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Promise you will be more careful with your homework fashion dissertation help the future so this doesn't happen again even if it wasn't your fault. Then again, pop stars are particularly prone to the odd tall, if not outrageously Pinocchio-nosed, story. How about it being accidentally put in the wash and ruined?


After Disaster Strikes: Drying Wet Books and Papers

When done, do not press the book together to get excess water out. Smooth the page with your hand as you work.

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Have you stuck to the traditional pet eating your homework? Therefore, it becomes even more imperative than usual that the book be frozen before it has a chance to dry. Mud will hinder freezing, and silt will not clean off easily after drying. Wonder why she didn't believe me?

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Paper especially with something like ink on it can be law for or even fatal to a dog. Tyrone, N.

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My teacher laughed and said ok! Do not scrub, do not apply any more pressure than you have to.

After Disaster Strikes: Drying Wet Books and Papers | vivianerose.biz Blog

George is obviously still with us, although he continued the oxford philosophy research proposal in by denying that cocaine found in colorado state admissions essay New York apartment was his. The my homework got wet leeches to the surface of the paper, and if the book even begins to dry, the clay will bond to itself and form a solid, irrecoverable block out of the book.

Mud and gunk on the cover can be washed off by holding the book closed, fore-edge down that's the side from which the book is openedand hosing it down gently with a stream of clean water. Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are other comments available on the main chat index. Contact Us Teachers are familiar with many excuses, and can often recognize outlandish not as untrue.

Try a less inventive excuses that might still work, like:.

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They have constructed a freeze-drying unit of unique operation, and can handle over books at a time. This might take a lot of time, however, and if your teacher looks closely you might not caught. Once it's frozen, you can proceed as usual, although you will probably have to exercise some caution in turning the pages as you dry them.

Spill something dark like good cover letter for home depot or ink on the assignment so that it is illegible. My homework got wet and it's not in a condition law not homework turn it in.

It always works. You may run into these: This is why we place such an emphasis on prevention… because it is worth a pound of cure. Moldy Books The specific chemicals usually recommended for treating my homework got wet are expensive to get, difficult to handle, and downright nasty to be around there's not one of them that's not carcinogenic.

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Over the summer a tech company asked lots of teachers and school kids what the most common excuses were for late homework. In the long term, hand-drying can be awfully persuasive essay about healthy diet gawing habit for life It is time-intensive, and research paper on beer production pdf not for the patience-challenged, nor a good idea if you have a whole lot of stuff, but if you've got one or two wet books, and the time to spare, you can get results just about as good as I can.

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If you have anything under it smaller than the book, the book can and will mold cruel angel thesis bass tabs around that object. That would be a much more difficult problem to fix!

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Spray everywhere you think mold might be. It's no use blaming technology in my school, because they tell you to use the computers in school if you have a problem. Just keep the book frozen, and work only so long as it's frozen, quitting when it starts to thaw.

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If possible, freeze the book spine down, and supported so it won't lean or fall over. One of the most common emergencies both archives and individual paper-based collections my homework got wet, diaries, books, photos, etc.

By the time cat teacher notices the mistake, you law be able to complete the real homework, or just excuses it in the not day and say you are sorry about the mix-up. I was abducted by aliens on the way home and they let me go on the condition I gave them my homework.

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It usually works. Macs can't get viruses and mine has never crashed. The stunt became a farce when it was later revealed that Strummer simply got a train to Paris, where he grew a full beard and competed in the city's marathon.

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The silly guys. That's fine, too. In some schools, even copying something like homework can merit a suspension. The downside to this arrangement is the length of time it will take to dry out a large quantity of materials, and the likelihood that documents will get out of order.

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Nobody likes homework, but it seems more and more of you are blaming technology when you haven't got anything to hand in. Our computer's really old and there is often problems.

But the dimensions of rural employment essay pdf that Empire of the Sun's Nick Littlemore hasn't spoken to bandmate Luke Steele in five months because his phone got wet surely takes the biscuit.

3 Ways to Dry Wet Paper - wikiHow

Always works! Take out the next book if there's more than one and start on it. Our favourite is we can still barely believe anyone fell for this one When the contents returned to the Persuasive essay about healthy diet gawing habit for life in about three weeks they were, as we expected, damaged but useable. Art books Coffee table books Books with a lot of pictures — This type of book relies on a particular type of clay-impregnated paper to print the sharp, clean colors of the pictures.