to motherhood.

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She must have been no older than seventeen, but was so obviously pregnant. These young kids then predisposed to a negative environment end up with less ambition to succeed in school and begin making friendships with other teens who are going through similar situations as them.

Each sample for resume cover letter has the right to choose, to live, to express their feelings, beliefs, ideas, opinions and to even decide for their future.

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Essentially, the birth of this child becomes the beginning of a perpetual cycle in many cases. These children are more likely to use birth control or other contraceptives and make better decisions in regards to sexual behaviours [3].

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These causes can have devastating effects on the teen and the newborn in the household. Young women can suffer from things such as anaemia as well as blood pressure which is only possible during pregnancy [5].

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Growing up, these children often come from families who are suffering from poverty and do not have all the necessary resources to raise their child. Low-income communities have the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the United States. This did not surprise me since this is something common here in the Imperial Valley; we have such a high rate of teen pregnancy.

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That is nearlyteen pregnancies in a year 1 HHS Pg. To wrap it all up, teen pregnancy is a major issue that should try to be prevented as much as it can.

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Early Life Pregnancies: Early teenage pregnancy essay are not fully ready to become adults like the stress that follows during the pregnancy. As a result of that, it has been proven that students who are in those comprehensive sex education classes are significantly less likely to get pregnant as an adolescent.

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Because of the fact that this is a very controversial issue in the United States, it is very important that most questions be addressed. From the collected information, most of the countries had the consent age 16 years old.

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The children are likely to be born underweight and prematurely, which is detrimental to their health and may even result in infant mortality [5]. Abstinence programs use those scare tactics to prevent pregnancies; whereas, in comprehensive sex education programs, birth control is creative history homework ideas. On the other side, some countries had younger consent age as Mexico, Argentina… also had a very hight rate.

Some effects of early pregnancy will include an unexpected rise of responsibility for the teen and can cause many health concerns for both teen and newborn child.