BI UPSR - Selangkah Menuju Kecemerlangan


Her mother cried out as she fell. They were given brooms, dustbins and plastic bags. They were happy with their good deed. Then they buried the unwanted things for they could be breeding places for mosquitoes. Anisa hung up after saying goodbye and went back to her mother. While they were swinging happily, suddenly, his friend, Aiman fell down onto the ground.


The teacher praised them.

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Her class teacher praised her for good deed. They went camping.

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Complete the table using the information given in the advertisement. When they arrived at the campsite, they pitched their tents near a stream.

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There was also a shady tree nearby. They were satisfied with their good job. Then he was sent to the nearby hospital for further treatment. They went there by bus.

BI UPSR - Selangkah Menuju Kecemerlangan

The boy fell down on the floor. Some men trimmed excellent english essay upsr bushes and the trees. Hope that they will keep improving their EL. Suddenly, one of the boys who were playing on the swing fell onto the ground. Their father is watching them playing in the garden.

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The doctor prescribed her some medicine and ointment. Everyone gathered at the playground at 8.

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They heated the canned food that pay it forward essay questions had brought along with them. It took about twenty minutes to reach their destination.

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The park was beautiful. He quickly helped him. Immediately, his friend helped him.

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Some pupils helped their teachers to hang the flags and banners at the tents. Along the journey, they often grin from ear to ear.

UPSR Paper 2 Section C

Although they were very tired, they were very proud and satisfied with their hard work. Since they had a beautiful garden, it was not uncommon to excellent english essay upsr a few bees buzzing around. He treated it and fed it with milk. As her mother uprooting the last plant, a bee flew by and stung in her arm.

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Anisa's mother cried out in pain as the stung area swelled within minutes. They bathed and played happily in the water.

He apologized to Chan and the small boy. Ain and Nurul always smile and invite many people, mostly housewives, to their stall.

BI UPSR - Selangkah Menuju Kecemerlangan

All pupils worked together to clean up their school compound. Suddenly, a little girl fell down. They both had green hands. Ali ran as fast as lightning and he finally won the race.


Which toy would you choose? He apologized to her. In a jiffy, her father arrived. He called his friend, Aiman to join him. Ani bought a bowl of noodle and gave it to her.

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He picked up his wife and they went to the nearby clinic. The children collected the rubbish and put them into the plastic bags. Suddenly, he spotted a big and beautiful butterfly. After that they were divided into groups.

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The residents brought the gardening tools such as hoe, sickle, rake and shears. They walked there together. She held the plate. The boys played on the swing happily.

She was responsible.