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The city of Semipalatinsk is about miles from the testing site. The regime of limited economic activity is established for a considerable part of forests. Reclamation constructions channels, irrigation systems, ponds, reservoirs ; 3. As the level of the Aral Sea has dropped the island has become a peninsula connected to the mainland. Erosion control measures are performed in the republic within the area exceeding 20, ha. The atmosphere was friendly, people were earning good money and we were provided with everything. Plants in industrial centers lack controls on how to write an persuasive essay conclusion into the air and water. Russians are the largest polluters of the Caspian Sea.


Land is also being deteriorated.

Everyone wanted to look, watch the plane, and see the mushroom. The use of leaded gasoline is prohibited only in certain regions of the republic. This has caused severe environmental problems in the Aral Sea Basin, including the destruction of wildlife habitat as a result of desertification a process whereby previously habitable or arable land becomes desert.

In Kazakhstan, leading human rights activist Yevgeny Zhovtis was recently transferred to a labor camp after receiving the maximum sentence for vehicular manslaughter after striking and essay audience analysis a man in a car accident.


Forest land is concentrated along the Chinese and Kyrgyz border and north of the Fergana Valley. Therefore, we recommend that the following basic hygienic requirements be observed: Pollutants are burned in gas flares and water bodies around the oil complex are home to flamingos and other birds.

It is necessary to prohibit the use of leaded gasoline throughout the Kazakhstan, and to create an active system for monitoring and enforcement. Also, as the Aral Sea is drying up, it leaves harmful layers of chemical pesticides and natural salts, which are occasionally picked up by the wind and get blown into dust storms.

The Environment Ministry is expected to make a decision on opening up much of the land for grazing. Some believe that some areas of Kazakhstan will not have any wildlife by the year The atmosphere was friendly, people were earning good money and we were provided with everything.

Other environmental issues in Kazakhstan include soil pollution from the overuse of pesticides in agriculture and the increasingly polluted waters after the bomb creative writing samples the Caspian Sea.


Much attention is given in Kazakhstan to the forest protection and to the development of reserves. Here punishment: About 10 tonnes of fresh high-enriched uranium was sent to the Ulba plant at Ust-Kamenogorsk for downblending to low-enriched uranium. An estimated 1.

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  2. The sea began to shrink rapidly when sharply increased irrigation and other demands on the only significant tributaries, the Syrdariya and the Amu Darya the latter reaching the Aral from neighboring Uzbekistanall but eliminated inflow.
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One of the most acute is the problem of the Aral Sea basin. Soil pollution from overuse of agricultural chemicals and salination from poor infrastructure and wasteful irrigation practices.

One of every three children born in essay ecological problems of kazakhstan Semipalatinsk region has mental or physical defects, and about half the population suffers from immune system deficiencies. In various countries of the world, significant positive experience has been accumulated with regard to decreasing the impact of lead on the health of children. Lead and lead compounds are polytrophic poisons that is, they act on various organs and body systemsand primarily cause changes in the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as disrupting fermentation reactions and vitamin exchange, and lowering immunobiological activity.

Health Problems Related to Nuclear Testing Although nuclear testing was halted inradiation poisoning, after the bomb creative writing samples defects, severe anemia, and leukemia are very common in the area.

The rate of stillborn births, birth defects and cancer is high among xcaret case study people living around Semipalatinsk.

The ecological problems of kazakhstan essay

Information regarding the dangers of lead intoxication in children and means for preventing it should be distributed essay ecological problems of kazakhstan in the mass media. Residents of the village of Berezovka are fighting for relocation and compensation from the environmental harm that they have incurred from the emissions from the nearby Karachaganak oil and gas field.

The U. The IAEA concluded that due to budgetary and other constraints, the most appropriate remedial action initially would be to restrict access by people and cattle to those areas. Pollution in the Caspian Sea is also a problem. Received in revised form July 8, Lead and its toxic compounds are dangerous environmental pollutants. Beisenova Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University, ] The air in the regions, where mineral resources are exploited is significantly polluted.

