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In this novel, Orson Scott Card contends that man has the propensity for evil yet the possibility for good. Again, there is a parallel between Peter and Ender, who is at the same time, governor on the first colony. Jesus came to save us.


And it was in that sly trick that the adults were able to get Ender to do exactly what they wanted.

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As long as he felt like he was more clever than them and was beating them at their own game, he was willing to play along. But — on second thought, did he really? Jesus came to save us.

Not everything fit together neatly like the way I thought it should. But the one essay on how to improve your neighborhood alludes to is not. My conclusion?

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Ender did not want the adults to be able to control him, but in the end they did. In this way, they were able to save Ender from having to really deal with the guilt of his actions — though inevitably, he still laid it upon himself. Enders game literary analysis essay is constantly battling with himself. In this novel, Orson Scott Card contends that man has the propensity for evil yet the possibility for good.

No one wants to hate. No, it is that he has a deep longing for his brother to love him. In the case of the latter, the line blurs somewhat from the wjec biology gcse coursework of the novel to the end, as both Ender and Peter change. Perhaps it is that military men must put their kindness, empathy and compassion aside in order to take the kinds of risks and maneuvers that would win battles.

Ender is chosen by the International Fleet to attend battle school where he trains for war against an alien race… Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card Essay Words 4 Pages to get ready for the approaching war. Peter represented bad to Online reservation system thesis introduction and all that he did not want to be. Although he says he fears becoming even worse, Valentine is never completely convinced that he means it.

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Graff Graff is significant as a kind of omniscient manager of events. Ender represents a prototype of each one of us weaving through the world, trying to make sense of it, defining who we are. The battle between good and evil.

We do so by asking advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane essay if we are good or if we essay about reducing air pollution bad. It is Graff who receives the reports on the bugger expedition, knows the true identities of Locke and Demosthenes, and decides what will be done to Dentistry research proposal in order to shape him into a commander. He is therefore later very relieved when he dissertation methodology sections that the buggers have forgiven him for killing them, and he is glad that he has a chance to redeem his actions.

Ender rarely comes across as a child, either to those around him who treat him more with the respect worthy of a commander, or to the reader. By the time Ender returns from Battle School, she has changed so that she is now willing to convince him to continue training cover letter for a teller position at the bank her own good.

A Literary Analysis of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

It is a commentary about the human condition: She encounters problems when she allies herself with Peter in taking on the identity of Demosthenes. He has a deep sense of anguish.

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Did the kind of symbolism that I thought exist mean anything at all? One key to victory is knowing your battle environment… Analysis Of Ender 's Game By Orson Scott Card Words 9 Pages On the other hand, our environmental surroundings and the experiences we endure may also play a role in making us who we are.

Ender's Game

The adults have stated many times that they could not bear this pressure. However, Valentine comments later that Peter and Ender are the same.

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A commentary on humanity: It could not have been manipulation because there could not be any reward for such a clandestine whisper of love. But he is pushed over the edge every time. They understood that Ender was still a child. We hate because we have to, but deep down, we want to love and be loved. Man is inherently evil, and yet man inherently desires to be good. Ender is tormented by the image of his brother, but the torment is not what we think it is.

And love, always, always tops every human heart desire. Above all else, he feared being the same as his brother Peter, whom we are initially led to believe is the embodiment of evil. His character though often perfect was yet still flawed, of course. In the end after Ender kills the buggers, he feels so guilty and devastated by his murderous acts that he sleeps like a zombie for days.

It is also one of the few books to receive the Hugo and the Nebula award. We often choose evil, though we enders game literary analysis essay not want to. Application online reservation system thesis introduction for cashier at mall the beginning of the book after Ender is wjec biology gcse coursework rejected for Battle SchoolPeter pummels Ender with violent menace.

He not only defends himself, but the brutality with which he makes his attacks is calculated to ensure that wjec biology gcse coursework enemy would never threaten or retaliate again.

Ender's Game | Introduction & Overview

Just like each of us. It seems that Card had roundly abused the literary enders game literary analysis essay of foreshadowing. And years will pass. He was pushed over the edge by the adults. Peter Overall, Peter demonstrates the themes of enders game literary analysis essay children versus adults, and good versus evil.

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We immediately see conflict emerging in both of these settings. While I had devoured the book in the matter of two enders game literary analysis essay, engaged and captivated, I concluded in enders game literary analysis essay end that I was not satisfied with the story because Orson Scott Card did not do what I wanted him to do with the story. Wjec biology gcse coursework was no twist — except that Ender did not know he was fighting against real buggers while he was doing it.

Throughout the book many of the kids have been put under extreme amounts of pressure.

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According to the government, Ender exhibits the traits needed to assure victory. He did so without a hitch. But if man has a natural propensity for evil, then why did Colonel Graff, the adult in charge at the Battle Schoolfeel it was necessary to isolate Ender and make allowances how to write a master thesis summary cruelty in order to shape him into a good military man? And yet Ender ends up repeatedly choosing what he inherently knows to be bad.

Enders game literary analysis essay all have the potentiality to be good and do good. Ender has difficulty at school after his monitor is removed and is forced to deal with a bully, the results of this encounter lead to life changing circumstances for himself, his family and ultimately the world. The novel is centered on a young, precocious boy named Ender Wiggin.

Ender cries at night and then Peter comes into his room and apologizes to Ender and tell him he loves him. Here is Redemption and second chance. Chapter 3: It helped him deal with the world to have such black and white contrast in his mind. If Ender had known that he was really fighting the buggers, he would not have been able to do it so well.

There was no surprise.

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Valentine Valentine changes from a young girl in fear of Peter to one who comes to realize her own power. Having twice survived alien attack, the human race, fearing a more powerful invasion, develop a program to breed and train a warrior who will lead them to a final victory. It shows how Ender Wiggin, a very young boy, is put into a position of leadership and what he learns through this experience, Through a computer game, Ender learns that he is a very clever killer.

When he finishes with Command School, she is able to make sure that Peter can never use Ender for his own purposes. Translating a page military science fiction novel from 30 years back into a 2 hour film regardless of how well approached will have a few aspects of it hit the fan.

As long as advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane essay thought he was only playing a game, there was no conscience involved. There is a knock at the door while Ender and his family are eating dinner, it is a commander of the International Fleet and want Ender to go to battle school.

A book that I had surmised to be more than about war turned out to be simply that, a book about war.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card Essay

We all started out as children who just long to be loved and long to do the right thing. Valentine represented good and all that Ender wanted to live up to be.

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Ender is the intelligent youth who is able to accomplish all that is expected of him, essay on how to improve your neighborhood he is quietly going through his own struggles, whether as a result of loneliness, fear, or regret. With this last lesson, he is the average of Peter and Valentine, killing but regretfully, with all of the Wiggin children intelligence that makes it possible for him to do so.

This is what makes the story complex. The plotline was simple.

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Again, there is a parallel between Peter and Ender, who is at the same time, governor on the first colony. They did everything they could to isolate him and give him the sort of training, environment and upbringing that would make him into a hard, cold, brilliant Commander.

Through his experience as commander, Ender learns that being strict will help him be a better leader and win games. No bad person is all bad, purely bad or started out wanting to be bad.

This has been going on since the world began. The question is, will we?