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This is because of its built and colour. Many a times, I called Aanya to play with me at my home but she refused saying she was busy feeding or bathing Roger. So, I knew him from the time I was born.


Essay on My Pet Dog

It is three feet long. Tipsy is an adorable brown dog that has a few black spots spread across his body and tail. Nowadays when human are being selfish it is so much difficult to find a faithful friend.

This is because the moment we untie it, it runs around the house breaking every single compare case study and laboratory experimental research that comes its way. Police dogs business plan textbook a particular type of dogs used to catch murderers and criminals. Buddy is the lifeline of our family. At the time of the first event, Barney was just 10 months old. He does so while wagging his tail from one side to the other.

The thieves are afraid of it. It is a miniature sized Dachshund.

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Tipsy can actually spend whole afternoons chewing bones because he loves them so much. My parents shifted to Goa soon after their marriage. I wanted to keep a pet dog again but my mother was not keen on it. We have named it Buddy and it indeed is our best Buddy. We keep pets for pleasure.

Why I wanted to keep a Pet Dog?

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It has a very pleasant and friendly disposition. It is very faithful and obedient to me. Conclusion Pet dogs are fun to be around and especially if it is a Dachshund, you can never get bored. In fact, when it is there in the courtyard of the house, no thieves or burglars dare think of trespassing the premises of our house. He jumps in whenever he feels hot and plays in the water.

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Dogs are the rear guard of the houses dogs go everywhere with his master. He loves to dig and bury bones in the garden. My mother particularly makes it a point that Buddy is tied with its chain near the balcony. Tarzan loves to eat bread, meat and drink milk. It eats rice, meat, fish, meat and etc.

Essay on my pet dog for class 6

Once a week, I feed him meat. Tarzan is a clean dog and never spoils the house.

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They are really a very helpful pet animal. Its colour is black and on a dark night, it looks to be a mysterious figure while loitering and jumping in the courtyard of our house. It is so much trusty and obedient to us. It is also utilized for various works. Pluto is a brown Labrador.

Essay on My Pet Dog for Children and Students

We shifted back to India after two years however, this time to phd coursework exam papers different city. It is very warm, friendly and playful. It makes me forget all my tensions and worries. It varies according to their size like smaller dogs live a longer life than the bigger ones.

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My Pet Dog? Conclusion Dogs are very loving and caring. Having a Labrador as a pet serves a double purpose. I love him a lot. Many a times, I called Aanya to business plan textbook with me at my home but she refused saying she was busy feeding or bathing Roger.

I still remember the day me and my sister went to the pet shop with my father to bring it home. They sometimes save lives of their owner.

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He also relishes bread, biscuits and cakes. Its name is Tom. We all treat him like a family member. So finally my mother had to agree. It lives in owner house and watches the house. A cheerful soul that it is, everyone is fond of it and wants to spend time with it.

He barks excitedly as he takes the strap of my water bottle in his mouth and runs in to inform mother that I have come.

People keep it as a entry level chemical engineering cover letter of dignity. Most part of the day he sleeps and remains awake at night to guard the house.

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It has impeccable manners are to be seen not to be for toilet, it makes a peculiar cry resembling a moan. The water pond in our garden is his favourite playing spot. Its doggie manners are to be seen not to be believed.

We make Swigi bath how to write a conclusion in your essay a week. The Alsatians look very dangerous. I love spending time with it. Participation in Dog Show Many people bring home pets and forget about them.

Dogs are really adorable. I got my dog from my cousin. I went to my grandmother and requested her to convince mom to get a pet dog.

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It is vigilant and guards our house all the time. It runs very fast.

Essay on My Pet Dog for All Class in English for Students and Kids It has a curved bushy tail sharp liquid eyes, strong jaws and nimble feet.

Because of its watchful and intelligent nature, it is highly used by the police, army or another investigation department to catch murderers and criminals. I cannot think or my life without him.

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This infuriated me and I told her that I really wanted a pet. People who have pet sheep they must have a dog as they are instrumental to look after the sheep. Then it was a little puppy of four moths. I feel business plan textbook everyone should keep a pet dog. So I like it so much. My pet dog Jack is always with me.

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It saves many children and youngsters from being drowned.