Evidence suggests that salts, pesticides, and residues of chemical fertilizers are also adversely affecting human life around the former Aral Sea; infant mortality in the essay ecological problems of kazakhstan approaches 10 percent, compared with essay ecological problems of kazakhstan national rate of 2.

Alia S. Dangerous chemical emissions include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, carbon dioxides, benzypyrene, and dust particles. The city of Semipalatinsk is about miles from the testing site.

Antoine Blua of Radio Free Europe wrote: Used fuel has been stored at site, as is tonnes of radioactive sodium. Pollutant concentrations in these cities are five to ten times greater than MPC limits. In the first week of the movement's existence, Nevada-Semipalatinsk gathered more than 2 million signatures from Kazakhstanis of all ethnic groups on a petition to Gorbachev demanding the end of nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.

How to write an amazing cover letter sample only are deposits of lead ore refined within the country, but large metallurgical enterprises are in operation as well the Ust-Kamenogorsk Lead and Zinc Combine, the Yuzhpolimetall company, and others. Also, emissions from lead and zinc smelters lead to urban pollution.

A lot of Kazakhstan is around industrial centers because of opportunities for jobs in those areas. Apart from air pollution there is also pollution of surface waters and other components of the biosphere in the industrially developed regions.

Its western part can dry out completely while its eastern part can turn into salty land. In some parts of Kazakhstan where pollution is already very high, 11 mammal species and 19 bird and insect species have already gone extinct, and 15 mammal species, 15 bird species, 5 different types of freshwater fish, and 36 plant species are threatened to go extinct as of The Aral Sea has shrunk to less than half its former size since the early s, when the Soviet government initiated a drive to increase cotton yields in the arid lands of Rutgers thesis library Asia.


The main causes of soil degradation in Kazakhstan are unsustainable agricultural practices, excessive use of pastures for animal feeding, and deforestation. Educational seminars should be held for parents as well.

As ofabout 4. Soil protection from water and wind erosion, control over salinization through the introduction of the appropriate crop rotation, planting of the forest shelter belts, consolidation and afforestation of gullies and ravines, land reclamation are important directions of environmental protection.

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Thousands of animals were shipped to the island, where they were subjected to anthrax, smallpox, plague, brucellosis, and other biological agents. No biological agents have been found in the dust since then, but sporadic outbreaks of plague afflict the surrounding region. Plants in industrial centers lack controls on effluents into the air and water.

In order for such negative effects to appear in children, the falling of tiny particles of paint, contaminated soil, etc. According to some calculations some people were exposed to the same amount of radiation as the people that people were a half kilometer from ground zero of the of the Hiroshima explosion. One boy pictue, There is one boy with a distorted head, who eyes are completely swollen shut.

Kazakhstan's soil pollution is also an area that should be looked into. Greater than one million people living in Kazakhstan were exposed to very dangerous and high levels of radiation.

Industrial enterprises As a rule, such pollution is localized in the zone where the polluting enterprises are located. At the same time, lead content higher than the norm was found in the blood of As the level of the Aral Sea has dropped the island has become a peninsula connected to the essay audience analysis.

The mean amount by which the level of lead exceeded the problem solving electrical circuit was 2. Pathogens of dysentery, enteric fever, paratyphoid, hepatitis, and also such hazardous substances as DDT, benzene hexachlonde BHCetc.

This problem is that the Aral Sea has almost vanished.

In some instances, it is necessary to change the profile of the preschools or move them to a different neighborhood, and also work to restore the damaged environment.

Around 1, people lived there at its height. Efforts to address the crisis have focused on preventing further shrinkage of the Aral Sea, mainly because the damage is so severe that it is practically irreversible. If this strain somehow spread to a scavenger and then the people there could be a very serious problem. The adjacent area has turned into lifeless desert. Pollution from industrial and agricultural sources damages the water supply, too.

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In the s, the descendant government has established a Ministry of Ecology and Bioresources, with a separate administration for radioecology, but the ministry's programs are underfunded and given low priority. Various chemical used for plant protection, defoliants, pesticides, and fertilizers pollute both the environmental and food.

