How to check your sources for credibility

In critical thinking determining the credibility of a source. Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources

Is it scholarly? Always read a secondary source from the outside in: In general, scholarly works are written by experts in the field and are vetted for accuracy and scientific rigour via accepted scholarly publishing standards such as peer review for journals and conferences or editorial processes in the case of books Lavoie et.


Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources

Who is the author and what are their credentials? Secondary Sources Secondary sources are produced when a historian uses primary sources to write about a topic or to support a thesis. Does bias make sense in relations to your argument?

Highlight passages that seem to be especially relevant by placing them on notecards or making margin notes. Is the tone objective and impartial?

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The qualifications of an author and their affiliation with a recognised University or research institution is evidence that the author is knowledgeable in the field and has the expertise hannah arendt the human condition essay contribute to the scholarly discourse on a topic. How "neutral" is the text; how much does the author have a stake in critical thinking determining the credibility of a source you reading it, i.

Non-scholarly sources usually refers to information that you find freely available on the Internet. Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science and technology. Ask yourself what the author's thesis might be and check it against your outline to see how the argument has been structured. Do you think the strategy is effective for the intended audience?

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Has a group or company paid the author to make these claims? For your research it is worth considering the following domain-name hierarchy as a general guide to the reliability of information: Good work! Then skim through the chapters, taking cues as to which paragraphs are most important from their topic sentences.

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The tool guides you step-by-step through 6 criteria points so you can determine whether or not a website is credible. Different fields of research require different evidence to support their arguments.

Citations Copy and paste a sentence into Google to see if the text can be found elsewhere. Historians must be aware of the climate of opinion or shared set of values, assumptions, ideas, and emotions that influence the way their sources are constructed and the way they perceive those sources.

In critical thinking determining the credibility of a source on the web can be written by anyone, for any purpose, without any expectation of trustworthiness or truthfulness. You can use this as your outline for your notes or create your own brief outline. Bias Is the language free of emotion?

They are the nuts and bolts of history writing. This database also provides a list of pre-searched terms. What evidence in the text or artifact tells you this? What other business plan on restaurant and bar might have been used?

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The information seeker must assess the relative value and usefulness of the information contained in web sites by considering the following factors: Newspapers, memoirs, and autobiographies also might function as primary sources. Frame of Reference: Why did they write the article?

Do they cite their sources?

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Contains indexing to over 2, periodicals in a wide range of subjects. Design Does the source appear professional? You probably already have a certain level of scrutiny when looking at these types of resources but it is important to be able to critically appraise your evidence and to use the appropriate information for the right context.

C. Evaluating Sources

What is the short essay on hunting as a sport for accomplishing a particular goal? Are they trying to make money? Luckily, your college library pays for students to have access to many different databases. Is the author qualified to write on the topic? When you come across a particularly interesting or controversial passage, watch to see what is hr cv writing service. Reliability refers to the consistency of the author's account of the truth.

If so, from where? Is the purpose of the website to inform or to persuade towards a certain agenda? What major differences appear in them?

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Using credible sources to back up your argument in your research gives your writing credibility. Good historical writing includes: The key is to think about the material being presented and to connect it to other material you have covered. Are credible sites linking to this hannah arendt the human condition essay Does the organization or author suggest there may be bias? Unlike free search engines such as Google that can run searches on any different kind of category i.

A reliable text displays a pattern of verifiable truth-telling that tends to make the reader trust that the rest of the text is true also. You want your paper to contain sources written by unbiased and professional experts, not businessmen with commercial interests.

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Secondary sources, including your own research paper, are constructed for various reasons, including the following: Primary vs. Do they take responsibility for the content? Here are upwork cover letter for graphic designer examples of secondary sources: Subjects covered include general reference, business, education, general science, health, multi- cultural and more, Daily updates.

Choose a paragraph anywhere in a secondary source you've read, state where this text might be an appropriate footnote give a full citationand explain why. Can the information be verified by other literature on the same topic? Evaluating Information: Library Subscription Databases Vs.

  • Is it biased?
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The criteria below have been adapted from the C. You should be wary if the source is written by an author who is not an authority on a subject area or if their qualifications and affiliations are not transparent. Are they an expert?

How to check your sources for credibility For your research it is worth considering the following domain-name hierarchy as a general guide to the reliability of information: Search for author or publisher in search engine.

Numerical data are explained in written form or used in support of a written statement. This means that if you would like to search on a subscription database, you would have to pay a regular subscription fee, which is usually in the thousands of dollars. Your task as a historian is to make and justify decisions about the relative veracity of historical texts and portions of them.

What political and cultural institutions or events might have had an impact on the author's reason for writing this source? Are short essay on hunting as a sport sources credible or reliable? A level of credibility is assumed when an item is found within the Library.

Who is linking to the page? Author and Audience: The results of that test case may reinforce the broad interpretation, require its modification, or negate it entirely. What ongoing historiographical discussion e. Why has this work been written? The idea here is to evaluate the logic of the argument and the base of resources on which the author relies. Secondary Sources Primary sources are first-hand accounts of an event or time-period.

How does the use of the sources influence the kinds of arguments made? Accuracy Is the data verifiable and accurate?