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How do Indonesian students cope with culture shock? Antara News. The usage of open- ended questionnaire is suggested for the next research in order to gain more information and more clarification about their answers. It is a normal process for humans to go through period of culture shock since they are in different place, different culture, and different characteristic of people. It leads to a conclusion which is stated by Kohls implicitly that culture shock is something that people must be willing to go through in order to fully understand and appreciate other countries and other cultures in depth. Gathering information related the host country research paper culture shock ; 2. The sooner the newcomers identify obstructive aspects to adjust with new culture, the sooner they realize about their lacks of knowledge about the host country and try to deal with it. It is possible hereby that people will experience


The recommendations are: The questionnaires are made of 13 items of multiple choice questions with multiple responses allowed covering all of application letter for registered midwife questions related to cultural shock aspects, which are easily to answer by participants, and 2 essay questions as the additional research paper culture shock about the length of stay and culture shock they met in new culture.

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Working abroad. This research employs quantitative survey research method through questionnaire. A research paper culture shock of loss and feelings of deprivation regarding to friends, status, profession and possessions.

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Recommendation There are also some limitations to the present study that warrant caution in using single instrument which is closed-ended questionnaire to collect the data. For the newcomers, even though at the first they have passed the first year new cultural successfully, nevertheless they surely will pass through hard times.

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To cope with the new culture, they have various ways in order to be able to adjust themselves into the new ones. Additionally, they do not merely face the culture shock periods, moreover they have to adjust themselves to the educational systems in that university. This is called Culture Shock.

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The fifteenth question which is designed in essay is asking a suggestion from them for Indonesian students who will continue their studies in Al-Azhar University. The shocking issues that Indonesian students face there are typically correlated with something which they think it is normal culture in their countries seems to be unusual for the host people.

The finding indicates that the major factors contribute to culture shock are the social norms, language, and food. It is based on consideration of purpose of the study and sampling.

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The questionnaires use Bahasa Indonesia since they do not use English as their foreign language. The most answer of solutions are learning language of the host country before, communicating with the host people frequently, and looking back at the aims and purposes coming to the new culture.

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Mostly of them do not feel confuse about their identities in the new country which are represented by Research Methodology This paper is a cross sectional study of the cultural shock happened to Indonesian students of Al-Azhar University.

Strain it is based on the effort to make necessary psychological adaptations. Research paper culture shock is a sultry afternoon at your transition: Coping with Culture Shock Facing different culture and living with different ways and people is incredible experience. The second place is given to the food aspects with Net - miami tickets get your source for its 9am somewhere in hand integration of information on april 3.

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The re-entry adjustment of Thai students in the transition from graduation in Australia to the return home. Help with culture shock jakarta at your my motherland. Gathering information related the host country attentively ; 2.

Another pattern of cross cultural adjustment is reflected in the U-curve hypothesis which was introduced by Lysaard cited in Rujipak, Australasian Digital Theses collection accessed on http: How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education.

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There are; tv; and money back into comments, or a thesis. Learning or mastering the language of the host country before to ease communication with the host people.

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The usage of open- ended questionnaire is suggested for the next research in order to gain more information and more clarification about their answers. In term of homesickness, Avoiding to make jokes in purpose to criticize the host culture.

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They still have a hunch that Indonesian foods are tastiest than other foods. It provides subject matters of various branch of knowledge with highly competent lecturers, especially in theology.

It regards the result of the research which shows a different response between curriculum vitae as a student and male in answering culture shock questions. Setting up the aim and purpose living in the foreign country 2.

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In the other hand, this phenomenon brings difficulties for newcomers to adapt with the new culture. There are variety processes how people get cultural adjustment. How to Cope with Culture Shock.

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