A joint US-Russian project with Kazakh assistance over removed a significant quantity of high-enriched essay ecological problems of kazakhstan and plutonium from the Semipalatinsk site, and encased more material discussion chapter of dissertation concrete. According to one estimate 19 million acres of land in Kazakhstan has been rendered unusable by tests.

Studies were conducted in the cities of Xcaret case study, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taldykorgan, Tekeli, Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, and Kyzylorda; more than children and 27 preschool establishments were examined, more than analyses of the quality of paints, toys, and dishes essay audience analysis, and express-surveys of soil pollution taken.

For the Republic of Kazakhstan, the problem of lead pollution is especially urgent.

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With all this pollution, there are many more environmental issues in Kazakhstan. Almaty, is particularly threatened, in part because of the postindependence boom in private automobile ownership. The regime of limited economic activity is established for a considerable part of forests.

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Environmental issues in Kazakhstan Environmental issues in Kazakhstan The environment of Kazakhstan began essay ecological problems of kazakhstan suffer serious harm during the Soviet period. Increasing salinity and reduced habitat have killed the Aral Sea's fish, hence destroying its once-active fishing industry, and the receding shoreline has left the former port of Xcaret case study more than sixty kilometers from the water's edge.

Nuclear Threat Initiative] Often, such tests were conducted without evacuating or even alerting the local population. Significant shallowing also threatens Lake Balkash. At the present time, no truly effective methods exist for treating children suffering from lead poisoning.

Air pollution results also from spaceships launching at the Baikonur space center. International programs essay ecological problems of kazakhstan save the Aral and Caspian seas have not received meaningful cooperation from Kazakhstan or other member nations. Then after they were exposed, they would be taken to the labs, where we would test the labs, where we would test their blood and monitor the development of a disease in them.

The How to write an persuasive essay conclusion Sea crisis is also associated with a number of health problems, including respiratory infections and parasitic diseases. The USA and Best website for ias essay agreed to ship the material to the area of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in northeast Kazakhstan, west and south of Kurchatov city for storage, and the US National Nuclear Security Administration NNSA designed and purchased dual-purpose transport and storage casks for that purpose.

Atmospheric air is significantly polluted in the regions, where mineral resources are exploited. Afforestation is performed yearly within the area of up to 90, ha. One month later, the provincial administration provided the requested information.

Rates of lung, stomach and skin cancers are particularly high. State Department, concerned that rusting drums of anthrax could fall into the wrong hands, sent a cleanup team there in Its western part can dry out completely while its eastern part can turn into saline lands sor.

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She tried to hide her mistake but her accident was discovered. An estimated millions tons of radioactive waste is buried in Kazakhstan. The peninsula is uninhabited except for the occasion scavenger that goes there. Medical examination and treatment. The primary sources of lead pollution are discharges from industrial enterprises Nazarbayevleaded xcaret case study Perlstein, Attalaand lead-containing paints and finishes used in construction and in the manufactire of dishware, toys, and other everyday objects Bellinger et al.

However, the majority of such studies have been devoted to individual regions or industrial enterprises. The depletion of this large body of discussion chapter of dissertation has increased temperature variations in the region, which in turn have had an impact on agriculture. This entailed negative consequences for the natural environment, economic activity possibilities, and human health.

The ecological problems of kazakhstan essay?

Relying on the criteria developed by the World Health Organization, we can assert that among all of the children studied in Kazakhstan, approximately 5. In formulating a government order for scientific research, priority should be given to hygienic research aimed at developing measures for preventing lead poisoning.

Ina nuclear bomb was detonated underground to create a reservoir 65 miles southwest of Semey. In light of the diverse pathways by which lead can penetrate the body, it is necessary to develop a system of constant monitoring, and to conduct regular and comprehensive studies essay ecological problems of kazakhstan ecological problems of kazakhstan order to discover children suffering from the danger of lead intoxication.

A specific law covers radioactive waste management, and a new radioactive waste storage and disposal system is under consideration. Between and the Soviet government conducted about 70 percent of all of its nuclear testing in Kazakhstan, mostly in the north-eastern area near the city of Semipalatinsk now Semey.