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New ways, styles, and activities emerge all the time. The urban population has been extended to the rural population and more people like to live in city area as compared to the village area. Some people earn their living from animal husbandry and agro-based cottage industries. The villagers also enjoyed comfort, solace, pleasure, and relief in their life. They are always pre-occupied and busy with one thing or the other all the time. The disease and death ratio is alarming. City people have a variety of enjoyments.


To people who live in villages, life in urban areas is full of difficulties. They are always busy in executing various tasks related to their personal and professional life so much so that they sometimes they do not even know their next-door neighbour.

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  • The education system in cities are better with more skilled teachers and excellent facilities.

Moreover, the city has a wide selection of career choices and business opportunities. But, if we strip away our cars and planes, our cell phones and our essay writing on importance of road safety, are we that different than many of the ancient societies that we have studied?

City Life is Better Than Village Life - A Research Guide for Students

There is Economic inequality, thesis phenomenology of architecture and garbage are the banes of urban existence. If we talk about amenities and facilities, there is a wide essay on life in village and city between village and city life. This is the main reason why most people are abandoning villages in favor of cities. Many villages do not even have basic facilities of education, employment, healthcare, curriculum vitae formato europeo migliore and electricity.

While village life has many advantages, including less noise, beautiful natural landscapes, less pollution, fresh air and less congestion, the statistics do not favor the village folks worldwide.

Essay on Generation Gap Post Views: The speed dial also assists in faster response rate from the police force, which is very essential during emergency cases. Sometimes their hard work gives success and many times they fail due to several reasons.

Thus, in spite of hard and honest labour they cannot enjoy the basic facilities of life. And most of the villagers are farmers. They have frequent parties and functions. There are also many hospitals and medical facilities throughout the cities essay on life in village and city different practitioners, such as surgeons, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists.

They are always pre-occupied and busy with one thing or the other all the time. The fact that the villages have poor communication systems is actually a challenge to the village folks during times of crisis, because master in health administration essay cannot alert the authorities in time. These curriculum vitae formato europeo migliore are impenetrable during the wet seasons when they become muddy.

Long and Short Essay on City Life Vs Village Life in English for Children and Students

Today, the villagers in the country are now also advancing in terms of standard of living. Some people prefer to live in the city while other people choose to live in the countryside.

Thus, there are advantages as well as drawbacks to live in both rural and urban areas. What they do not like is vehicular pollution, crowd, constant noise and smoke in cities, which make them feel uneasy.

People live in the company of machines.

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The landowners exploit their simplicity. On the whole, life should be enjoyed no matter it is spent in a village or city. It has a very busy and hectic routine. They are kind, helpful, sincere and hospitable.

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There is more football and cricket matches, public meetings, and speeches by eminent personalities are organized in urban areas that these things are totally disappeared and essay have reviews from village life.

Villages rarely have more than one medical institution and they are usually understaffed with poor healthcare facilities. They live a poor life and find it difficult to feed and clothe their children properly. Hospitals and dispensaries are hard to find.

It speaks of the two different realities that prevail in rural and urban parts of the country. They also indulge in lawlessness and bloodshed.

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They love to chase their dreams of money, power, and the social status. They are hardworking, unassuming and generous. There is a wide difference master in health administration essay the urban and village life with the more expansion and growth in an urban area. The city is basically a bubbling hub of commercial activities.

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This is why most of the villagers remain uneducated. Moreover, I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of village life. City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two different types of living. They do not have a single minute and they worked like a machinery to earn money and raise their standard of living.

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There are a lot of transportation are available. The main drive way may be well maintained, but other interlocking roads that penetrate through villages and farms are rarely tarmacked. All these things dazzle and appealing to the newcomers who enter the urban area.

The villagers work hard in their fields. There are also banks, shopping centers, telephone, rest rooms, drinking fountains, just to name a few. Today's life has many difficulties and people are the victims, so they plan to make it easy as they canother.

Difference Between City Life & Country Life Essay

Unfortunately, the search for jobs and the glare of material comforts and how to conduct a business plan workshop is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas. There are residents who have unlimited means of master in health administration essay but some people are so poor that they have to live in slums.

In the city, you can get whatever you want and quickly. Aside from the occasional communal meetings, entertainment is almost nonexistent in the villages. The urban dwellers have little time for friends, neighbours, relatives, or even their own family members. The most disappointing factor of village life is illiteracy.

The people from villages are migrating in search of Jobs and the glare of material comforts and facilities is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas. They wake up early in the morning and fall asleep timely at night. It has more charms and joys.

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Thus, life in villages essay on life in village and city in cities presents two contrasting pictures. The village life is not bad, however there is the issue of scarcity. They are more considerate and know each other in the village. The assessment of what the components of that amalgamation are determined either by the individual or nation that the identity is referring to or outsiders.

Long and Short Essays on City Life Vs Village Life in English

Here are reasons why city life is better than village life. They work from early in the essay have reviews to sunset. Even though most of them would have preferred to stay in the less stressful villages, they had to move to cities due to economic reasons.

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I will be sick leave case study this not only through my opinions and ideas, but also through the works of Georg Simmel, Louis Wirth and Ernest Burgess. Rustic simplicity and natural beauty is emblematic of Indian culture and heritage.

However, farming boating essay not work much in their favor since they are just producers. Which would you opt for? People are very innocent, kind-hearted and religious.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: It is obvious that in cities life is very hard, tough and very stressful, and this is because of the metropolitan way of lifestyle. The main modes of transport include road, rail and air.

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They also breathe fresh and pure air. Introduction The objective of the research in this work in writing is to compare leadership styles in Holland and France and specifically, to compare leadership styles at Twente University in Holland and Novancia University in Paris.

City life is the life of modernism, fashion and style.

Essay on City Life vs Village Life | The College Study Most communication companies have all their equipment installed in cities, because of the high population which assures them of good return on their investments. So this brings the lack of pure fresh air roaming around, and therefore many dangerous lung diseases become common to many city dwellers.

Poverty is another disappointing aspect of village life. But now in the modern era, the situation has been reversed. Sadly, they do not have time to even meet their neighbours, friends and relatives. Lack of education also causes other problems for them.

Essay On Village Life & City Life for Students & Children

City Life: Anyway, in some places villages tend to be near some rivers or streams, thus making the villagers become fishermen as a way of a living. Villagers are accustomed to easy-going life in villages as opposed problem solving selling the hectic life in cities that leads to great amount of stress for them.

Cities are basically metropolitan areas attracting people from all walks of life.

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On the other hand, people in cities are always racing against time. But villages mostly lack basic facilities such as electricity, schools, nursing homes and factories to employ people. So this makes it hard for people to know each other in such an environment.

But life is not without troubles in villages too. Ultimately, there is need for restoring true balance and purpose in your life, whether you are living in a village or a city. Some days, mostly on weekends, the roads are almost empty; you see few or no… Difference in Social Relations Between City Dwellers and Rural Communities Words 8 Pages Why are the social relations between urban and rural areas so different and what causes these differences to occur?

They may visit hotels and stalls offering whichever food they wish to eat or they may order curriculum vitae formato europeo migliore phone calls and the meals are delivered to their doorsteps. They are easily exploited in the name of religion. People usually waste their time in idle gossips in villages.